Who dunnit??

So the other day I walked into our bathroom and found this…. 
shaving cream literally from end to end…
 and here and here….

I couldn’t really capture the full effect, but really, it was everywhere….
so the question became
 “Who dunnit?”
I came out of our bathroom and asked.  Everyone just stared at me.  A few said, “I didn’t.”  
I finally, by sheer circumstance narrowed it down to these two…

I set them both in time-out.
I asked again, “Who did it?”  
No response. 


,So we waited….
I prayed.  Times like this are so ummmm…what’s the word?
for a parent…
Who dunnit?
So I ask you….what would you do
and who would you guess did it?
Go ahead.  Talk to me.

29 thoughts on “Who dunnit??

  1. Hhmmmm,a mystery. Maybe both? Working together, finding it funny at the time? Did you figure it out. Oh no – it's really DW! LOL. OK, waiting to hear if you figured it out! 🙂

  2. haha hard to imagine those sweet little teasure ever doing anything so messy! ;o) hahaha thats a hard one… reminds me of a time when i was about thier age i did a similar messy "fun" thing and when asked i played dumb and my grandmother thought i did it… but she accused my cousin of doing it (she had already talked to him so he would "play along") and i felt so guilty cuz i thought he was getting blamed that i confessed haha lol

    BUT! i agree with the PP Dwight Did it! lol ;o)

  3. Sure is tough to discipline when you are laughing inside. 🙂 And it's so hard to discipline when you don't know who is guilty. Unfortunately our kids have learned some tough lessons that sometimes when the "culprit" doesn't come forth, the consequences of their actions affect others (such as you sending two kiddos to time out).

    My guess is that it was a tag-team effort, though. 🙂

  4. oh bless them!!! had similar things happen in my house, although savlon antiseptic cream is greasier to remove from floor, doors, toilet…. and the other time toothpaste everywhere! walls, floor, door, door handles least that easier to clean and left nice smell!. In our house timeout chair doesn't work But removal of favourite toy (goes into daddys office)or banning of priveledges does. Then apolgy is needed asap!and reinstatment of privelge or toy happens following day as the bad behaviour has a consequences and the loss is the consequence. If no apology or owning up then the loss extends for further day! Doesn't take long usually for apology/confession. Have fun as they are both such cuties! if it was them!!! Look forward to finding out.

  5. My guess would be your darling daughter as you've posted other impish things she's done. But why wouldn't adorable son say he didn't do it if that's the case? That's what I would do, though, send them both to time out or with hold a privilege until someone confesses. That's what works in our house, but yours may be a bit more stubborn… Good luck! Can't wait to see how this plays out! 🙂

  6. You know………pick and choose your battles carefully. I always tried to reward honesty even if it meant going a bit easier on the discipline. "Things go much easier when you are honest. Be honest quickly, or the consequences with be bigger." If no one confesses, I would just have both help clean it up and then be done.
    From a mom right there in the trenches with you,

  7. Oh goodness why does it always seem to be these two particular Dumplings? after the post with the chocolate syrup(in the other house) this seems like a walk in the park,lol!! I still can't think of that with out feeling an anxiety attack coming on, and it wasn't even my house!!

    Oh Linny you always know what to do! I'm sure you handled it beautifully.

  8. so much cute.

    if this were our house? i'd probably have to assume my little babies had worked together! they're a good team like that….even sticking through to not rat each other out! =)

  9. How funny! I was just thinking to myself the other day, "I wonder what Elijah has been up to!" You have your hands full!!! Isn't it wonderful?

  10. My guess is they both must have been involved because one of them would have said "she/he did it." (in my house that would have been followed by "did not! did too! did not!") It's hard not to know for sure but I think the duel timeout/loss of privileges thing is the best way to handle it. Eventually one or both will confess.

    Can't wait to hear who dun it. I will laugh of course because I am not the one who had to clean it up. Sorry!!!

  11. I can't believe they are not saying the other one did it. My little ones say someone else did it..and normally that someone is not even home. Go figure. I think they are partners in crime. 🙂

  12. When I taught kindergarten I use to have the kids shaving cream paint on the tables. It was great fun and the room and kids smelled great! Elijah has the look of Ive just done something really fun and.Elizabeth seems to be hiding her head in guilt. I'd almost bet it was a team effort!

    Does your bathroom still smell like shaving cream??? 😉

    Lisa K.

  13. O.Kay.Linny. Maybe they don't understand the question phrased as "Who dunnit?". Ha! JK! Obviously they had no idea w.h.a.t.s.o.e.v.e.r. they were doing anything naughty (sarcasm). I think it looks like great fun to me – wish I had been in on it with them. We would have gotten to the ceiling and then some!! (Of course, I'm the Grandma who had a spaghetti fight with my daughter and 2 year old granddaughter! I was cleaning cooked pasta off my living room furniture and kitchen ceiling for days. . . but t'was a 'giggle' moment we remember to this day!)
    I'm reading this post on Sunday so do hope the little cuties are out of 'time-out':) – everything's spic 'n span – and they sat like little angels in church today!
    God bless your Happy Home! Beth

  14. Um, nobody dunnit. That's who does it in my house. Nobody — and when I find nobody, boy, s/he's gonna get it!! =)

    'Course as a homeschooler we like to practice writing in shaving cream.

  15. Ok – possibilities – Elijah, most likely – also possible he was trying out daddy's shaving cream to be like him. Possible – Elizabeth – its artistic and she sure looks tired out (and not looking at you).

    Inspect clothes, fingers, shoe bottom….

    Oh yeah Possibility 3 – Both!

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