“You’re the One I’ve Been Looking For”

When walking through difficult seasons, it seems that often the Lord sends worship music to minister to my soul.

Graham has had the opportunity to play with Frontline Worship Band…and the lead singer {Nina} wrote a worship song which has become my personal favorite.   I play it over and over and over and over…

Here are the lyrics:

“I Call You Jesus”
by Nina Poole & Frontline Worship

I will be the one who worships all of my attention
I wanna be the one You’re looking for
If You’re looking for someone to love You
Know my heart is with You
I wanna be the one You’re looking for

When we’re finally face to face
All I wanna hear You say
is I’ve been the one You’re looking for

‘Cause I Call You Jesus
You’re every answer
There’s no confusion about who You are to me
And I lift my hands to tell what my heart says
A Love that goes deeper
Not a word can explain


This song puts into words my heart’s cry:

I want to be the one He’s looking for.

Isn’t that what we are here on Earth for?  To worship Him with our lives.  Our attention.  Our entire being.  Our days.  Our time.  Our resources.  All of it devoted to Him and Him alone.

The lyrics and the music to this song are so powerful that almost every time I listen to it, I weep.  Weep.  Truly weep.

There is something about the thought of standing before the King of Kings someday and having Him say, “You’re the one I’ve been looking for.”

Can you seriously imagine?

After listening to this song my heart envisions entering heaven and seeing my King face to face and He stares at me in the eye and says, “You’re the one I’ve been looking for!”  My eyes well with tears, sweet friend, can you imagine?

Scripture tells us that He is looking for those who are earnestly seeking Him {Hebrews 11:6}.  We cannot half-heartedly seek.   He must have our full devotion.  Casual will not do.  Half-hearted is not enough.   Almost all is still not enough.

We must be pursuing Him with a tenacity that requires our full attention.   When we are seeking Him, and Him alone, we are willing to do what would have once seemed impossible.

So what does “seeking” Him mean?  Seeking Him is encompassed in worshipful obedience.

Whatever He asks. 

No matter what. 

And when we decide to obey, He willingly gives us the grace, the strength, the courage and the commitment.

Ultimately it’s really only about Him.

The authentic version is on iTunes, “I Call You Jesus” by Frontline Worship linked here.   If you are an iTunes shopper, I urge you to listen to it.  It is seriously, my most favorite worship song of all time.

God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible –
what a pity that we plan only the things we can do by ourselves.
 ~ AW Tozer

6 thoughts on ““You’re the One I’ve Been Looking For”

  1. HI Linny, I am so feeling lately that God wants us to so obediently obey him and he will give us the courage, strength and sustain us to get through whatever he places us in. I love the phrase "God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called". We were called one month ago for 2 dear sweet Asian girls that got placed in DCFS care due to neglect from a parent. They know and love the Lord and this makes 7 children for us. Is is always easy, NOPE. Does God sustain me, YeP!! We are all his chosen children and if we obey we will live in his will and be so blessed.

  2. Amen! Thanks for sharing. My thoughts as well!
    A dear sister in Christ, in our church, is suffering physically, since she donated a kidney to a co-worker or friend. Can't remember. Shawn gave up what she felt God wanted her to. She truly gave much. Her husband, Gary, shared this in church today. It goes right along with your post. WOW! I'm sure she'd appreciate your prayers for healing. I'd loved to share the words of the song with her, if I'm allowed. Hugs to you!

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