Girls Win {ummm, well of course they did}

Always good to have a little friendly competition. 
You know that song, “Girls just gotta’ have fun?”
When we had to spend the night in a hotel on the trip, 
we always do two rooms: 
 daddy and the boys in one;  
the girls and I in the other.
{Liberty and I in a queen bed with Elizabeth in the middle}
{Emma and Savannah in a bed with Jubilee in the middle}
Now I have to tell ya’….Dw is very 
{shall we say}
 time conscientious.  
I, on the other hand, enjoy the journey 
{or at least that’s my theory}.  
Fessing up right here and now:  It does seem to take me longer than anyone else to get out the door.
{There have got to be some ‘moms of many’ who can relate.}
So Dw and Graham are always thinking that I am never 
going to be ready at a given time.
I try.
I really, really, really, really do.
No doubt, if our bodies have internal buttons that are eternally set for slow, medium and high speed, absolutely, positively my medium and high speed internal buttons broke a 
long, long, long time ago
{if they ever worked to begin with}.
There’s really only one thing I do fast.  
And that’s fall asleep.
I used to tell Dw when we were first married, “If you need to tell me something important, make sure my head has not hit the piillow, cause I’m toast after that.”
He soon found out I was kidding.
Set me in a chair for too long and I’m out.
Set me on a floor in a public place? Even there. I have been known to fall asleep sitting straight up on a concrete floor – sit too long in any given spot and I’m out.
Anyway, on this trip, as the boys headed to their room the other night in Manning, California, and we headed to ours, Dw said, “Okay, I want to get an early start, so we can get to relaxing right away.  What time do you want to leave?”
I said, “Just name the time and we will be ready.”
He said, “How ’bout 8am?  We’ll go down to eat at 7:30am”
I grinned, “We’ll be ready.”
I’m sure he was thinking….”uh-huh, whatever.”
But the girls and I decided to have a little fun.
{oh yes we did}
I got up at 4:30am to have my Bible study and get ready. The girls sprung into action by 6:30am…
And we were out of the hotel room at 7:20am where we quickly packed the car with our stuff.  
And at 7:40 am there still was not a sign of those boys stirring in Room 113 {evidenced with proof from the morning news show that was on. – see picture below}
And somewhere around 8:10 those boys moseyed in to the front office.
And there we were doing a very loud and dramatic happy dance…
Oh yes, we won!  Yes, indeed, we won!
{yeah, I do realize that we never said there was a competition, 
but so what?  We still won!}  
And as far as I can remember…
like in the Olympics and stuff…
the last competition is the one that matters….
so until another trip is necessitated, 
this is the official declaration:
Hereby, it is understood by the people who should hear of this great competition, that for the sole purpose of life in general and personally speaking, let the record state:
The girls won!
Hereby making us the grand champions 
of all the Saunders competitions.
Really, we feel just elated awful that we forgot to inform the boys that there was a competition.  
Our deepest condolences boys.  

8 thoughts on “Girls Win {ummm, well of course they did}

  1. I love this! My best friend and I love to get in silly little competitions all the time, from who can bead a necklace faster to who wins in a game. The fun part is we don't even tell each other half the time. we just notice the other one further along in a project or something and the race is on! Makes for some fun memories.

  2. You're hillarious. I can so see all of you girls giggling while racing around your hotel room getting ready to leave and beat the boys.
    Btw- we were at Ikea today eating ice cream cones and thinking of you. Miss you guys!

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