There’s More Waiting For You!

I know, I know, it has been a quiet day from our house and across the ocean. But, hey, you probably wanted a break yourself. I just got off the phone with Linn and Elizabeth Mercy. We spoke for what seemed like hours… she said, “Tata , I love you.” That’s it… ok so maybe seconds but those words will last a life time!!!

Linn, Emma and Graham are soon to be on their way to a special event for the kids. Linn said everyone is dressed up so nice and actually gender specific. She is going to try to blog when she gets back so in the mornig….. we should have some great pics!!

They usually just throw any cloths on the kids as they don’t have the time or volunteers to be too fussy. If you’d like to see the orphanage for yourself and learn a bit more – Linn will share with you when she gets home the web site.

Below is another son’s email to me. There’s many young fatherless and motherless boys and girls who would love to meet someone who would care about them, email them, and pray for them. If you come with me I can introduce you to a few of these precious people. I’ve got 3 who call me dad who live in Africa…. Abbey, Tony and Jr. They are precious… see for yourself.

Hello dad,
I am so excited and happy about Mum, she is really a good mother who cares a lot for her sons and daughters, she is so nice, just the first time i saw her i liked her response to wards us. She visited the home and we performed for her and she just loved it and Emma plus our brother. What a nice family Dad: can you imagine our God is a good God who has good plans that no one knows, i thank him for a Godly and a good family.

I just feel i can not express my love in words but they are such wonder full people to be with and i appreciate their love for us. Thanks dad for having a good mother for your sons and daughters. but i feel so sorry about what happen on you (surgery) am really very sorry about that i pray that you get fine in time by the lord’s grace.

I am doing fine besides, but kind of busy with books that have made me busy, this is my last year of study that is why books have kept me so busy but i love you dad and family and i pray for all of you.

My prayer request is that you pray for me to pass my exams that i am writing on Sunday 7th of dec 2008 up to 21st of dec 2008.And more so pray that our spiritual devotion and salvation strengthen more and more so that we get to know God more and more.

am great full for the ruling that the court made, isn’t that awesome Dad, what you think and how do feel . Praise god indeed and the only thing we have got to do is to pray that the ruling is put in writing in the mighty name of our lord we pray with God every thing is possible may his name be magnified for ever and ever. Love you Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was very happy for the T-shirt that you and mum bought for us, i look so smart in the T-shirt i just loved it Da

Yep, I’m dad alright but there’s more waiting…. just for you!!

Good night sweet friends – Dw

6 thoughts on “There’s More Waiting For You!

  1. I seem to cry with every post you leave lately. “I love you”, words that we seem to take for granted, but become so sweet and new from the voice of a precious angel. They KNOW they are going home! We’ll continue praying for God to continue clearing the way for them to come home with no complications!

  2. I just have to tell you that I’ve been singing that song all day. I just can’t get the “mercy came running” out of my head. The visual picture of Elizabeth Mercy being set free and running into your arms keeps going through my head. What sweet words; I love you. What a sweet reunion awaits you and Elizabeth. Thanks for keeping us updated Dwight.


  3. Wow! That letter from one of your sons in Africa is incredible. His love for you and for the Lord absolutely shines through. I’ve been blessed by your blog and your beautiful family.

  4. I just love those precious letters from those sweet kids who know you as Dad. Thank you for sharing. I just wish more of them could have what they have found in you.

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