And the Winner Is….

It’s 9:17pm over here in Arizona and I have just gotten Ruby into bed. She is partying loudly as I type. She really is hysterical.

Jubilee usually helps me with all the things that are necessary to get ready for her to go to bed. Elizabeth is often working in the evenings but tonight she is home and came in to see if I needed any help.

At one point, while I was changing Ruby, Elizbeth asked Ruby a question. Ruby’s response made us burst out laughing. Elizabeth commented, “And some don’t believe she has a clue what’s going on!”

Ruby is so stinkin’ smart!

Anyway, thank you to all who have participated – it was so fun seeing the responses! I asked two things: (1) How long have you been stopping by Our Place Called Simplicity and (2) Have you read Rescuing Ruby?

Rescuing Ruby contains several private stories that have not been told on the blog. And the story I will share on Tuesday will mean even more to those who have read Rescuing Ruby. It’s a “gasper” – because our God never does things ‘ho-hum’…He delights in miracles that declare His power and that remind us that He can do ANYTHING!! He is our miracle-working, mountain-moving, awe-inspiring, gasp-giving God! I can’t wait to tell you all what He’s done!

And between the blog and FB, the winner is: Lisa (who commented on the blog). Congratulations Lisa and thank you all who entered the giveaway!

PS Elizabeth bought her sisters and herself matching bathing suits. Ruby’s is a two piece, which means her Gtube button shows. We think it’s pretty adorable!!

3 thoughts on “And the Winner Is….

  1. I found you thru the Dr in China where Isaiah was. I sent her medical supplies and he was one of the children she had featured. I remember when obstacles were put in your way to his adoption. I think the picture you had in your blog was when all of you were laying on the porch and it was I picture of the bottom of your feet. No idea how long, but it has been a joy to follow you!

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