Jubilee & The Surgeon

Many, many, many of you have inquired about Jubilee. 
Thank you all for caring.
It has been one week {tomorrow}.
So here’s the situation.
Our pediatrician here is completely dumbfounded…
but we have not heard one word from the surgeon’s office although our pediatrician has called him repeatedly and I have called.
If ya’ google the problem, it’s no doubt very serious.
The tests already show it is very serious.
And not one return call from even his office staff??
It is on my mind continually…
I am absolutely preoccupied.
The growths are extremely concerning.
I talked to our pediatrician’s partner at the end of the day and she and our pediatrician are actually getting more than frustrated.
Well then it dawned on me!
If this particular surgeon were to do the surgery and there was a complication, would we even be able to get ahold of him?
Then I wondered, “Lord, are you preventing him from scheduling because he is not the best person for this intricate, delicate surgery?”
So all that to say, that we really need wisdom, discernment and direction.  We live in a small city, hours and hours and hours away from any major medical facility for delicate and rare surgery. 
 Dw and I are going to go tomorrow and meet with our pediatrician.  She is such a precious woman and we look forward to having the Lord direct our steps, with her help.  
Would you pray with us, please?
And lastly, there is a wild fire not far from our home.  {Of course there is.} We can see the flames from many of our windows.  The smoke is pretty intense.  
I keep shaking my head….seriously? 
I think I might just run away from home.

49 thoughts on “Jubilee & The Surgeon

  1. Yes, I will be praying!! Funny how you mention how being unable to get an appointment can be God's way of getting a new Dr. We have been trying for over a month to get a psychologist to schedule us an appointment for our adoption evals. Today I found another psych. I think God was saying, "Find someone else!" You have confirmed my situation:)

  2. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs, Hugs, Hugs to you, dear Linny!!! Your families faithfulness to the Lord draws us all closer to Him. It tells us that He is trustworthy. We see it, in how He works all of these things out. We are overwhelmed by your spirit. You always rely on the Lord for your strength. Keep resting in Him. We love you dear sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh Linny! Honestly it's all too much! My prayers are all for you and your family right now. I am trusting and knowing that God already has Jubilee's situation handled and he will make the details clear to you ASAP. I will pray for your safety and pray that you are all able to get some sleep in the midst of the fire. Continuing also to pray for Ruby Grace and Sarah Jane and of course Karl and Autumn. XO

  4. Linny,

    We will be praying for the sitch with the surgeon. i think perhaps you are right, he may not be the one for you!
    will also be praying about the fires. My family in CA is having a similar sitch.

    If you decide to run away, you can come here! 🙂


  5. In Jesus name, I pray, no fires for Linny!
    And we will pray for direction. I was thinking the other day how Jubilee is doing so wonderful and looks so healthy. Such a sweet smile. Thanking God with you that she was able to have you has her parents. 🙂

  6. Good Morning Linny!

    When i read your post I immidiatly started to pray.
    That´s all I can do for you.
    BUT you know who is with you!!
    He holds you in his hands and sees your situations all around.
    He´s a mighty God!
    And you´re his little girl.

    Greetings from germany
    (still praying for your Autumn&Karl)

    love Babsi
    (give little Jubilee a special cuttle from germany)

  7. You took the words right outta my head… maybe he isn't supposed to do her surgery. Our almighty God is in the details.

    Praying for your sweet treasure! (Well, ALL of them, actually!)

  8. Praying for wisdom for you and DW. Can't believe your pediatrician can't even get the surgeon to answer when it appears to be time sensitive.

    Which direction do you live from Durango? Have a SIL who lives there. Also praying the fires subside quickly. How frightening for you AGAIN.


  9. Of course there is a wild fire…sheesh! Okay, I'm praying Psalm 91 around your home today and drawing a blood line around your property. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and no disaster shall come near your tent. Believing God is still working all these things together for good…you are loved and we will be praying!

  10. Oh Linny!!! Look out!! God must have amazing plans for you are your family for the enemy to fight this hard! You are not fighting him alone!! We are all here holding up your arms at each and every turn!!! Praying for a breakthrough in every area!!

  11. Wow. Linny. You know you must be doing something right, or there would not be such a strong force against you. I prayed this morning for your family and Karl. I will pray for this situation as well. (all of them).

  12. Linney-
    All I can think (and I think this often as I've read your blog over the past year!)is that Satan is absolutely terrified of you and your family to keep attacking so hard and so often. I know it's very painful to keep coming up against one amazingly hard thing after another, but maybe as Christians we should think ourselves blessed if "the other side" thinks we're worth trying to defeat. Maybe if we're living comfortable, unaffected lives, we should be doing more to make Satan UNcomfortable. Hey wait- isn't that a verse?! James 1:2 "Consider it pure joy, my brothers when you face trials of many kinds" 🙂 Your faith continually amazes me!

  13. Praying with you for wisdom reguarding the surgery and peace and safety with the fire.
    Oh Praise God that He is bigger than all our circumstances!

  14. Linny,
    I don't know exactly what kind of surgeon sweet Jubilee will need. But if it would be a neurosurgeon, I would highly recommend Dr. Renata Osterdock. She is quite amazing. She was the head of a team that separated conjoined teams at Loma Linda. She really is a neat lady. Even worked for a time Guanzhou. She performed surgery on our daughter from China and we will be seeing her soon after our next treasures come home. Praying for you!

  15. Definitely sounds like a red flag where this particular surgeon is concerned. I think you would be wise to look into another. I will be praying specifically for God to lead you to the surgeon He has for sweet Jubilee.

  16. Praying for you! We got hit with the earthquake (really just Alei who is home alone while we are in NY) We are heading home tomorrow in time for the hurricane that is scheduled for this weekend!
    Turbulant times,
    Love, Jenny 🙂

  17. Praying for you on all counts…. Jubilee, the fire, Karl, your 2 sweet daughters waiting and any other things the Lord knows you stand in need of… I really relate to your blog…. it seems there is always something going on here too.

  18. Linny, do you guys have a paypal account set up? We are trying to raise funds for our next treasure(s) so I know how it goes…I want to send you guys some money. If Not I will look for the mailing address you put on here for your church and mail you the gift. I need to get a card off to Karl too.
    PRaying for your family so hard…

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