And The Winner Is…

Yesterday I mentioned that there was 
a little special lovin’ 
comin’ your way….
Yes indeed. 
 Been working on a little surprise…
I don’t have just one Memorial Box to give away.
I don’t just have two Memorial Boxes
 to give away.
I have THREE….
Count them…
I am really stinkin’ tickled!
The grand prize winner will have first pick of the box they would like.
Second place will have second pick…
Third place will get the remaining box…
So let’s start with announcing 
the third place winner….
{You do realize I could be a stinkhead and announce them one post at a time, right?}


*Drum Roll Please*

Second Place winner:

{whose favorite colors are orange and white}

First Place winner:

{say it fast and it kind of rhymes!}
[and whose favorite color also is orange,
tell me, what in the world is up with orange tonight?]

The grand prize winner:

{whose favorite color happens to be pink!}
Congratulations ladies!
I am so thrilled to know that you will each be working on filling your Memorial Boxes…so that your children and your children’s children and your children’s children’s children will be reminded of the faithfulness of Almighty God!

9 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Congratulations ladies!! I so love S tephanies response:) Thanks Linny for hosting this fantastically fun and very suspenseful giveaway!! It was a blast!

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