True Story Tuesday – Graham & Emma

Since we celebrated Graham’s birthday just a few days back, I thought it would be a good time to tell you a hysterical story from when he and Emmy were little. With all the things that Isaiah, Elijah and Elizabeth have gotten into, lest you think that they are the only ones who can be stinkers….here’s a true story from just a few years back.

We were pastoring outside Richmond, Virginia and living in the house (pictured below) with a nice big kitchen. Emma was probably 4 and that would make Graham 3. They were inseparable (still are) and always lookin’ out for the other. I had always prayed that I could have some kids really close together because it sounded like so much fun. Emmy and Graham together didn’t disappoint me. Really, they never argued. They had a blast running, snuggling, playing and yes, getting into trouble together! Best buds to be sure.

Well this particular day I was doing dishes and Emma and Graham were playing right behind me. You know how that is? Mind totally preoccupied as I worked away at the dishes, but in the back of my head quasi-listening to them playing. As long as I could hear their voices, all was good.

A little background: Graham, from the time he was old enough to toddle, would take all the Cool Whip containers and Tupperware bowls out of the cupboard and line them up just right to play his “drums” with spoons. He did this We knew after watching him do this day after day that one day he would be an accomplished drummer. No doubt, it was a prophetic forecast! That kid sure can play!

Anyway, this particular day they had gotten all the containers out, and I could hear their voices chattering to each other right behind me, so I wasn’t really paying attention.


All of a sudden.

It got real quiet.

And I heard Emma’s little voice say rather disgustedly,

“Oh greeeeeat Graham! You got it on Mom’s wallpaper.”

Huh? My mind whirled. They were playing drums, weren’t they? Those words certainly woke me out of my mommy-stupor!

I whipped my head around to find that Emma and Graham had not been playing drums with the containers. Not at all. They had, instead, lined them up all along the wall. Probably 12 containers lined up flush against the wall.

And there was my sweet baby boy, britches completely pulled down and holding his you-know-what with his chubby little hands as he slowly walked along “depositing” his liquid yellow gold in each of the containers with almost perfect aim……one by one…..and helpful Miss Emma holding his elbow helping him steady himself as he walked along…..


How do kids think these things up? I laughed and laughed. I mean, really…..what the heck?

And we still laugh today, “Oh greeeeeeat Graham….you got it on Mom’s wallpaper.”

True Story Tuesday is brought to you by my sweet friends Rach and Mr. Daddy over at Once Upon a Miracle – join in the fun – I’m sure all of you have some hysterical kid stories to tell of your own…….

10 thoughts on “True Story Tuesday – Graham & Emma

  1. That is too funny! It reminds me of when we were potty training our now 8 yr old son. I had him running around bare bottomed…it had worked with his older sister. I caught him peeing on the wall one day – I asked him what he was doing and he replied "gettin the potty on da wall".

  2. Our son Caleb always did the same with the Tupperware bowls, or pots and pans and wooden spoons to play the drums….He, like Graham, now plays drums as a Big Boy, er young man of 24…He plays in 2 bands…
    fantastic drummer….But, he never thought of using them, or did he? I don't know to this day….
    Your story is hysterical…I am laughing my head off…
    thanks for the great story…
    Sandy in NC

  3. Oh my, that is too funny! How DO children come up with the mischievously funny things they do? 🙂

    Hearing about Graham pulling the Cool Whip containers out of the cabinets everyday reminds me of how I'm told that as soon as I learned to walk w/o stumbling, I would pull books off my parents' shelf every…single…day. Sometimes more than once a day! I never ripped a page or damaged any of the books. I just enjoyed pulling them down and thumbing through the pages. Soon my mom realized that this was going to be a daily task in my little life, so she put the important books on higher shelves and left a few books on the lower shelf for my entertainment. Surrounded by a sea of books, I would lie on the floor "reading" for a good length of time…sometimes until I fell asleep. Guess what? My enjoyment of books still exists and to this day I can be found surrounded with books, whether in my reading room, my bedroom, or yes, even lying on the floor. :o)

    Thanks for sharing your stories!

  4. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA… oh no, you're gonna be in trouble when Graham reads this!

    See, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I'm terrified that my deaf ears are gonna miss, ha ha. I just know Itty Bit is gonna be narrating whatever mischief he's in and I'll be completely clueless… maybe that's a GOOD thing? hee hee

    Thanks so much for linking up!

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