Ruby Update!

For those not on FB, at the bottom of this post I will add the posts I put on FB along with a video.

Thank you all for praying for our girl. We are so grateful for Ruby’s prayer team from around the world.

It has a very difficult few days and I didn’t have my computer with me at the hospital to access the blog. Today is a very full day so I am hurrying to get everyone updated.

What brought us by ambulance was a nightmare (not a seizure) as Ruby presented scary symptoms she had never had before. Ever. So beginning Tuesday afternoon Ruby had many tests…

Wednesday, March 22nd right after a liver sonogram our dear friends, Dan and Lavonne prayed over her by phone as I anointed her with oil. We hung up and Ruby was so excited! She was squealing and being such a ham so much so that I pulled out my phone to record her joyful enthusiasm and send to them since they had just prayed. Our day nurse was leaving and had come in to introduce the new night nurse and they both were getting a kick out of her self-made party! She is such a bundle of fun!

Dw had just arrived with some dinner, the two nurses left and Ruby was still partying. And just like that, she began violently seizing.

Seizures are THE WORST! Dw ran to the door of Ruby’s room and called to anyone in the hall that she was seizing. Nurses came running! Instantly her room was filled as each nurse sprung into action without anyone telling anyone what to do – it was amazing to watch!

And I still tremble typing it. I HATE SEIZURES!

The status epilepticus seizure continued as multiple rescue meds were administered over time. Her room was literally filled with nurses and even two doctors. Finally after what seemed like forever, the seizure slowed and seemed to stop. Everyone was wondering if she was done or it would start up again?

And although her eyes were only open a teeny tiny sliver, I knew that Ruby was with us. Others were not sure she was out of the seizure. Yet I insisted that she was now “awake” and with all eyes on Ruby, I very quietly questioned, “Ruby, is Daddy your favorite?” And in the most minuscule of movements possible, with eyes barely a sliver open, she gently and slightly moved her head to the side and back to center once in a “No.” So I continued, “Ruby, is Mommy your favorite?And ever-so-slightly my sweet girl, in the most minute of movements, moved her head up and back downward once!

All the medical personnel burst out laughing! They saw it too! It was the best!

Dw cried out loudly, “HEYYYYYY!” It was all so very funny and confirms to the world that Ruby is so stinkin’ smart. And in that little exchange our hearts leapt! She seriously is such a treasure! And her humor provided some much needed comic relief.

They ended up giving her a bolus of her normal seizure med and she slept all night and most of the morning. I talked to the neurologist in the morning and gave her my theory on why she had the seizure. We had not gotten up to her room until 2:30am that morning. Sleep deprivation is a known cause of seizures.

Anyway, yesterday morning the report was that her liver ultrasound had been normal – thank you Lord! And although her liver enzyme number had come down it was not even close to normal yet. We will do some more blood work this coming week. If it does not trend down there will be even more tests. Would you friends pray that her levels will completely return to normal?

Ruby was elated to be home with her sibs and they were equally thrilled. We had a sweet time as a family last night. We cannot thank the Lord enough for His goodness to us.


From FB:

Tuesday 3/21/2023

Anyone still awake? Ruby and I came by ambulance today at about 12:45pm. It was not a seizure but very scary – something is definitely wrong. She is having tests and will be admitted. She feels very, very yukky. Would you please pray for wisdom for the doctors and complete healing? Thank you so much.

UPDATE: 3/22/23

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for our Ruby-girl.

Dw came up to see Ruby this morning and when he was leaving I asked him if he would try to see me in her room. He had parked the van on the top of the parking garage and her room faces the front of the building. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to see me …but he did! Easily! Silly maybe, but such a sweet treat for this mama today!Ruby is having an ultrasound today at 4:30 as her blood work has some concerns.

Please keep praying with us for her numbers to return to normal and nothing to be found in the ultrasound,. We really, really want to go home… Really. Like really.

8 thoughts on “Ruby Update!

  1. Praise God for this wonderful update and for God’s hand in every detail! Thank you, thank you, Abba Father!! Continuing to pray for each of you and those involved in her/your care going forward! A familiar phrase, but oh so true, OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!! His eye is on the sparrow and each one of you!!

  2. Oh I am praying for Ruby!!! What a gift it has been to pray for her since you brought her home. šŸ’— I saw what DW has been through physically and Iā€™m praying for him too! Praying for you all! Just was reading in Isaiah Chapter 40 how He carries the little lamb close to His heart. What a picture. I love you and your family.

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