Walkin’ Thru Our Neighborhood

The other morning Ruby, Elijah and I were able to take an early morning walk.
Although I have long dreamed of living in Phoenix, we have not been here enough,
 nor had I looked around enough to notice that the desert
 is full of stunning flowers!
Elijah and I took a few pictures for those who have not had 
the pleasure of spending any time in the Arizona desert 
that we  have come to love so much!

I am totally lovin’ orange this year….seriously, could it get any more splendid?
All those prickles surrounding such beauty!!

I think this house is absolutely beautiful.  I, personally, love, love, love homes with courtyards…and check out how that spectacular plant graces this courtyard entrance so well….

Elijah and I think this looks like a green bean tree.

Elijah thought this cactus should be called “the wrinkly one”…

And I have been dumbfounded by the way the saguaro cactus is blooming on top.
We as a family think it looks like a wedding bouquet on top – it’s so pretty!

God’s attention to detail is so magnificent!  Such a reminder that if He cares so much for these desert flowers, He surely cares for each of us!

My walking buddy needed a little rest.  
So grateful for the splendor of flowers.
No doubt, God loves us so much to make each part of the country enjoy the pleasure of such natural beauty.  Each one of us with eyes, are so blessed to see the color, the shape, the intricacies…
and may we with eyes, share the beauty with those without….

13 thoughts on “Walkin’ Thru Our Neighborhood

  1. Is it my imagination, or has he grown a foot?! Maybe it's because none of the other kids are standing around him for perspective, but he looks like he's shot up there…:)

  2. I loved this post! I am such a Michigan gal that the thought of moving anywhere HOT makes me break into sweats. Yet, I love seeing the pictures of the beauty of the SW!

    As for orange…I recently had a pedicure and picked ORANGE! Completely UNLIKE me and that's exactly why I did it! Now, its one of my favorite summer colors!

    Its going to be 86* here the next few days and you will find me hiding in the house (in the central air) until the temps go down in the evening! We are traveling to China in July or August and the average temps are 90*. My two babies in China are so worth even that hot! (Please don't tell me how hot it gets where your at…it'll make me feel like SUCH a whiny heine)

  3. it's funny, today during my sabbath walk, I was walking through the park and I was beholding the trees, thanking the Lord for eyes that I can take in the beauty of His creation :)

    yes, we are sooooo blessed to be able to take in the beautiful colours and creation that He designed, awesome!!!!!! :)

    I just *love* sabbath, it is His invitation for us to acknowledge Him, our Creator, after He created everything in 6 days, the heavens, earth, animals, people… He rested, and I eagerly join Him on His anniversary every Sabbath to proclaim that He is Creator! and behold all the stunning thing He has made, and we get blessed too, resting, as He rested :)

  4. Oh how I loved these photos…I love NC but oh how I miss AZ..part of my heart is still there…loved every single kind of flower, all the different reds. you all HAVE to take a trip to Sedona WOW Gods beaty is so magnificent there you will be blown away.

  5. We lived in Tucson about 12 years ago. I remember first getting there and not really liking the southwest landscape, as it was completely different from any other we had experienced. I quickly began to love it!! Seeing your pictures sure made me miss it. Now we are in northern VA and I sure do love my 20 or so huge trees in my backyard.

    I want to thank you for your amazingly inspiring posts. I really look forward to reading them.


  6. What fun to see these~Joel and I both love flowers and it was great to see the cacti again :) The first one is stunning. Thanks for sharing your walk with us readers.

  7. Since Mike and I both grew up in WA, surrounded by trees and water (in an area my californian SIL refers to as The Enchanted Forest), we have wondered on several occassions what it would be like to be a child here. We were mostly focused on all the experiences that desert dwelling kids miss out on (like snow, beaches, tree forts, etc), but then we were in the grocery store one day and saw a little girl in a stroller, sucking on a cactus fruit that she had picked during her family's walk – and we realized (that we never got to suck on cactus fruit as kids… but also) that life here is full of wonderful plants, animals, and experiences that are unique to the desert. This is such a diverse and intriguing world we've been given!

  8. I was bummed to find out that NM didn't have the pretty flowers and cactus that AZ had.We lived in NM for 10 years. Drove through AZ to get there. Sigh! Oh well, we had the Organ Mtn beauty. Better when there was snow on the peaks in the winter. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Phoenix. Hugs!

  9. All those desert flowers making me miss AZ! Against the desert backdrop the colors burst even brighter, I think.

    We used to eat at a wonderful hole-in-the wall Chinese restaurant on McDowell Ave & 12th St or so called The Gourmet House of Hong Kong. Their red snapper chow fun was to die for! :)

  10. Note that the Saguaro cactus flower is the AZ state flower! And the cactus wren, which makes its nest in the saguaro, is the AZ state bird. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  11. Such amazing flowers! We live in China and just today I took a picture of that same flower-the pink one that has a white flower in the middle. The pink part looks like tissue paper. But I don't know the name! I wanted to tell my parents that they should try and plant one in their Texas garden. Do you know the name of it?

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