Gettin’ Ready

Yesterday was such a wonderfully fun day.
The kind you just hate to see end.
But today, promises to be the best yet!
I kept starting to cry yesterday when I would have a flash of Autumn’s hysterical phone call, the medflight chopper landing as Emma and I pulled in to the hospital parking lot…Autumn’s crumpled form sobbing as we waited for Karl to be brought off the helicopter…the color of Karl’s skin as they wheeled his unconscious body past us…the days in the coma…the ICU waiting room…
and here he was:
whole, smiling, talking, laughing, hugging….
see for yourself….
so handsome…
so alive….
so in love….
The miracle groom
{All praise, honor and glory go to Jesus Christ, the healer}
Abigail and Autumn
making the flower arrangements

getting the reception hall ready

pulling petals from the wild flowers for the aisle
{Karl’s brother Ryan – best man
Emma – maid of honor}
Three Handsome Ring Bearers
{Autumn had shirts made for them for the rehearsal}

Three gorgeous little flower girls

Now on to the REAL THING

28 thoughts on “Gettin’ Ready

  1. Praise the Lord! Can't wait to see pictures from the "real thing." Praying that it is a day of celebration, love, and joy. Blessing to you!


  2. all these pictures bring happy, joyful tears to my eyes! :,) how great our God is!!! i was just praying that God would bless this day for karl and autumn and that it will just be the most perfect day ever for them and both your families. did you remember water proof mascara?? 😉

  3. Wahoo!!! Linny, we are praising God with you that this day is finally here… Amazing how our God works… Can't wait to hear all about it… Thanks for the sweet pics of the rehearsal… My heart is filled with joy for Autumn and Karl! HE IS SO SO GOOD AND FAITHFUL!!

  4. Aww, so sweet! I’m looking forward to seeing ‘the real thing’.

    And, I’ll have to say, the ‘Bless your heart, but this place of ours is simply not for you’ on your comments moderation, made me smile.=)

  5. LOVE the pictures!!! How fun is that! We are praying for a wonderful, sweet, precious, memorable wedding!

    Seeing the wonderful pictures of Karl up and well and practicing for his wedding day makes me think that the same people who begged God for a miracle for Karl could also be praying for a miracle for this little Selah that you posted about a few days ago, the little one who nearly drowned in the canal. By God's mercy, she who was "not expected to live" is still alive!!! But her mother writes on her blog that the doctors say they need to see improvements **SOON**, that the longer the delay on the improvements, the less likely the chance this little girl has of returning to who she was before. That comment made me think of similar comments that you made about Karl in the early days after his accident last year. Things were desperate, but God worked in every detail, and the needed improvements came! Could your readers and Knee Team jump in on this?

  6. Crying as I see the pictures! God is so very good! I am pausing to pray at 3 today! I will be sending tthe prayer cross that hung in Christs Kitchen In Montrose COlorado. It says Karl healing.And Jesus did that AND more! YIPPEE JESUS! Janet

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