Waaaaa – They’re Going Home!

Last night was Lori and Kelly and their family’s last night here. It has been so refreshing and delightfully fun to spend time with these precious people. We are sad to see them go – and knowing that they will be so far away.

We decided to have a campfire and roast hot dogs and have smores. We were talking as we sat around. You know how there are some couples you just click with? And then there are others – you know what I mean? Well these folks are just some of the “clickin” kind. Just extra special. We can just be ourselves and laugh and talk and laugh some more.

Lori and her family were actually supposed to leave Thursday morning, but opted for one more day and all of our kids and their kids were so tickled too. They have had a blast together. Last night the big kids played hide-n-seek on our three acres in the dark and from the shrieks and screams, sounded like the all had a rowdy time.

It was an evening of good ol’ fashioned fun. Since Lori and I were unable to get away alone for coffee so she promises she will be back for that! She better – or else!

Nick and Graham sharpen the sticks for roasting… It looks like a hot dog and smells like one too……..
My handsome, hunka-hunka husband – Gracious I love this tender hearted guy of mine!Lori and her sweet oldest son, Brenden……Nick and Lucy…..Emma – You know what she was saying when I snapped this picture? “Mom is this for your blog?!?” Lori’s kids and mine have teased us mercilessly about our blogs….oh blah, blah, blah…hey, we could be chewing tobacco – it’s a pretty benign habit….albeit I do admit it is habit forming….Our sweet Liberty….

Ever heard that song by The Platters, “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”? I loved The Platters when I was a young girl and yeah, our fire was reminding me of it big time…..

4 thoughts on “Waaaaa – They’re Going Home!

  1. Mmmmm….last night I saw a guy (on tv) eating a hotdog and my mouth was watering….of all things right?! MMmmmmm….to have hotdogs, marshmellows, chocolate, and fire, that is just too much!! Glad you guys had so much fun, invite me next time will you!! Love you tons!!

  2. My two favorite JTM families! How fun to see that you were able to get together and have so much fun. 🙂 I was in Colorado too, but unfortunately nowhere near the right area. Bummer! 😉

  3. Okay yes, I know I never did your smile thing. Didn’t have enough blogging friends to do it with. But this one for some reason seemed easier. So I am tagging you. I know that you have more than seven random things to share!!!

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