Over At Our Home…

I think that sometimes people can look at some one else and say, “They always get everything they want.”  And just in case you ever thought that about us, herein lies a story that proves that theory wrong {like many of our stories have already done, but just in case you forgot}.

Remember a few months ago I had a true blast having you guys guess what I had done while Dw was in Durango packing up the last of the house stuff?

The next day my joyous story tumbled out that I had put an offer in on a most splendiferous home – all by myself!   It was such a stinkin’ amazing place -we were smitten and I could picture all kinds of stuff there – it was perfect beyond perfect!  And we dreamed of wonderful family memories there over the years to come.

Well we have been waiting for that home’s short sale to go to the bank for approval.  The process is supposed to take 4-6 months.  And the bank is under no obligation to take our offer.  They could deny it.

And this most wonderful home was almost right around the corner from our rental.

So when Dw was in Africa we have had some therapists look into our Ruby-girl’s situation.  And lo and behold we started to hear a familiar ‘song’.  “No one likes coming out to this area where you live.”

I was dumbfounded the first time we heard it.  Then again.  And again.  And again.  Other moms of special treasures confirmed what the therapist’s supervisors were telling us.  We knew of another mom who was selling her home and moving further into Phoenix proper.   I told Dw all this when he was in Africa.

To make a long story, really short, after much prayer, we had to regretfully back out of the deal on the house we love, love, loved.  All for Princess Ruby Grace.   I can’t think too much about it, cause it feels not-so-fun in my soul.

The homeowners were so gracious about it.   Actually it really worked out better for them, since our offer was not as high as another and the higher offer waited in a back-up position.  

But that left us wondering where to live and what to do.  Upon Dw’s arrival home, we started looking. We found a home that we all liked.   Our realtor pushed and we were able to close in 9 days.  That has to be the record of the century.  And we didn’t know for certain that the deal would go until 4 days before it closed.  So that was a lot of mighty fast packing for our not-so-small tribe.  {And no, we have never had the privilege of anyone packing and moving us.}

It happened so fast that I didn’t even get to call anyone to ask for help.

Thankfully, a friend texted me a random ‘wanna go for coffee?’ kind of text and I told her we were moving and she and her husband came and lent their hands to make our load a bit lighter.  {Thank you Eve & Mike – you guys are the best!}

Another friend heard from her son texting with Graham and they came and brought food and helped immensely {thank you Dane, Laura, Sam and Luke}.

And a friend from church brought their whole family to help {thank you Joanna, Dathan and gang}.

All came with no real notice.  Just spur of the moment.

It’s a ranch which will accommodate Ruby’s wheelchair nicely.  It has a pool.  It’s considerably smaller than the house in Durango and it’s in the city of Phoenix as opposed to the suburbs areas.  All for the most precious little miracle treasure in the world…

I knew you guys would be itching to see it,  so here’s the front door at the moment:

{borrowed boxes are always the best}

And here’s our bathroom:

And then there’s the living room:
and the hallway to the kids rooms:
and two very important words throughout the move….

And inside this box would be some of the funnest things ever…
but more on that another day…

For now, it’s back to unpacking and trying to find the doggone pots and pans.

Cause we have rummaged through almost every.single.box and they are absolutely no where.  It’s not like the box isn’t big and it’s not like it isn’t heavy….so where exactly did the box of pots and pans go?

We pray we figure that out soon….

18 thoughts on “Over At Our Home…

  1. Oh, Linny, your family is a true example of unconditional love. I know the blessings you will receive for "sacrificing" your wants to Ruby's needs – and you will be blessed for it, even if it is just in her love for her family. Good luck finding the pots and pans!

  2. I'm not sure about pots and pans, but I know where I set the boxes of dishes… boxes and boxes and boxes of dishes (whew, that's a big family you've got there). 😉

    Welcome HOME!!!

  3. Wishing you the very best in your new home! Know it will all work together for good…oh it already has~~~~ and you are now in your new place amidst the boxes…boy do I remember those days!! We had someone move us 1 time when I was really sick…1 time and we lost a couple of very important items and could find nothing…still finding stuff….it much easier to pack and move ourselves it seems….Hang in there you will find your pans before you know it…

  4. so glad you got those last minute, spur of the moment helpers. precious friends!

    wish i could come help you unpack and find your pots and pans!

  5. I was a wondering if any of the ones you checked out were going to work for you!!! Surprised but glad to hear you are moved into your new permanent home!!!

  6. I usually hate moving, something always vanishes. The last time we moved both of my blenders went missing, never to be found. We are in the middle of moving right now and when we didn't get the first house I thought was perfect for us, I was so disappointed(I admit,I pouted and sulked some) because I had prayed and was sure God meant to give us that house. Then a truly amazing house that we thought we couldn't afford came back on the market and a number of amazing "God only" things happened and now we are moving into the house of my dreams. "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord… Jeremiah 29:11

  7. So sorry the home you love loved did not work out! I am thankful that you learned about the therapist issue BEFORE purchase!! I am confident that God has amazing plans for you and your clan in this new home, neighborhood, and city for that matter. I look forward to seeing HIS plan unfold through blog posts!

    Much Love!!

  8. Oh, my sympathies are with you! We have been in for a month now and there are towers of boxes still in the garage. I still havent found the coffee pot.

  9. Good Luck with your new home and finding the pots. We never know how things are supposed to work out. Where we are it is hard to find therapists and we don't have to do the work at home. Hope this is a location they will be happier to travel to. Happy 4th to all of you and thinking of Autumn and Karl in their preparations.

  10. Congratulations on your new home! Looking forward to hearing more of the story.

    God bless you for once again giving it all for your little treasure!!

  11. Hope you find your pots & pans soon. Congrats on your new house; sorry about the circumstances (the other house…) I hope you love this one. Wondered why we hadn't heard much from you in a while. 🙂

  12. Oh Linny. I'm sorry that you had to back out of the other house but isn't it funny how life works out?! I'm so thankful that you found a house so easily and in the right area for Ruby. Wherever your family is together is the perfect home. I wish I could come and help you find those darn pots and pans! XO

  13. Oh, I am so sorry, Linny. I know how much you wanted a house that was a home instantly. And how you all loved the other house. I cannot say in words how much I honor you for making the best decision for your child. Your sacrificial love is humbling. I hope you all are settled and love the new house dearly very soon.

  14. Wow! I love what you've done with the place. ; ) Praying that the unpacking and settling in is going well. Can't wait to see it the next time we are down there.

  15. So that is what you have been up to! What you have done for precious treasure Ruby Grace is such a testimony of love for the orphan, and for your child! Janet

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