Could Use Just a Few More…

So I noticed something the other day….

When Ruby had the horrible seizure in early February & then Dw had “the medical event” which turned out to be an eye stroke at the end of February – most of you on Facebook used the “hug” emoji to show your concern and kindness.

Well as some know, I LOVE hugs! So I totaled the hugs from those four posts & IF you guys really hugged me each time you hit that emoji, I would have gotten 1,308 hugs!

And then I truly giggled to myself…

Because if you all lined up and each gave me the hug they said they would on each of those four posts… do you know what I would say when I finally got to the end of the line?

“Does anyone else want to get in line because I could just use a few more hugs?”

PS I make the kids give me hugs all the time. And I make them do group hugs, too. And we laugh lots. These are a few of my favorite hug pictures.

And yes, I could always use just one more.

6 thoughts on “Could Use Just a Few More…

  1. I LOVE this…the pix and the idea…and especially the PEOPLE!! Wow, those ‘kids’ have grown a bunch!! I continue to pray for each of you!!

    1. They sure have grown! I miss them being little….there are perks to older kids, but oh how I miss them all being between 5 and 10. I LOVED that age! Thank you for continuing to pray. We are so grateful. xoxo

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