His Voice

These last couple of days I have been troubled by a few things.  I know many of you know how that is.  Stuff just doesn’t turn out like you thought it would or something that you have no control over is just heavy on your heart.
As I mentioned a few days ago, Dw has gone to Colorado to work on the house to prepare for selling it.  Graham and Liberty went with him.  
So this morning I was getting the kids into the car for church taking trips back and forth.  I said out loud to the Lord as I walked back to the house to lock the door, 
“I need to hear from you.  Please Lord! 
You know ____ is on my heart.”   
My eyes welled with tears.  
I locked the door, ran back to the car and climbed in.
We found a church home here in Phoenix.  We love it!  It is quite a drive from our home – but it is so awesome –
 it is totally worth the drive!!  

  The pastor is a man of deep conviction.  
He has a heart for the lost and he has a heart for people who are hurting.   They even have a special needs ministry and a special needs worship team!!  {How cool is that?}   In fact the motto of the church is:  The church with a heart.
The senior pastor reminds me of Dw.  He’s tender-hearted, sincere and gentle-spirited.  We have talked to him a few times and just love him!
Anyway, this morning, Emma put the littles all in their classes.  I went to the sanctuary with Ruby to get seats for Emmy, Ruby and I.    
And guess what happened?  
As the lights went out and the worship started the very first song they started with was exactly {and I mean e.x.a.c.t.l.y.} what I was praying out loud to the Lord about this morning as I locked the door. 
I couldn’t believe it 
{I know, I know, Why-oh-why should I have been surprised?}!!
I worshipped with hands lifted, heart engaged and tears in my eyes – faithful God speaking through the very first worship song with exactly the words I needed to hear.  
If you didn’t attend a local church this morning, oh dear friend, don’t stay away from church!  I would have missed out on something Almighty God needed to tell me {and I needed to hear!} if I had stayed away.
 God speaks in many ways and through many things, but He uses the local body of Christ often: through the worship, through the service, through the body, through the pastor’s message {which this morning at our church was fantastic – as always!}.
If you are wondering about how exactly to hear God speak, 
there is a series I did on the side bar under “Special Posts”.  
Lastly, tomorrow, please let’s do a Memorial Box Monday!  Get your stories ready!  And I think it’s time for a little Memorial Box giveaway as well….so stay tuned!  

9 thoughts on “His Voice

  1. Thank you Lord for blessing sweet Linny with just what she needed to hear today! What a loving God we serve! Sending hugs your way Linny dear….lots of hugs and LOTS of prayers.

  2. Glad you were blessed this morning in church. We sometimes hear a song in church that was on the radio when we woke up or on way to church so it's good to sing it in church. Thanks for the photos of church buildings. Interesting and so happy you've found a church home where you feel welcome. Hugs!

  3. I wasn't feeling well this morning, so I stayed home and tuned the TV in to a local church that broadcasts their service. The sermon spoke directly to me and what was on my heart. Love how God does that!

  4. As you said, we shouldn't be surprised, but…I had a very long night and the idea of packing up the group to get to church this morning seemed overwhelming as I was feeding the baby (again) in the middle of the night. I was tired and overwhelmed by the amount I had to get done and thought that if I skipped church, I just might make it. I also wasn't looking forward to attending the Spanish ministry (again) since I don't speak Spanish. (I go because our newest, soon to be adopted daughter, speaks Spanish and it is important to her.) Thankfully, that was just what I knew the enemy would want and so I got up, got the group up, and we went. God blessed me so much for going. I am actually beginning to understand more and more Spanish and I loved the Spanish congregation. They are so loving and welcoming and my daughter was truly blessed. Thanks for sharing! I love that God reconfirms HIS voice through other believers and I know that your post today was that confirmation for me! I knew HE wanted me there! I am so blessed for going!

  5. I can't tell you how often this very thing has happened in my life. You are absolutely right. We must stay connected with the body of Christ and not forsake the gathering together.

    I love this…

  6. "grace in the face of rejection"

    that's the word that's been on my mind for a while now… it's not something I can do a MBM on, as the rejection may be temporary. I don't know, it's hard to say. I'm sorry I can't explain more here on comment, but it seems sometimes the Lord does have definite plans and shows them to us, but ultimately, if it involves the other person, it is always up to the other person to do the right thing… to go with what He has shown, and if the other person does not, then the door, previously the Lord shown as open, is now closed, but good things and beautiful things always happen afterwards… beauty out of ashes, joy out of sorrow, it is His way of redeeming.

    God loves all, and gives all a chance, and it is ultimately up to each one of us to embrace what is good and right.

    Just on the top my mind and there's probably flaws in my thinking 🙂

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