Christmas Tree Hunting – Always Better With Friends

We’re off!!Poor little guy needs a belt….he keeps pulling his britches up…Emma and Destini

Tanner, Graham, Isaiah and Brody

He thought he was so funny, I was trying to take that top picture while turned around and he gently started up and I still banged backwards into the dashboard….look at just how funny he thought it all was….how ’bout a little shoulder squeeze dude?

Yes, in the midst of a crazy day with two morning services and an evening service of worship we managed to squeeze in dashing to the National Forest (with a legal permit) and friends to cut down a Christmas tree.

We had a blast with these sweet friends, Rob & Robin and their four kids: Tanner, Destini, Brody and Max.

I just couldn’t imagine leaving Dw home for the next 18 days without a decorated tree up in our living room. It looks beautiful, but y’all will have to wait for the pic of the finished product….I just have to get a couple of hours of sleep…the 3:30 alarm is coming quickly.
Autumn even joined us for the fun…

4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Hunting – Always Better With Friends

  1. Even though we have never met you face to face, we so enjoy seeing you and your family live out your faith in Christ through your website. So with that said, we have been praying for you all for the trip today to Africa to bring back your newest little family members. We are thrilled for you all!

    We will continue to lift you all up in prayer for a safe trip filled with God’s presence and leading and a safe and happy return to your sweet mountain log home bringing your treasures with you for a life filled with Christ.

    God bless you all – Janet, Kevin, Ted, and Philip

  2. I have been praying for your safe travels and a wonderful time in Africa!!! Can’t wait to see photos of you with your children for the first time.

  3. Just a quick note to say that we have been PRAYING for safe travels, safe stay, and an amazing story to share when all of you are back home safe.

    And by the way… does Isaiah have the greatest joyful smile or what?!?! LOVE IT!

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