Mimi’s Finn

 Abi and Finn called yesterday and we were skyping…..
and I just knew you guys would want to see the pictures of Mimi’s little Finny
Is he not the sweetest??

Ryan works from home {most days}. He contracts with a major company…doing Web design work…so I can guarantee you, that some of you out there have been on stuff Ryan works on.  {How fun is that?}
For some reason, as I am posting these, I am unable to move these pictures into the right order…but 
Ryan turned around and joined in the conversation when we first started talking….and then went back to work….

Until litte miss Jubilee came to the computer and saw them….the only thing she kept yelling was, “Hi Ry-Ry”…
Ryan turned around and was waving to Jubilee…
It was pretty sweet, how Jubilee loves her big brother{in-love}


 All of a sudden, Finn reached up with his left arm and kind of waved and “talked”…
It didn’t sound exactly like, “Mimi I love you” but I am certain that is what he is saying…based on my experience…{Abi didn’t hear it sound like that, but come on…how much experience does she have anyway?} haha 
He did seriously reach and coo…
It was so adorable!! He was trying to talk to me!! 
 Then he yawned.  
I did not take it personally.
I think he was saying he was bored with being on mommy’s lap and wanted Mimi.
Finn turns and listens when Abi is talking….he’s so stinkin’ adorable…and obviously,
so very smitten with his mommy and daddy…

 The REAL Boss-Man
 Look at those dimples!!  
Mimi is so in love!!

Little Finn
Hurry home to Mimi….
My arms are aching to hold you and snuggle with you…
You are my dreams and prayers – COME TRUE!!

54 thoughts on “Mimi’s Finn

  1. oh.my.stars. he is so adorable! those beautiful eyes and i love the way he sucks his finger! soooo cute. i can see why you can't wait to squeeze him!!
    congratulations, mimi!!

  2. He is so stinking cute. Just adorable. You could just eat him up. I've been following Abi's blog and the words she has written to him are precious. I think she is following in her mom's footsteps. Hugs and love

  3. OK for someone who has driven and travelled I don't know how many miles the past 6 months……you are taking way to long to go and cuddle that sweet little boy. It is a picture I can't wait to see!!!
    OMGosh…he is adorable!!!!

  4. Well Hosanna!! He DOES have one, single tooth! He just got it and is working on tooth number 2…how cool is that?

    Abi tried to show me his new tooth on skype but little Mr. Finny kept putting his tongue in the way…

    PS: Hosanna – I LOVE your name!! xo

  5. So absolutely adorable! When do you get to see him in person? Soon I hope! So happy for Abi and Ryan – so thrilled for all of you. What a very blessed little one. Love you.

  6. He is adorable- you are so blessed!!

    I love the name Mimi! I want to be Mimi, too! FYI- I said that to hubby before you chose it- so I'm not totally a copy cat!

    But hubby says we don't get to pick- the kids just call us what they choose- really want to have this conversation with you in Denver… looks like we need to get together again and talk about this!!

    Funniest thing is when Jim said- I'm prayin for Dw and you said- I'm prayin for a sibling group of 5 for you!! I'm still laughing about it!! You are witty!!
    I want that sib group- bring it on!!

  7. He is an absolute doll baby!!! I'm so in love with him too:O) I'm sure that he was telling you he loves you, yep, I agree with you. How can you help yourself from falling in love! I want to kiss his little lippies!! They're so cute, and his eyes, you just want to take a swim in them. Seriously, I think I need another one now!!! Thanks for the inspiration Linny! Hubby doesn't know what's coming. Here I go….
    love ya,

  8. HE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grandchildren are the BEST thing since sliced bread!! Thanks for sharing the pics! I sure hope they come to Durango for Christmas!

    β™₯ you guys!

  9. Oh, my the cuteness factor!!! Love it!!! How precious that he tried to interact with you over Skype. His Momma looks like she is just soaking it all in. She's doing a great job in Mommying him.

  10. Goodness me! What a sweetie! Those lips had me at the first picture! I'd love to hear more about their adoption. We are looking for our #5.. a little girl that God laid on my heart, that will be named Annalise Promise!

  11. My daughter recently said that her first several years after being adopted were hard, but that at ages 5 & 6 it had just become FUN!

    I was pleased when she saw Finn, her comment, he looks happy. Yes he does. Its hard to do when so much has changed. Hope his transition is an easy one.

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