He Knew. And I knew. But God.

And just like that….it’s June 16th and our precious miracle-girl, Ruby, is a teenager! I am in awe of all the Lord has done to bring us to this very monumental day. It is a miracle that she is a teenager! Who would have ever guessed?

Left to die in a garden in the hot African sun, but God. His rescue was underway the moment she was left there to die. From the person who found her, to the police transport, to the orphanage, to the mission trip planned, to the schedule set, to the team visit to the orphanage, to the darkened corner – His plan never fails.

If I shut my eyes I can still picture and feel what it was like flying across the world with her fontanel so very puffy! Praying continually while remembering the words of the neurosurgeon at the missionary hospital Emma and I had taken her to five weeks earlier. After finishing her first brain surgery the surgeon came out of the Operating Room and spoke softly to Emma and I, “It’s too dangerous to try to put a shunt in here, I fenestrated through several of the pockets in an attempt to buy her time to get back to the States.” He knew. And I knew. But God.

There is no question, every single moment of Ruby’s life is a true miracle and we cannot ever thank the Lord enough for allowing us the privilege of being her mom and dad and siblings.

I share with anyone who seems willing to listen the first picture I ever saw of her. I will say, “Have you ever seen a real, live miracle? Would you like to meet one?” Anyone who looks at her first picture has to be confronted with the reality that “God does miracles and you’re meeting one right here!! Meet our beautiful Ruby!”

A couple of weeks ago close friends and family gathered with us to celebrate Ruby’s 13th birthday! We even had some very extra special guests of honor!

Most appropriately Emma, who discovered Ruby in the corner of the orphanage in 2011, was here for Ruby’s party! (Ruby was 13 months old and six pounds in the picture on the left.) Then re-enacted 10 years later. Truly Ruby is a joyous proclamation that Our-God-Heals-And-Does-Unbelievable-Miracles! And we will praise the Lord forever that He placed Emma in the right place in His perfect timing to find her.

So grateful Emma and Josh and their treasures had just landed and were with us for four days so they could celebrate with us. They then headed all over the country to hang out with old friends, be in a wedding, speak in multiple places as well as sneak a bit of vacation in too. (Side note: They are speaking in Houston on Sunday night, June 18th. For details, message me.)

The other guests of honor were Ruby’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Shafron and his wife! We were so tickled they came!! Told ya’ he is down to earth! His wife was a delight to meet and spend time talking with. It was such a blessing to be able to honor Dr. Shafron in front of all who attended. We tell everyone how God used him in miraculous ways during the four brain surgeries he has performed on our sweet Ruby-girl. His expertise is unmatched, however, his kindness to and love for Ruby is even better! Rumor on the streets has been that she is his favorite patient. *Big smile.* Being her mama, all I can say is, “Of course she is! ha!”

Dr. Shafron and his Wife & a very tuckered Ruby!

The Miracle Birthday Princess
Our Dear Friends came from Tucson
Ruby’s friend, Riley (and his older siblings & parents) came!

Please wish her a Happy Birthday, I will read them all to her!

PS – Tuesday, June 20th, I plan to post Ruby’s Unbelievable Miracle – with a video to prove it! Stay tuned!

55 thoughts on “He Knew. And I knew. But God.

  1. Happiest 13th Birthday Miss Ruby!! It seems like just yesterday we were introduced to you and came to love you as a “bloggy” friend. Thank you for allowing your mom to share you with us. It looks like your celebration was a perfect way to welcome in your teen years. You’ve already mastered driving so you’ll have to let us know when you get a new set of wheels-ask for something red and sporty (haha)

    1. Red and sporty would be perfect for her and Birdie to dash off into the sunset – haha! Pretty sure they would have a ball – all the while Birdie gleefully screaming, “REEEE! You time out!” (Translation: “Ruby! You are going to have to go to Time Out for this!”)

      1. Oh my gracious! How sweet! A friend in Wales wishing beautiful Ruby a Happy Birthday. Thank you So much. And please stop by on Tuesday, I’m going to tell the most spectacular story of our miraculous God at work in Ruby’s life! There will even be a video to prove it! xoxo

  2. Ooh!! June 20th is my birthday and the most perfect present to see Miss miracle Ruby and her post! I have loved her since her first photo in her sisters arms! Thank you so much for sharing her with us all! God is not done providing even greater miracles for her in the next 13 years, this is only the beginning!

  3. Happy birthday, sweet Ruby! I have loved you ever since I first saw you. God was just showing out when he created you! I love your beautiful smile!

  4. Hey Ruby—happy birthday, girl! I’ve known you since you were just a wee one—and now a teenager! God is good! Hugs from Wisconsin!
    Lynne and Bill Marri

  5. Happy birthday, Ruby! You are so beautiful in your princess dress! I enjoy reading what you are up to in your Mom’s posts!

  6. Oh, my heart is just flooded with love & delight for your family & pure love for the power of our Miracle-working God who surpasses all our dreams & expectations! Impacted by Ruby’s story, we’ve taken a 17 month old who was 16 pounds & very much found in a situation similar to Rubies! Ruby’s story lives on! And we thank you for sharing it! Happy Birthday, Ruby!

    1. Oh Jen! I love, love, love that! Then you MUST stop by on Tuesday…because I am going to share an enormous miracle that God did for Ruby!! Spread the word – Anyone who read Rescuing Ruby, will go crazy!

  7. Happiest of Birthdays to you Miss Ruby. What a blessing it is to be celebratory. Beautiful child of God, Birthday hugs to you!

    1. Thank you Karen for taking time to wish our girl a special birthday! I am reading her all the comments. And please stop back Tuesday to hear what God did – only the miraculous from our powerful God!

    1. You are so right!! They are all around the world celebrating God’s goodness. Please stop back on Tuesday. I am going to post the best miracle story of Ruby’s. It’s incredible!

    1. Thank you so much Melode! She’s napping but I am going to read her the messages after she wakes. I already have read many. And by the way, please stop by on Tuesday – I’m going to share an incredible story of Ruby’s spectacular miracle!

  8. Happy birthday dear Ruby! I love hearing about you every time your mom posts and have followed your story since the day you were found. What a miracle and blessing you are! Love to you and your family!

    1. We love that you have been following along since the day she was found. Really, Dw and Emma couldn’t call me fast enough to ask people to pray for this broken-bodied little treasure Emmy had found. Thank you for being part of the story Lisa. And you will love to hear the story that I will post on Tuesday…please stop back by! It’s the most miraculous news!

      1. Oh, Ruby girl, HAPPY BLESSED JOYFUL 13th BIRTHDAY!! I, like so many others, have known and loved you through your Momma’s blog; and remember so well how God brought you all together! I cannot think of you, w/o hearing your sounds of joy and seeing your bright, beautiful smile!! I’ve tried to meet you when you’ve been to camp with your family in my state, but my health hasn’t permitted it. (I’m not as tough as you) What a joy that would be for me, if God arranges it someday!! I’m SO excited to “attend” your celebration online❣️ Love, Linda

        1. Thank you so much Linda!! I pray one day you can meet Ruby in person. I know she will love you! Thank you for loving Ruby (and us) from afar! Stop by Tuesday, Lord willing, I will share the story that will surely make people shout for joy at God’s miraculous power!

  9. Precious Ruby!! You are a gift from God who continues to inspire me and allows me to remember the power of God! Thank you for sharing that precious gift with me and many others! You are so strong and beautiful and an amazing person! Keep changing lives! You are making more of a difference in this broken world than you may know! Lots of love always and May God continue to protect you and work through you!! Happy Birthday!!! XOXO

    1. You’re so sweet Trisha!! Thank you for always cheering her (and our others) on from afar. You are always such an encourager. The Lord has definitely used her life to inspire and effect so many. Someone commented that because of Ruby they said “Yes!” twice! Nothing could bring me more joy – watching others love other little “Rubys”. God is sooo good!

  10. Happy birthday Sweet Ruby!! I hope you have the best year ever!! Meeting you helped us to say our last two yes’s when we got the calls! ❤️

  11. Happy Birthday, Ruby! You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful family! Wishing you and your loved ones lots of blessings! God bless!

  12. Ruby Happy 13th Birthday!
    You are a beautiful young lady/ Loved by the Lord, your family and everyone who’s read “Rescuing Ruby.”

    1. Awww Rose, thank you!! Please stop by on Tuesday – I will tell the story of what God miraculously did for Ruby…and since you read Rescuing Ruby, you will love the story even more! xoxo

  13. Happy 13th birthday Ruby-girl from West Australia. You are so darned cute and I am so happy to read if your wonderful story on your momma’s blog. I don’t suppose that being so far away I’ll ever get to meet you. But one day in heaven I’ll see you snd say hi. Many years from I imagine as I’m an old lady and your just a new teen-ager.

    Happy, happy birthday.

    1. Awww!! I just started to read your comment as I’m sitting beside Ruby and she’s getting her breakfast through her tube…anyway, I said, “Ruby!! You have someone in Australia telling you Happy Birthday!” She got so excited as I read her your comment. She seriously is sooo smart! Thank you Jennifer for the birthday wish and for loving our girl from afar!

  14. Dear Ruby … you’re not just a gift to your family but a gift to us all … a witness of the Goodness and Faithfulness of our God !! Your story and Life have been a joy for us all to witness and rejoice ( and sometimes pray real hard ) through the years. Happy 13 birthday sweet girl … your Amazing 🥰🙌🏻✝️🎂❤️🕊️

    1. Thank you old friend!! I just read her your comment and she started smiling and shaking her head while “talking” with joy! Thank you Chris – it’s true – she’s such a testimony to the goodness and faithfulness of God.

  15. Happy birthday, Ruby! I’ve never met your family, but I’ve been praying for you for many years, and I’m so excited that you’re celebrating your 13th birthday!

    1. Aww Katie, thank you for praying for her all these years! She is where she is because of the power of God through the prayers of His people! You are one of them! Bless you friend. xo

  16. Happiest of birthdays to you precious Ruby!
    All my love from Quebec!
    Your story has deeply touched my heart and I’m always praying for you and your beautiful family 🦋💙💙💙💙💙🦋

    1. Thank you for the kind birthday wish Elisabeth. She loves hearing me read each one. She LOVES birthdays – not just hers! And thank you for praying for Ruby and all the rest of us – we always need it!

  17. Happy, happy birthday, beautiful Ruby! God did an amazing thing when He gave you to your family! I love seeing how God has worked in your life in so many ways. You are a delight and a blessing!

  18. Happy happy birthday Ruby dearest! How can you already be 13?! I remember the very first time your mama shared about you. Your life is a testimony of our very Good Good Father who shows off BIG TIME through you. Only eternity will capture the full impact of your life and testimony across the globe for Jesus. What a party that would be in heaven one day! Shine bright Ruby dearest! And to the Saunders family thank you for stewarding this call of God in your family so faithfully both in the good and the hard times. Much love, Gloria

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