Movin’ On Up…

Late yesterday Miss Ruby Grace graduated out of PICU.
Being in a regular room {and it is soooo quiet} is such a blessing. 
Yesterday we were allowed to slowly raise the head of the bed to a teeny bit of an elevated position.
Before long her heart rate became tachycardic, her head started to sweat and she started to cry.
There is still enough air in her brain that it appears we will have to take the movement to a sitting position very slow.
Ruby’s wonderful neurosurgeon left for a well-deserved family vacation.  At one point he had threatened to take Miss Ruby along with him.  Our little miracle has certainly moved many hearts along the way in her journey.
Our precious baby girl, we are so thankful for you. 
So we are here.
Rejoicing we are out of Intensive Care.
Snuggling together.
Tucked in.
Taking it slow. 
Really s.l.o.w.
Praying for continued healing.
Thankful for each of you joining in lifting 
up Miss Ruby before the throne of grace.   

23 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up…

  1. Sweet baby girl. I am definitely adding her being out of PICU as something I am majorly thankful for. Prayers for her every so slow movement towards sitting. 🙂

  2. I'm so very thankful to hear this news! I just love your little Ruby Grace with all my heart! Her little life has made such a huge impact on so many already! XO

  3. Just wanted you to know that I somehow "stumbled" upon your blog several months ago and have read and prayed along with you throughout your many HUGE and difficult events over this time. However, as difficult as I am sure it has been for you to be the family actually LIVING through all of it, you have handled it all with grace and such unwavering faith. You have blessed me to no end. I cried like crazy when you finally got Ruby HOME, and now tear up whenever I see her adorable picture. I pray that you all have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving–even if you have to still be in a hospital! I pray that loving friends and family will surround you with support and care. I will remember to lift you up here in Central Oregon!
    In Jesus,

  4. That is so wonderful. She is getting there. So much to be thankful for. Ruby Grace is such an inspiration and hopefully will know how many lives she has touched one day.

  5. Continuing to lift your precious daughter and all of you to our Lord often throughout the day and when we awaken during the night.

    Hugs from our family to yours,
    janet, kevin, ted,sophia, philip, and elijah

  6. Wonderful news! Rejoicing with you, and getting very excited to meet you in a few weeks! Happy Thanksgiving – even though you are spending it in the hospital, and I very thankful Miss Ruby is improving.

  7. So thankful that Ruby has moved out of PICU, just in time for Thanksgiving! Praying for you all to have a peaceful, restful day, and continuing to ask God for Ruby's complete healing. Much love to you all, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Praising the Lord that Ruby Grace is out of PICU and doing a bit better in a quieter place. I thought of her today when I saw some dear little black children in the store where I work. It just reminded me to pray for her! AW! Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Yeah! Praise God! Every step of improvement is a celebration. We will keep praying and rejoicing with you.
    We love each of you. Kissing Ruby and letting her grip my finger yesterday is imprinted on my mind forever. Thank you.

  10. So thankful for the sweet steps forward…oh Happy Thanksgiving to you and your whole family…so grateful for you! May your Thanksgiving be filled with healing miracles, sweet moments and rest!!
    <3 Continuing to pray <3

  11. Go Ruby!

    You are one of two families I am aware of who rescued a small treasure and are now in the hospital this holiday leading the fight to save them…though both your families are separated from many of your loved ones on this day of thanks, so many people around the world are thinking and praying the day comes soon when these children will finally finish the journey to their new homes. Prayers for peace this holiday…and that He comforts you and gives you endurance and strength while you spend this holiday not at home with the remainder of your family, but in a hospital continuing this fight. Prayers of thanks to Him for sending families who have said "yes" to this battle to save His children.

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