Update on Big Dave….

I am so thankful for so many of you adding to the prayers of so many others for Big Dave.
His wife, Nicolle, has set up a CaringBridge site for him, 
where we can all find updates regularly.  Click on Dave’s name to enter his page on the CaringBridge site – Dave Bompart.
If you are not a member of CaringBridge, it’s free and super easy.
Today Nicolle was interviewed {along with his surgeons} 
by a TV station in Miami.
This is the link to the TV interview. 
His situation is ‘critical’.  Please continue to pray with us for complete healing.  You guys were amazing with Karl’s accident and what a joy to see all that God has done!  

7 thoughts on “Update on Big Dave….

  1. Linny,
    Maybe others have thought about this, but could we pray that somehow this incident will bring about repentance on the parts of the men who shot Big Dave and also for their conversion. Just feel this is what God would have me do and maybe others.

  2. Just got on here for the first time and saw this very sad news. It just makes me so sad to know that someone who is trying to do such good things is now laying in a hospital bed fighting for his life. We will be praying for Dave and his wife.

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