OK, Fess Up, Who Snitched On Me?

This morning I was in the midst of my Confiding Time and all of a sudden I felt like I was suppposed to turn on the computer.  I have a general rule that I don’t check the computer {email, twitter, FB, blog} until I have spent my Confiding Time with the Lord. 
So I stopped my Bible study and went and turned it on and there it was – Abigail was online!!
WooHoo! Talk about a happy Mimi! 
Abi told me that they had taken Finn to the hospital and it turns out that he has Bronchial Pneumonia.  He has one nasty cough!  Ryan came in the room and before long I heard him say something to Abi like, “Hey did you ask your mom?…”…and then she said, “So is it true Mom that you told people you weren’t allowed to put Finn’s picture on your blog, but if they were your facebook friend…..” 
I started to laugh so much so that I couldn’t even talk. 
At all.
I was doubled over. 
Totally busted.
Dw had said to me last night, “What if Ab finds out that you put it on the blog inviting people to come over to Facebook to see Finny?”   I said, “Well she said I couldn’t put his picture on the blog, but I am allowed to on FB, so techincally I’m just doing what she said I could…and besides, she’ll NEVER know – I’m just gonna’ delete the post!  She won’t see it.”
Little did I know that Abi and Ryan would meet someone in Uganda yesterday who would say, {something like} “Hey! I know you!!  I read your mom’s blog.  And hey, did you know that your mom invited people to be her FB friend so they could see Finn’s picture?”
Okay, so whoever you are – FESS UP! 
Don’t worry, it’s all good. 
They were laughing and I was laughing.

I told them how Mimi just couldn’t stand people not seeing her little baby boy!!

I also told them that when I put it out there to “friend” me on Facebook I would have guessed maybe 40 would come forward.  Little did I know that there would be a boatload!
I’m still chuckling and shaking my head.
Who knew?
All day long yesterday we pressed, “confirm”, “confirm”, “confirm”. 
I told Abi & Ryan that Finn is probably the most sought after little guy in all of Africa!!!
I told ya’ he was gorgeous!
And for those who don’t have Facebook…
I now have permission to officially post his picture….
so if you missed FB – here you go!!

and here we are skyping with them a few hours ago…

The African landscape

59 thoughts on “OK, Fess Up, Who Snitched On Me?

  1. Oh my goodness – he is SO adorable ! Loving those dimples!! He looks like a very happy little guy for being so sick! Praying he is healed up very soon!

  2. Linny,

    I am glad you didn't "get in trouble" for your little invite! 🙂 You were one popular chick yesterday!

    And he is so precious! Kind of gives me that itchin' to get moving again.

  3. Oh My! Too cute! Seriously adorable!!

    Those dimples are incredible!!

    Congrats to all of you!!

    Wasn't me- I'm not really on FB and I haven't visited Uganda lately!

    So Happy for you! (((HUGS)))

  4. I have to say, I am still cracking up over your "Linny Saunders is now friends with …. people" barrage on FB yesterday. It was crazy to watch the number jump every time we got on last night!

    What an amazing little boy Finn is. I will be praying for the pneumonia – I know how bad that stinks!

  5. Too cute! He's a keeper for sure! He looks SO big too.
    I've never traveled to Uganda, but in Guatemala, they often say that someone has bronchial pneumonia but by US standards, we wouldn't call it such. Not saying that your precious baby isn't sick, but it might have a different/lesser diagnosis here.

  6. VERY FUN!!!!
    I wasn't the one who turned you in. I'm thinking it was all Dw's idea anyway – that whole legal loophole thing!

    He's simply adorable!

    Congratulations, everyone!

  7. He's just SO.BEAUTIFUL.!! So glad you finally posted the picture. I was dyin' over here. =) Congratulations to all of you! God's abundant blessings on the new family, too!!!!

  8. I am cracking up that your kids go half way around the world and run into someone who says, "Hey, I know you!" That's hilarious!

    Finn is adorable, Linny! Just precious! So amazing. How sweet of our Jesus to bring Finn to his forever Mommy and Daddy while he is young enough that he will never remember life without them. Yay Jesus!

  9. Yeah! I finally was able to see Finn!!! I too love the picture of his Daddy loving him up and that big smile on his little face.

    Congratulations! I hope he feels better quickly.

  10. OHHHHHH!

    This is THE BEST!

    Ha, yesterday, our sweet friends got a call to go get their baby girl in Denver!!!


    Welcome home prayers and praises to God for Finn, Grace(Betty) and Analiese!

    Hugs to you Mimi!


  11. Oh my goodness! He's such a cutie and looks like he has more personality packed into one pinky than anyone could have in their entire body! LOVE IT!

    Congratulations on the new addition. I'm so happy for you!

  12. Oh wow!!! My little boy is absolutely gorgeous, and your little one is giving him some stiff competition! 🙂 What a blessing he'll be to your family!

  13. Ummmmm, so I take it that Abi doesn't know that her fb privacy settings aren't set very restricted? I clicked on hers from yours yesterday and I could see all the pics she had posted on hers too. Might want to let her know! =)

  14. Finn is adorable!!! His smile makes me smile! 🙂 Look at those cute little dimples and beautiful big, brown eyes. I think he's smitten by his new mommy and daddy…and I'm sure they (and your entire family) are equally (if not more) smitten by him. God Bless!

  15. Oops! Sorry, it was me…

    But it went more like this:

    "He Abi, did you see that your mom added 391 friends yesterday?"

    "What??!! That's crazy! I wonder why?"

    beans spilled from there.. Sorry. Trust me. WE were laughing hysterically at it all!! No harm done! But sorry I 'snitched'!


  16. Busted! LOL. Your little man is too precious. I love that big smile on his face but his eyes tell it all. He is happy & loves his new mommy & daddy!
    Congrats to the whole family again

  17. I was excited to get a personal invitation to be your friend on Facebook and I bet a lot of other people who read your blog were too. I asked my husband to guess who I was now friends on Facebook with? When I told him he knew right away who you were because you and your blog are talked about a lot in this family. I bet you are dying to kiss those adorable cheeks of your grand baby!

  18. He is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one day I did not have a chance to check the blog….yup that was the day you finally posted the pictures!! They look so incredibly thrilled!!!!!! Congratulations on adding another beauty to the family!!!!!

  19. Congratulations! What a precious gift from God! He is such a cutie-pie! I'm sure you can't wait to squeeze him and kiss those baby cheeks! Blessings to all of you! 🙂

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