Ruby Grace

Many have asked how our precious gem Miss R is doing.
She has been in a nutrition ward at a hospital in Kampala.  She was put there in an effort to ‘beef her up’ for the necessary surgery to alleviate the hydrocephalus.   
Last week she was taken to see the doctors who are connected with CURE hospital to see if she was ready for surgery.  
They found that she had put on weight, looks “brighter” 
and was now just about 9 lbs!

Soooo thankful for her weight gain, 
but still so itty bitty for almost a year old.
The doctors felt that she is still too tiny and 
fragile for such a intricate  surgery, so they put her back in the Nutrition Ward at the hospital.  
However, they did find that her head had shrunk a bit – 
which we are confident is a complete miracle!
No doubt the power of prayer!
On our end, we had our home study just about finished, 
but Emma and Autumn’s fingerprints came back unable to read
 because they were smudged. 
 {They must have clearances since they both live 
at home and are 18 or older.}
Autumn graciously ran with Emma to get the new prints done between shifts her first day back to work a few days ago.  
We are praying that these prints will be readable. 
As soon as the prints are cleared, then our home study will be submitted to USCIS {Immigration}…and we will begin appealing to get a medical emergency to bring Ruby Grace home.  
Thank you so much to all who have been praying,
please join us in continuing to pray that Ruby’s 
weight gain would be significant and 
her head would continue to heal and shrink
and the necessary paperwork would 
come together to get our girls home!!

22 thoughts on “Ruby Grace

  1. I have recently thought a lot about your sweet Ruby Grace and had the feeling that she is going to have a miracle cure.

    I know that must sound so strange but it's been a rather overwhelming feeling to keep her on my heart and in prayer for y'all.

    Will you be able to bring Sarah Jane home at the same time as Ruby Grace?

  2. Thank you for the update on Ruby Grace. Glad to hear she has gained weight and praying for more weight so she can have the surgery. And, or course, quick approval on the paperwork so she can come home to you.

  3. Dearest Linny – thank you for the update on your precious Ruby Grace. Precious little baby girl. When I am praying for Karl, I always include little Ruby Grace. I'm so thankful she has gained some weight, and that there are signs of shrinkage in her little head. My prayer is that you will get to bring her home very soon. I have not been able to stop crying this morning……….as I have been praying for you. Your family has so much going on, and are pulled in so many directions, serious issues. My prayers will not stop. My Love to you xoxoxo

  4. I'm still praying each and every day for healing of both Karl and Ruby Grace. Thank you for updating us all on Ruby's condition. I am so glad to hear how everyone's prayers are manifesitng in her life!

  5. Was that extra "s" intentional? Are you trying to tell us that there is ANOTHER girl coming home? Divine appointment? Hmmmm….

    "…come together to get our girls home!!"

  6. My 6 year old came through the room as I was reading this post and she was simply fascinated with little Ruby Grace and your family. I was reading her a little about Ruby and she looked up at me and asked, "Mama, God put love in my heart for Ruby so that I can pray for her. Can we do that right now?" We'll be praying and watching for the rest of Ruby's story!

  7. awesome!

    i'm praying! and i'm dreaming of going to visit her when i'm there….loving her & whispering all about how much you all love her and are coming soon. maybe i can?!?!

  8. I love that we "met" you online while praying for God to bring Elizabeth and Elijah home. And now we've met, and we're praying for Ruby Grace and Sarah Jane to be brought home too.

    Thanking Jesus for Ruby's weight gain! Knowing He can do miracles and is working in her tiny little body. God is good.

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