Miss Jump Rope Does Have a Name!

Sunday, July 17th I had planned to do the post and share the 
name of our precious treasure whose upcoming arrival I had just announced.  
And just in case you were on vacation for a couple of weeks:
I told the beautiful story of God orchestrating
 events to bring her to her forever family in two parts.   
In case you missed it:

 Part 1 and Part 2

Obviously, with the situation with Karl being so critical, I just didn’t even have it in me to write the post about naming her.
So many of you have made me smile in the last eleven days when you have mentioned, “Miss Jump Rope”…that I thought I’d better share her name….
Our sweet girl treasure is somewhere around 10 years old.  
We haven’t been able to get her exact birthdate 
but her name has been 
Sarah since she was little.  
Sarah means Princess and we think that our 
would love to remain the 
name she has been called all her life.
For a middle name we prayed and prayed.
I had a beautiful sister who passed away.
My sister’s name was Jane
Jane means “God is gracious”
{which HE certainly is and has been.}
On that note, we joyfully announce the upcoming arrival of 
Miss Sarah Jane

Our precious princess whom God has been gracious to…
We will call her Sarah Jane…..
making a differentiation between Sarah Jane 
our treasured daughter-in-love Sarah.
Sarah is so excited that we are bringing home another Sarah.
So from here on out….
Miss Jump Rope 



Sarah Jane

Isn’t she precious?  
Her countenance reflects the Lord.  
Gracious, do we ever love her!

We wrote to the director of the orphanage where Sarah Jane lives and asked if we sent a letter, would she be able to let Sarah Jane hear it and know that she has a family waiting for her.  I wrote it in two parts.  First letter introducing us and sent along the pictures of Daddy jumping rope with her and also the picture of her and I together from April.  

Second letter I introduced to her all her
 siblings and sent pictures of them.  

We got a report back that 

Sarah Jane 
was so excited and had been practicing 
writing her full name:

Sarah Jane and our last name

How sweet is that?

Miss Sarah Jane is acomin’ home,

Lord willing, 

before too, too long.

56 thoughts on “Miss Jump Rope Does Have a Name!

  1. So happy for you all! But how is Ruby Grace and her surgery? I thought DW wrote on facebook that you all were not going to be able to get Ruby Grace and I was so sad for you. I hope I misread that post.
    I LOVE the name Sarah Jane!! Being Southern I love double names!
    Continuing to pray for Karl!!

  2. Oh, thank you for posting this! I had been praying for her and Ruby Grace today, and I was wondering when you would share it. Sarah Jane sounds so lovely!!! Congratulations!

  3. You are an amazing family and such an inspiration. You are going to have special attendants in heaven to help you carry around your crown. God bless Sarah Jane as she prepares to enter into her family.

  4. She is gorgeous! What a sweet face you have to look forward to getting to know better and better.
    I have to tell you that yesterday (was it only yesterday? 2 days ago?) I was nursing my 7 month old while I was reading your blog and saw that Karl opened his eyes. I started laugh/crying and my baby POPPED off and just stared at me. . .he couldn't tell whether to giggle with me or get upset that I was crying. I was just so excited! Still praying for you all.

  5. She is just precious. And a beautiful name for a beautiful treasure. Ad hearing how she is so excited and has been practicing writing her name… just blessed my socks off. Oh sweet little Sarah Jane.. how you are loved and treasured. And I CANNOT wait for you to come home to your big ol' gang, who adores you! PTL!!!!



  6. Absolutely wonderful Linny! So happy for you all!

    Did you know our Sophia is coming home soon? We leave for Ch*na on August 10th! Will be doing a myadoptionwebsite.com site entitled Journey to Sophia Yilin.

    You and DW and all of your prayers and encouragement have played a huge part in us bringing her home. We love you both!

    Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah

  7. Love this post!! So excited for your family and for precious Sarah Jane! Can't wait to meet her!! When will you be going to get her?

    By the way, I was also wondering about her name and the progress on her adoption…..I had only been hearing about sweet Ruby Grace. So now I have the details! Thanks!!

  8. Oh! That's so awesome! I have a cousin named Sarah Jane, and she is such a beautiful person, especially on the inside! I hope that your Sarah Jane will prove to be just as beautiful on the inside!

  9. Praise the Lord!! Looking forward to seeing her with her family!

    And so pleased to hear that Karl is making such progress. Continuing to pray for him and all of you.


  10. well…i think you know how much i LOVE this!!! =)

    bring Sarah Jane HOME, Lord! what a sweet girl she is & i'm thrilled for your whole family!

  11. What a beautiful young lady Miss Sarah Jane is 🙂 I am so happy for her that she is going to have a family, and a large one at that!! Being an only child, I see her as being abundantly blessed to be coming into your home with so many siblings. I am excited for her arrival 🙂 And Karl, I continue to bring him before the Lord…

  12. So emotional… I just about burst into tears(again). She is just adorable!!! So sweet she is writing her name and I LOVe that you already had pictures of her with you and DW! so cool. God is awesome.(but I know you know 😉

  13. Perfect! I love it! She even looks like a Sarah Jane:) She is certainly blessed to be coming home to you all as her forever family…I think you guys are equally blessed!!! I can't wait to see her little face on your sidebar:) 🙂 Love you all! Glad to hear Karl is doing well!!

  14. My heart is leaping for joy for your family, especially, Miss Sarah Jane! That is a perfect name for this gift! I love watching an orphan be no longer an orphan. God is so very good.

  15. Sarah Jane (the name) is PERFECT and Sarah Jane (the girl) is so beautiful!!! My eyes are teary reading about her joy in "meeting" her family. Can't wait to see her come home!!

  16. I'm SO EXCITED!!! She is so precious. I just can't wait till she comes home to be with you. I'm looking forward to hearing more about her and seeing more pictures. How is precious Ruby Grace doing? Love, Rose

  17. I can just imagine the joy she felt in reading those letters. Me and my three little ones have been praying for her, Ruby Grace and Karl. Can't wait to tell them her name. What a blessing your family is.

  18. Her precious picture made me giggle!! I can see Jesus shining right out of her eyes, and I'm just in love with her. I want to jump right in there with her, give her a hug, and tell her how precious she is!!! Please give those cheeks lots and lots of kisses when you get her. I'm serious, I could just squeeze her!! Praying you get to bring her home soon!! Also praying for Ruby!
    lots of love,
    jenn H
    in WA

  19. Sarah Jane is definitely a TREASURE!

    Prayers that she gets home to you soon.

    Would love an update on Ruby Grace. How awesome would it be if they both came home on the same flight???

  20. Sarah Jane! Beautiful precious and full of God! cant wait to hear more updates of her!!! I was SO excited to hear that Karl opened his eyes!!!! i will continue to pray and keep his name on my arm and if you havent already put Latvia down on your prayer list. my "sister" there is praying for him! Yippee!

  21. What a joy…She is beautiful and such a sweet name! So excited for your family, she will certainly be loved!
    Continuing to pray for Ruby Grace and Karl!

  22. Been waiting for this post!!!! What a beautiful name for a beautiful young treasure!!!! I know God can move the mountains to bring her home SOONER than later and we believe you will receive nothing less than that.!!!

    Oh to have been a fly on the wall when she first read those letters!!!!!

  23. She is just beautiful! And yes, her countenance does reflect the Lord. I'm so happy for all of you and so excited for her to come home!! Can't wait to "meet" you, Sarah Jane! 🙂

  24. Why is it Linny that I can not visit your blog w/o tearing up? 🙂 God is moving in mighty ways! We'll pray for a quick homecoming for Sarah Jane!

  25. I just cried when I read her name. My grandma, who is worshipping in Heaven, was named Jane and my name is Laurie Jane. When we were adopting a little girl from Nepal, before the shut down, her name was going to be Jane. I pray that someday our gracious Lord allows me to parent my Jane…but until then I will be praying for yours.

    Still praying for Karl,


  26. ha ha!!! rejoice!!! We also named our adopted DD Sarah but she has her Ch*nese name as her middle. LOVE it!! …just keep praying…just keep praying…. (think Nemo)

  27. Linny,
    That is one of the most precious things I have heard in a LONG time…
    Rejoicing with you…
    Can't wait until you can bring your Sarah Jane HOME!

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