Prayer Request from my Abigail in Africa

As many of you know, Abigail and Ryan headed to Africa and arrived yesterday.  They were able to go right away and meet their son – Finley Lane {who we all call “Finn” or “Finny”}
He is beyond adorable.  I am not allowed {per their request} to post a picture of him yet {and it is completely killing me to honor their request…infact I was thinking about that whole obedience thing and maybe it really is easier to ask forgiveness rather than permission?? just sayin’}  Anyway, he has dimples and grins from ear to ear….oh my…we are all smitten!
THEN, yesterday Abi called and Finn was ‘chattering’ away.   Abi couldn’t understand what all those sweet little cooes meant, but I totally translated – it’s so nice to have all this kid experience under my belt, cause I could totally tell what Finny was saying, “Mimi I love you already!  I cannot wait to snuggle with you!  I know you love Africa and I know you are prayin’ me home!  I cannot wait to giggle and grin for you!”  It was indeed amazing – he has got to be the smartest six month old ever!!  
Abigail called, again, this afternoon.  She said, “Mom, please would you pray?  And mom, I told our lawyer that you have a blog and she said, ‘Have her put the prayer request on the blog as well.'”  
So there you go!!
The court proceedings for Finley Lane are in a different part of Uganda, where they will be staying until the court is finished up and they have their ruling in hand.  They have traveled quite far from Kampala and Abi said they saw wild zebras as they drove. Whhhhooooa.  
Anyway, they are going to court in the morning.  They would like prayer for favor and that the judge would grant the ruling in the same day.  
I know you guys are my prayer warriors….so would you please pray with us??
Thank you on behalf of Ryan, Abigail and Finn {and Mimi and Jaja as well!} 
And if you have a prayer request, please post it two posts back!!
Three posts in one day.  *whew*

43 thoughts on “Prayer Request from my Abigail in Africa

  1. So fun to read this. My sister lives in Arua, Uganda – which is about 8 hours drive north of Kampala. Wild Zebras – so cool.
    Do you know specifically where Abi is?
    Praying for a quick court ruling!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog for about one year and this is my first comment to say that I prayed with Susan today for Finny to be with his new parents on that day at court.

  3. Praying for your preciously smart and dimpledy cute grandson, Mimi! May the Lord grant Abi and Ryan's request!

    Can't wait to see pictures of Finn! Love, love, love his name!

    Congratulations Mimi and Jaja, love you guys!


  4. I am smiling as its 9.25am here in England now and I was asleep when you posted this BUT that was one of the specific prayers I said for Abi, Ryan and Finn before I went to sleep! Am praying again as now the court day and we are 2hours behind so probably at court so praying long and hard XXX

  5. Praying for them! God will work wonders!

    And I just wanted to add that yesterday, as I was about to go for a job interview, I placed a prayer request on your blog asking for God's help. The prayer request post was not yet up as it was just past 6am London time. Our God is a miracle working God, and he guided me through the day. I am very pleased to say that I have got the job offer! Praise Jesus!

  6. Sending prayers for a quick ruling and a safe trip home. Thanks to everyone who held me up in prayer 2 weeks ago. My prayer was answered and I continue to pray for all of those who still wait. I believe Linny…I believe.

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