Was She An Angel?

On Friday I was feeling weepy…longing desperately to talk to my sweet mama about the election and to pray together with her.

Going about life and deep in thought and prayer, I was near our car and my thoughts were interrupted as a beautiful young woman called to me, “Do you have a big family?” I was kind of surprised but she had noticed all the people stickers on the back of the van. I smiled and answered, “Yes, we have 14 kids.”

After answering her question, she went on to tell me that her sister was dating someone who was one of eleven kids. I questioned if any were adopted. She said she didn’t think so. I explained that we had adopted eleven and we also had three bio kids who were all mixed up in the pile.

She commented how remarkable I must be. I laughed and said, “No, I’m just an ordinary mom who happens to have a big family. We believe that every child was made in the image of God and that every child, even those with special needs really only have one need – for a family. In our pile we have several with special needs – two quadriplegics, one medically fragile, one with a rare chromosomal anomaly as well as one with Down syndrome. We have been so blessed by God.”

At that point, she suddenly beamed the most beautiful smile and with her eyes sparkling exclaimed boldly, “Well God is about to do something VERY big.” My eyes grew wide. Friends, I really at that second knew exactly what she was talking about – the election – and I couldn’t believe she had proclaimed this beautiful statement of faith!

In disbelief that the conversation about my kids had turned instantly to her statement of faith about the election I literally thought, “Is she an angel?” I was dumbfounded! We had been talking about the kids and here she was turning the conversation to a statement of courageous faith regarding the election!! I asked her, “Do you believe it?” She nodded eagerly, “Oh YESSS!”

I began to drip tears as she continued, “Do you want to pray together?” I jumped at the chance! We held hands as she began to pray an earnest prayer decreeing God’s will for this election and that God would move so that the election was not stolen. Then I prayed, also decreeing mercy on our nation, wisdom grace, peace, strength and protection for our President and Vice-President and their families and that God’s will would be accomplished. It was such an encouraging time!

Being perfectly honest, I still was wondering if she was an angel sent by the Lord to encourage me so I asked her if I could take a picture of us together. Truly, I wanted to see for myself if she showed up in the picture – haha. She then said, “Put my number in your phone. Call me anytime to pray.”

Friends, God IS at work. DO NOT LOSE HOPE! Our powerful and mighty God is about to display His righteousness and mercy for our nation. He is not finished with America. Before the beginning of time His plan was for Donald J. Trump to be President of the United States for TWO terms. It will be accomplished because Almighty God said so.

Here is the pastor/prophetic voice I listen to most: Dutch Sheets Dutch has a mantle from God for our nation. Dutch is solid biblically and has a powerful prophetic voice. He has created a free app and it is called “GiveHim15”. I would encourage you to download the app and begin to pray with us for 15 minutes each day. He has a powerful podcast and it is easily found on his website in the hyperlink above.

I have had the privilege of being on a prayer call at 12:22pm MST each day. This is led by Clay Nash and other prophetic voices around our country who are dreaming dreams (and have been for years) and decreeing in unity what God has been telling them. I am in agreement with these trusted prophetic voices. What a historic time to be alive!

When one would like to cave to fear, this is a time to stand strong in faith. I am excited to be alive today! We are going to see God move in such a powerful way that it will be undeniably ONLY God and our nation will not be swallowed up to the socialist agenda that is wanting to take over. Corruption will be exposed. The United States has been and will continue to return to its divine purpose under the presidency of President Donald John Trump.

He is not God, he is not a god, he is merely a man with many flaws/sins in his past but God has anointed him and is using him in a powerful way. God will continue to use him because it’s been God’s plan from the beginning of time.

If we look at the Bible, Moses murdered a man yet God used him to lead the nation of Israel and Moses was called by God “a friend of God.” King David was an adulterer and had an innocent man murdered to cover his adulterous act yet, he was used in a powerful way and David was known by God as “a man after God’s own heart.”

God uses broken, sinful people to accomplish His plans. I have a sinful past (which I would never want aired on national television) yet, God has used my life to accomplish His plan and yes, I am a friend of God and He is my best friend.

If anyone is angry that I wrote this post or wants to argue about any of this, you can argue with God – not me! He has spoken through many prophetic voices, dating back to 2007 that President Trump would serve TWO terms. Did you catch that? 2007!! In 2007 Donald J. Trump was not even talking of running for President yet a trusted, prophetic voice spoke it (and I heard the audio). God has ordained him for “such a time as this.” If you don’t like that, God is the one to talk to about it.

If you are looking for what’s really going on in our nation please turn off CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. The censoring of information is beyond unconscionable as social media platforms determine what they deem as accurate to convince everyone that we really want a socialist/communist/marxist country. Censoring is not part of a free republic – period.

Turn on NewsMax. NewsMax speaks truth and has been exposing the magnitude of the voter fraud as well as everything else. If you have seen media platforms poo-poo’ing the “sharpie” votes, actually Dw, John and I are part of the “Sharpie” voter situation here in Arizona. Our votes were not counted – yet.

I will delete all comments that are argumentative, negative or hateful. If you don’t like that – that’s okay. Good news – it’s my blog. The all-knowing, all-powerful, all-wise God I worship has spoken and I am just a messenger spreading this beautiful news.

Pray! Pray! Pray! And fast, if you are able. God is at work and the display He is about to show – will wow, literally, the world! It will be the equivalent of the Red Sea miracle! I can’t wait! In the mean time we fast and pray!

18 thoughts on “Was She An Angel?

  1. I have had complete peace about this election. I do not know what the outcome will be when the dust settles, but I know it will be His will. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks Linny for speaking hope and truth. It’s so hard that in the Christian community, I feel so alone with my conservative beliefs. I trust God and his promises and am thankful for you and your boldness. I’m going to be listening to these and forwarding this post to my friends who also need this encouragement.
    Julie in Kansas

  3. Thank you for always sharing your heart and speaking truth. I am praying with you! (another mom to special needs treasures)

  4. Thank you, Linny. This has encouraged my heart to keep fervently praying and praying. The last few days I have felt several times that I just want to cry. I think of my boys, aged: 3 & 1, I think of their future and tear up. I’m praying what has been done in the darkness will be revealed in the light. Here in Michigan there has been evidence of voter fraud in multiple locations. In one location (Rochester Hills, MI) after a “glitch” it was revealed a losing city commissioner actually didn’t lose at all, he won! In another location, 6,000 votes were shown to go towards the opposing person that was being voted for due to a “glitch” in the software. This glitch changed the whole party color for that county on the state election map! I can’t imagine having “your vote” suddenly switched and “counted” for a candidate you did not choose. This same software has been used in this election in 47 counties in our state… that’s half the counties in our state! Without investigating further we do not know if there has been other glitches like this. There is also SO much love and support here for a Christian, conservative, veteran military pilot, named John James who was running for a seat in the Senate. He was up ahead quite well for the senate seat and then everything in an instant suddenly switched, even our Michigan Supreme Court has shown it’s flipped party support from the “election results”… perhaps because our state Supreme Court prior to the election came down on our governor for going too far with the lockdowns… going too far meaning no nonessential medical procedures (like mammograms, colonoscopies, knee replacements and on and on), while abortions were seen as essential :(, not being allowed to buy gardening supplies, or home improvement items like paint and even clothes sections in stores were roped off too because they were not deemed essential, yet state revenue items like lottery tickets were deemed essential. Hmmm Outdoor playgrounds were roped off too and you were not allowed to visit members of different households at the beginning of this nor could you travel to a second residency in the state. Many in the lower peninsula of MI have cottages “up north” that they also pay tax on, but were not allowed to go to for a while. Now all this censorship labeled as “fact checking” is scary. Those that are ok with it are ok until their own freedom of speech is taken away. I am praying for the Truth to be revealed and many hearts to repent and turn to Him. May this time be used for our good and God’s Glory.

    I also want to tell you that I’m so sorry about your mom’s passing, Linny. How sweet of a day it will be when we are home, all together with the Lord. I can just picture now all the hugs of welcome. Praying for you and for your eye sight to be restored and healed. When I read that my heart felt deeply for you, I know how important vision is for daily life as a mom. God healed me from a horrible eye injury. I’m trusting God is going to heal you too and you will have another Memorable Box story to share one of these Mondays. Your Memorable Box Mondays were so faith building to me. May God Bless you with His peace.

    1. Let us pray that all those who are so deceived have their eyes opened to the truth! And that God’s light would shine on every hidden thing, such as fraud, and make it clearly obvious and evident. That people would want to do what is right. And that all those who want to demonstrate and cause chaos would run out of money and go home. My prayer is that Biden would willingly acknowledge that Trump lawfully won and concede.

  5. I so appreciate you sharing this information! I will be sending it to many other believers that are feeling so discouraged and anxious about this election and the future of our nation. Whatever the outcome, God is still sovereign!

  6. Amid all of the uncertainty I have to keep reminding myself that I am a citizen of God’s Kingdom first, and the USA second. Whatever way everything plays out, He is still in control and He will use absolutely everything for His glory and His purpose.

    I’ve been listening to God Is In Control by Twila Paris. Remember that song? An oldie but goodie!

  7. Linny I am at peace. Sunday night I was with 2,000 other believers inside a church (here in California where it is prohibited!) on an international prayer call which was streamed to those not in physical attendance. It renewed my belief that justice will prevail. Going again tonight. Have turned off all the msm and cable news and going to Neesmax, OAN, etc as well as individual websites of involved people working for the work of the enemy to be revealed. I see that whistleblowers are coming out, we need to pray fervently for them as there will be all out attempts by the enemy and his minions to destroy them and their families. Lastly I am praying without ceasing for our President, an unlikely candidate to hold this nation together. I pray that the Holy Spirit is working in his heart towards salvation…we do not know but I have a sense he realize that Almighty God is working through him for our good and good of nations.

  8. Linny,
    Your message was timely and comforting. Thank you for courageously sharing your thoughts which are my sentiments as well.
    The fraud was unprecedented. Despite the chaos, God is sovereign.

  9. Awesome, thank you!
    Needed this today.
    I’m leaving FB on Friday, hoping it’s a large exodus. Just can’t handle the manipulation and censoring. I’ll be on MeWe and Paler. Bye, bye fox, other than Tucker. For me, its time for new choices. I managed before FB, I’ll manage without it. Really hoping we get a great FB alternative soon!
    Thanks for this post, it’s awesome affirmation for me.

  10. Amen Linny, praying from UK, Our media is censored also, and all we are hearing is how biden Has won, Every thing out media says is to make President Donald J Trump look like a Lunatic and its worked, the majority of society think he is, But we know how great God is and how He will be victorious thank you for being so bold and encouraging x blessings

  11. I am just now reading this post and I want to say thank you. We are over two weeks past Election Day and I continue to pray that God will show Himself and move mountains. I will not give in! And I pray for the runoff in Georgia that could have such an impact in our senate. I pray that the people of Georgia will show up like never before. God’s Got This!

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