If It Wasn’t….

If it wasn’t for the empty tomb…

I was thinking about the empty tomb as we’ve been leading up to Easter….

And I was thinking about my own life and how the empty tomb has affected it…and how I need to write about the difference it has made for me personally…..

and I was also thinking how because of the empty tomb our Ruby is here today.  If it was not for the preservation and healing power of Jesus Christ, she would not be the joy of our family!

And then as Dw was driving us to church this morning, I glanced back to the far back seat and saw Jubilee riding along.  She looked at me.  I puckered her a kiss.  She gestured one back.
My eyes welled with tears as this picture flashed into my mind….

Then I realized that if it wasn’t for the empty tomb, our treasured Jubilee wouldn’t be here with us….He is the God who places the lonely in families, because His heart is for the orphan.

And then I looked at my sweet Elizabeth, her infectious giggle and unending smile fills our home each day.  And I was thinking how if it wasn’t for the empty tomb, she would be in a big orphanage in Uganda, never to know the love of our family….

Elizabeth up in the middle of the night in the bathroom days after
coming home and days before our log home burned down.

Then I was thinking about Isaiah and how the Chin*se Government said “NO” and yet, because of the power of the empty tomb, the entire Chin*se Government changed their mind and now our handsome hunka hunka boy is home forever….

The empty tomb!

The victory of the painful cross.

The saving power of Jesus Christ.

Thankful over and over and over for the power of the cross, the empty tomb and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

A very blessed Easter from our home to yours….

16 thoughts on “If It Wasn’t….

  1. I love Elizabeth and Jubilee's twin dresses, so beautiful!!! and I love Ruby's little dress 🙂 You have a beautiful family, Linny.

    I don't celebrate Easter because of its pagan history (Easter's history and dates are explained in Vine's Expository Dictionary, how from ancient times, the pagans worship Easter (Ishtar), the goddess of fertility and eggs). Paul in 1 Cor 10:14 to 23 says we just simply can't share the Lord's table with idolatry of the Gentiles, so it is clearly an admonition to keep it separate… so I don't celebrate Easter with its Easter dates… I just celebrate Passover since it is Jesus eating the Passover and Him saying to remember Him on this event, breaking bread (body) and drinking… (1Cor 11:24 And when he had given thanks, he brake it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.)
    and the actual resurrection three days and three nights after the Passover.

    I hope it is alright for me to share in here. To be honest, I am perplexed why some Christians do know about the Easter pagan history and yet shoulder it off and still celebrate Jesus' death and resurrection on Easter's dates (symbolised with eggs and fertility/rabbits) even in light of the Lord's continual punishments of His children to stop incorporating idols/idolatry with worship of Him.

    Hope it's ok for me to share. Praising Him for His resurrection 🙂

  2. So true! Our God is amazing!! I just heard about your blog and LOVE it. I hope to one day be in the position to adopt like you do (I'm a single mom…) You are very inspiring and encouraging with your posts. I'll have to lurk some more! 🙂 Kelsi@ Balancingthebucket.blogspot.com

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