Rescuing Ruby

Rescuing Ruby by Linny Saunders
Rescuing Ruby by Linny Saunders

In June 2011 Dwight and Emma Saunders (a dad and daughter) co-led a mission team from the US.  The team was serving at an orphanage in Africa. Moving through the orphanage that day, Emma found, in the darkened corner, an emaciated and dying baby girl. Struggling for life, her big brown eyes seemed to be pleading, “Please! Will you help me?”

Emma ran to her dad, Dwight, calling, “Daddy! Daddy! Come quick! This baby! She’s dying! We have to do something!” Following Emma to the darkened corner of the room, he was stunned at what he found, words inadequate to describe. Emaciated. Mere skin draped over her protruding bones. Her sweet head much larger than her boney exposed limbs.

He gasped. ‘Dying’ is the only word that really could describe her. And at that divinely God-orchestrated moment, Almighty God broke his heart for her. One baby girl, but a picture perfect representative of the millions and millions of orphans globally needing someone to desperately care about them.

Emma and Dwight learned that day that this baby girl was actually just over a year old and she weighed barely six pounds. She was truly dying!

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