Thankful Thursday

And each morning and evening they stood before the Lord to sing songs of thanks and praise to him. I Chronicles 23:30
This Thankful Thursday I am so very thankful for a bunch of very random things:

~~ Isaiah learned to write his name.

~~ Lori, one of my very dearest friends of all time is coming to visit in two days. Lori and I met when she visited the church we were planting in Virginia 13 years ago. She was new to the area and so was I. I was lonely and needing friends and the Lord brought her along at just the right time. We have walked through many trials together in our 13 years of friendship: when the MS was so horrible, it was Lori who would randomly show up with meals and encouragement; when we flew four years ago from Colorado to John Hopkins because Dw had to have heart surgery it was Lori who drove all the way to Maryland to sit with me and the kids. I confided in her that I was so scared and what if something went wrong? She said, “I have already told my work that I might have to take extended time. I will be here for you.” That’s a true friend! While I was in Africa in December Lori had to have a mastectomy. I called her from Africa. She is a faithful friend and a great keeper of confidences. I love her dearly and am so thrilled that she is coming to visit me again.

~~ Lisa and Mark, (sweet friends of ours) who have humongous hearts for the orphan. They live in a neighboring town about an hour and a half away, but pop over to our church every now and then with their precious kids. There is no doubt that Elijah and Elizabeth love seeing kids “with the same skin on.”

~~ another friend I have found who does Thankful Thursday: Gaye

~~blog lurkers who finally come out of the shadows and write sweet letters confessing their lurking….thank you for all the letters. You often make me cry! But then there are others who have not peaked out yet: but Bill S. I know you’re over there in Indiana – your daughter (R) told me you lurk – so there! *giggle*
~~Yes, sounding completely shallow here: Col*rsilk Hair Color – Light Golden Brown to be exact.

~~Butter. Yes, I love butter. Not the fake stuff and yes, I am probably a butter snob – only liking the real, honest-to-goodness stuff from the cow (lightly salted please). And while I’m mentioning butter….could anyone tell me why all the good tasting stuff is so stinkin’ high in calories and fat grams? Why is it that Brussel Sprouts are not high in calories and fat grams? Is there anyone out there who actually likes Brussel Sprouts? I love vegetables. I really do. But there is one exception. Yup, you guessed it: brussel sprouts. Ugh, just the thought of them makes me gag.

~~That I have not had any hot flashes in about 4 days. After the fire I was having anywhere from 8 – 12 per day!!?!? (Like the fire wasn’t bad enough!) And not little hot flashes either! The kind that make you want to rip your clothes off and then unzip your skin and climb out just to get some relief! So can anyone spell Y-I-P-P-E-E J-E-S-U-S for that one?
What are you thankful for this Thankful Thursday??
Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name. I Chronicles 29:13

35 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. So happy for Isaiah – way to go! Enjoy your visit with precious friend Lori!

    Still praying for all of you! Love you guys!

  2. I love good friends too. I have a couple that are so far away, yet we talk via e-mail everyday. I’m thankful for them and for you Linny.

    btw – those hot flashes. A cold glass of orange juice often does the trick. I’m thankful I’m over those and into a new journey in my life.

    And that precious son of yours…he is just so stinking cute. His smile…oh my.


  3. I’m a semi-lurker – first time commenting but we’ve talked for a radio interview! 😉

    I had to share my story about brussell sprouts. When we were growing up our parents took us to the Cabbage Patch factory (anybody?) and we saw where they were “born” (which was out of big heads of cabbage in a Cabbage Patch). Well, my sister was convinced from that day that brussell sprouts were baby Cabbage Patch dolls and refused to eat them. She didn’t want to eat what would one day grow and become a Cabbage Patch Doll. It was several years before my parents convinced her otherwise. HA!

  4. I love brussel sprouts too!!!

    And I love that CPJ’s sister thought Cabbage Patch Dolls were growing inside!!! hahahaha …That made me laugh out loud!!

    I’m thankful for healthy children….something I took for granted before I entered the “blogging” world….and I’m thankful for all those who put their hearts and souls out there for all of us to learn from….God bless.

  5. I must admit that I am a “lurker” – I love reading your inspiring posts each day and I’ve been praying for your family since the fire. You’re faith and your positive spirit brightens my day and it makes me realize how truly amazing our wonderful God is! Thank you for sharing you life, your stories, and your faith with the world!I think you have impacted far more people than you could ever imagine! You have a beautiful family!

  6. Hi Linny, My DH and I took a motorcycle trip last July through northern New Mexico then southern Colorado(we're from SW Ks.). We stopped at the Harley shop in Durango; I even have the shirt to prove it. Shortly after returning from our trip, I was reading stories about China adoptions and started reading about your wonderful family. My DH and I are LID to China since 3/24/06, so we're gettin' closer to squeezin' our girl. Your blog is an inspiration to me; always such sweet & kind words of encouragement. Thank you for allowing the Lord to bless you so you can bless others. That's what it's all about. There: I'm out!!!!

  7. Linny,
    I was planning on a gift basket full of brussel sprouts for you when you come. Now what am I going to do? Maybe I’ll have to do a gift basket full of real butter.

    Actually I LOVE brussel sprouts as long as they are covered in butter.

    Hey, thanks for getting me started on Thankful Thursday. You have taught me more than you will ever know from praying for specifics, be thankful even on those grumpy days and so, so much more.

    I am so thankful that even though we have never met you push me almost daily (whenever you blog) to deepen my relationship with God.

  8. I cannot believe you are bashing BRUSSELS SPROUTS:):):)!! My 12 year old and I LOVE them!! sauted. roasted. yum yum yum. My Emma, 5 yrs old, feels the same way about them as you do though! I have a great pic of her trying them:)

    Have a great time with your dear friend.


  9. Hi Linny… I am a lurking and have commented a few times… but I have gotten some of my family into your blog… but my is a big lurking of yours… we are just so thankful for you sharing your gift of… well sharing your life with us… Thank you again and again….

  10. I’m thankful that we have 3 healthy bio sons, 2 beautiful girls from China and I am (though it has been difficult) thankful that we have 2 foster boys whom we recieved in Feb. ages 2mo. and 3 yrs. I’m thankful God has a purpose for us to have them and I am thankful for the difficulty because it is bringing me closer to the Lord!

  11. I LOVE brussel sprouts. Smothered in REAL lightly salted butter. yummm.But I am most upset that I never knew there was a cabbage patch factory that you could visit. How cool would that have been to visit. My mom waited in line 18 hours to get me Toby Amelia for Christmas that first year. My best friend moved to Virginia 2 years ago. I love when she comes for a visit. Love the facial pictures, imagine that only with nail polish all over two little boys faces!!!! Aahh memories.
    Sheri Keys

  12. OH I just love Thankful Thursdays! They are my favorite!
    Just stopping by to tell you hello and I am again so blessed to read your writings! I don’t always comment, but I do follow your journey…Your family is so delightful! I look forward to your newest blessing coming home from China!

  13. from Isaiah in OK: God job learning to write your name. Iam learning it too. It’s spelled the same as you. I have a toy tractor, do you? Iam 5 yrs old just like you.

  14. hello
    I am one of those quiet readers of your blog. Love all the photos…and can identify with some of your circumstances…my hubby is a pastor…we have 7 children ~ 5 adopted and of difference races and now a whole bundle of beautiful grandbabies.
    Dealing with neurological Lyme Disease takes alot of energy and coming he brightens my day!
    God bless you and yours.

  15. Yay, Isaiah – Good job! You can see how happy he is of his accomplishment.:)

    Brussels Sprouts? They’re actually quite good when steamed and topped with a dab of butter (yes, real butter), salt, and pepper.

    I am so very thankful for kind-hearted, fun-loving, beautifully-spirited, supportive, and adventurous friends. I love them dearly!

    I am thankful for hugs from family…oh, how I wish they lived closer!

    I am thankful for being able to find God’s beauty in uplifting and refreshing worship music!

  16. Any vegetable can be greatly enhanced by lots and lots of butter! I have blogged numerous times about my love of butter, and was very sad when I had to give it up due to cutting dairy out of my diet (I’m a nursing mom with a sensitive baby!). I miss butter!

  17. We are thankful for you and the witness to Christ every day! We are thankful for the domestic and international adoption programs and the families everywhere being united! Yippee!!!!!!!

    Janet and Kevin

  18. I have a friend like that, too, and I’m soooo happy for you that you and Lori get to spend the weekend together!! 🙂 Girl, those stinkin’ hot flashes are the WORST! UGH! I’m glad yours are down to 1 a day. Have fun this weekend!! 🙂

  19. Way to go, Isaiah!!! LOL My 4 year old daughter will fight you for a brussel sprout. I love them too. Funny thing is, I craved them when I was expecting her and now she loves them. I have to portion them out to her or she will eat herself into tummy distress.

  20. So thankful for amazing friends all over the world. Thankful too for amazing people who become friends in bloggy world 🙂

    What gorgeous pics of E and E with their friends. Precious!

  21. i’m thankful the fellowship of my small group who came over tonight.

    i’m thankful for my little brother who turns 23 today.

    i’m thankful for the blogging community where i can find families like yours…people who love God and have a heart for orphans!

    i’ve written you an e-mail, but i know you probably get a lot…and also have MANY other things to do. but, the short question to the e-mail is if you have spots open on your mission trip still??

  22. I canNOt believe I am delurking to say this, but I like Brussels Sprouts. Lightly salted, sprinkled with garlic powder and oven roasted with a touch of parmesan cheese topping them. Or drowning in real butter. Yes, I am a butter snob also.

    Love your new look, and am grateful for your Thankful Thursdays. They always make me sit up straight and check my attitude!

  23. Yippee Isaiah!! Great job writing your name!!

    I love real butter lightly salted, Mmmmmm good! Pretty much anything is good with butter! (I don’t eat brussels sprouts but they may be good with butter?)

    I love thankful thursdays- it is a great time to be thankful for the big and small things in our lives!!


  24. I’m glad to have found your blog. It took me a few minutes to put two and two together. I think we met you! I used to work at AHH and my inlaws adopted a little girl (Hannah) from China on the same trip that you guys went on. We met you at the MSP airport! Anyway, just wanted to say hello. We’re living and serving at a foster home for special needs orphans outside of Beijing. Hannah is doing well! Your story is amazing… I’m thankful God has protected and provided for you.

  25. Hehe- I love Brussel Sprouts. Roasted with EVOO and garlic or even frozen ones nuked in the microwave with (real- I hear on that one for sure!!) Butter. But on the other hand, I can’t understand why ppl eat eggplant. 🙂

  26. **I am thankful for my sweet husband Dick who loves brussel sprouts!
    **I am thankful that there are fresh brussel sprouts; they aren’t so bitter.
    **I am thankful for our awesome God.
    **I am thankful for my sons and grandsons an daughter-in-laws.
    **I am thankful that son #3 has a special friend, Cindy, who is a real blessing to him.
    **I am thankful for you and your family. Truly human and blessed with such awesome gifts.
    Have a truly wonderful “Spring” day!

  27. I am thankful for real butter!

    I am thankful that I do not have to eat brussel sprouts!

    I am thankful for people who adopt!

    I am thankful that my son Justin is going on your mission trip to Uganda in May!

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