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Joys from Uganda

Wifi has been spotty, iffy and everything in between this International Voice of the Orphan October 2017 GO Team trip, so writing a blogpost (until this moment) has been impossible!!  But suffice it to say, it feels oh-so-good to be back in this land we love with a group of precious ladies serving The Gems…



This post is for moms who have had life just go a little lot of haywire.  I’m talking the “this is not-for-the-faint-of-heart kind of stuff.  The things where you say, “I couldn’t make this stuff up.”  The things all-at-once that if you were a quitter, you’d have packed your bags and headed to a deserted island….



These last few days have been a blur for me. Just last week we drove through Houston and spent the night with friends of ours.  We actually got very lost on our way to our friends and saw much more of the Houston area than we had thought we would.  We traveled many of the…