I Need Some Help…Could It Be You? (With Update)

Yesterday one of our kids and I were flying home from attending a monumental event in our family. Our first flight had landed in Atlanta and we were grabbing a bite to eat on the layover. Dw had flown a different airline, had not taken off for home yet and so he was not even as “close” to home as we were.

While sitting in the Atlanta airport Dw called. The kids thought I was in the air so they hadn’t called me. He called to tell me that Ruby was seizing at home. (My heart races just typing it.)

There is nothing like being on the other side of the country when she’s having a seizure. We were frantic! I mean, Dw and I had only been gone one night!

By God’s grace, Savannah and Graham had spent Saturday night with Ruby and the kids so we could go and Savannah was still there with her. Between Savannah and the kids, they were able to get Ruby on oxygen, administer the rescue meds and call the EMTs. Savannah rode in the ambulance with her and, of course, stayed right with her. Elizabeth brought the wheelchair downtown to pick them up late last night and bring them home.

At almost midnight I crawled into bed next to sleeping Ruby, Savannah had left for home and Dw arrived at home a couple of hours later.

Early this AM I called Ruby’s pediatrician and was able to get Ruby in this afternoon. So while at Ruby’s appointment a few minutes ago, I posed a question to her doc (she’s truly amazing). She said, “Yes! By all means, put it on your blog and see if we can find the help we need. Go for it!”

So on Ruby’s doctor’s encouragement and with her blessing, I am putting it out there.

Is there a Dietician/ Nutritionist who would be willing to help me figure something out? It’s definitely complicated because of Ruby’s most recent new diagnosis.

Here’s what I would need: I would need to talk to you on the phone as soon as possible and explain the situation. You would likely have to do some work to figure it all out and then get back to me. Your information would then be given to our pediatrician. I’m praying there is someone who can help me/us figure it out!

Please email me: APlaceCalledSimplicity@yahoo.com

Thank you all so very much! This will surely be a Memorial Box story – I just know it!

UPDATE: We have found a doctor! She is making a house call – didn’t even know docs still do that. She will be coming to meet Ruby next week. I told her the situation and she believes she can’t help me figure it all out. It was a great phone call and I look forward to seeing what the Lord does. Hugs to all who shared the need and made referrals. You guys are truly THE BEST!! xoxo

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