Virtual Surprise Party!

Today is a very special day in our family.
It’s a day that only comes once a year.
What day is it you might ask?
It’s our Mommy’s birthday!
A few days ago I got to thinking and I  decided US Bloggy-friend’s
 had to do something out of the ordinary.
Even if it involves staying up to midnight so I could hack my Mom’s computer.
So here I sit in the middle of the night.
{Mom is snug in bed!}
So that tomorrow morning she will load her blog to discover that her blog
has in fact been hacked.
Since there are so many blog friends out there I figured a post was the best way to invite you all to our very own:
Virtual Surprise Party
I wish I could have you all here we’d hide in the bushes
 and give my Mom quite a scare.
Man oh man that’d make a great blog post:}
We’d throw a surprise party that would be sure to be a hit.
But since we all come from both near and far
to join together here @ APlaceCalledSimplicity…
It just wouldn’t be possible.
Instead I got to thinking,
What if  the blog world came together and we threw a
Virtual Surprise Party!
One where we come together,
In honor of my Mommy Linny
In order to do this I need all of your participation.
Dear Bloggy-friends and lurkers,
it’s time to come out and
give a great big birthday shout out to my Mommy and your friend!

I love you Mommy.

Happy birthday to the best Mom a girl could ever ask for!
I hope this post brings you lots of Joy! Your blog friends love you and I do too!
xoxo -Em

Please take time to join in the celebration and

don’t forget your party hats!

Happy Birthday Mom your the best Mom ever!
I love you,
Love Liberty
Happy Birthday Mom!
I am sorry that we are so far away and cant celebrate with a day filled with Starbucks, sugar and shopping,
but we just want you to know that you are loved and we are celebrating from afar. *
As we speak Charlotte is clapping her hands…*
Love you Mimi! We love you
-Tyler, Sarah, and Charlee and the grand pups too
Hey mommy, I just want to say I am sooooo very thankful for you.
You are the best mother anyone could every ask for.
Every time I hear the song “to good to be true” I remember the pictures you would show me
of you holding me dancing around the kitchen singing that to me 🙂
But mom, you are too good to be true. You are more then a mom to me.
You are my best friend and you always will be. I love you mommy.
I hope you have an awesome birthday!
I wish we could be there for your special day!
 I’m just  so thankful we will be there next week 🙂 I love you & happy birthday!
 – Love Autumn and Karl Hujus
A few very special notes all the way from your sons in Africa:
“Happy birthday mother Linny” rejoice rejoice as you grow younger each year and
hope you have a blast as you celebrate your special day!
– Love your son George
Happy Birthday Dear mom,
Distance cannot allow my physical presence on birthday but never the less,
I take it as a special one because someone so special came on earth. Someone whose love is felt without boundaries.
 A hero and a mother to many.
I wish i was there, i would have taken you to Sheraton in America
so you could also have memories forever like you blessed us in Uganda.
You are very special to me; You are rich in love which transforms lives and
your legacy will remain for years and years. I pray that you live to
blow more candles and that God will grant all your wishes on this special day he brought you on earth.
Your son,
Lutaaya Abdul.
Please join our Virtual Surprise Party 
by leaving a sweet note below!

308 thoughts on “Virtual Surprise Party!

  1. Happy birthday Linny! Thank you for inspiring me to live my life abandoned to God's will. He has good plans for me, and I don't need to be afraid of them. You encourage me to live them out. Thank you!

    Have a WONDERFUL birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Linny!

    Your love of the Lord delights me. Your love of your family encourages me. Your heart for the orphan inspires me. What a blessing the world received the day you were born!

  3. Happy Birthday Linny! You are an amazing wife, mommy and friend. You have inspired me for years and now I'm blessed to call you my friend. Hope you are day is filled with extra special blessings! Happy Birthday my virtual twin!
    Love you,

  4. My life is so blessed by your sweet sweet words. Sometimes I am challenged far beyond where I thought I would want to go, and yet I know that you speak the heart of the Father for those with no voice. Today, everyday I pray God's richest blesings. I pray you have the best birthday ever! thanks for letting me stop by and say Loves and Blessings to you!!!

  5. Happy birthday, Linny! You are obviously loved and cherished by your wonderful family. Wishing you many blessings and another super-fun, supernatural, surprise-filled year!

    With love,
    Jim, Cathy and Jordan Hurt

  6. Happy birthday to you!!!!! I pray that you have a terrific day and that you get to rest, have a special treat, and get loved on by all of your sweet family members!! You are a true blessing to those who read your blog. I am honored to know you. Happy Birthday to one special gal!

  7. Happy Birthday, Linny! You played a large part in encouraging me to adopt my beautiful daughter as a single mom. May your day be blessed!


  8. Happy Birthday, Linny! May your day be filled with so much love, laughter and sweet moments with your precious family. May you feel the endless smile from your Heavenly Father…oh how He loves you! Thank you for all you bring to my life and to so many around the world! You are such a constant blessing and a beautiful source of God's encouragement and love. May you feel the deep love being poured out upon you today! All God's blessings to you, dear Linny! <3 cindy
    "Blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill His Promise to her" Luke 1:45

  9. Dear Linny,
    My fingers are crossed in the friend sign, just like sweet baby Ruby! Even though I don't personally know you as friend, you are my friend in Jesus! We are sisters and friends in Christ !
    With much joy, this friend wishes you a much deserved HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINNY!
    God Bless you, Linny

  10. Oh Linny, I am so excited and honored to be a part of your special day! I so wish I could be there in person to give you a great big hug from all your bloggy friends. You are a gift and an inspiration to so many and I am sure many wish just as I do that you could be a close friend and mentor. I have even prayed that God would allow us to meet this side of heaven some day. You and your family are so often on my mind and in my heart and in my prayers as well. In fact, my four year old daughter still reminds me to pray for Ruby. Her and I started praying for Ruby every day while you were bringing her home. You have touched our lives and our hearts and you my dear are changing the world for these treasures. From reading your blog and sharing with my husband and children the seed of adoption has been planted. Thank you for all that you do, all that you give of yourself, and all that you are! Love you-Jen

  11. Happy, happy birthday, Linny, from across the world in Ankara, Turkey! What great kids you've got to do this for you! Just shows how spectacular their mama is. 🙂 Thank you so much for your openness on this blog – it daily blesses my life and inspires me to love Him better.

  12. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady! I have never met you in person. But I love the person that God has made you to be. You taught me that with God anything is possible.I pray that God blesses your special day! Someday I would love to meet you:)

  13. Happy Birthday Linny! The blessing and impact you have been in my life through this blog is something I am so grateful for. I have been reading here @ aplacecalledsimplicty since just before you brought home Elizabeth and Elijah. I don't recall ever posting here before so today is a first but with it being such a special "surprise" event I wanted to take a moment and just say Thank You. May your birthday be filled with blessings;-) You will never know just how helpful it is to hear your truth. The courage and bravery you show on a daily basis to speak truth, seek the lost, love the orphan, disciple the followers and trust Him is astounding. Thank you for what you do and who you are in my life, even though we have never met and prob never will. All my love, Diana (the girl who pretends to be a part of your family instead of having no family at all, thank you for letting me pretend:-))

  14. Happy birthday to a Godly woman! May He bless your new life year, beyond your wildest dreams, may He continue to whisper His precious words to you, may you feel His presence ever near and be granted an overwhelming sense of peace in every sphere. You mean a whole lot to us in blog world and we are grateful to God for allowing us across your cyber path.
    Happy Birthday sweet Linny!!!
    From South Africa, love Carey

  15. Happy birthday, Linny!
    Thank you so much for your blog!
    I check back almost every day looking forward to new insight, stories, and amazing representation (and conviction!) for Him.
    So I hope you have a GREAT GREAT GREAT day.
    Enjoy it! 😀

  16. Oh Linny! Happy Birthday! It is already filled with blessings even as you sleep! For years now, you have encouraged and inspired others to trust in The Lord and to remember His faithfulness. Today I pray YOU will be encouraged and be filled with remembrances of His powerful life-giving,extravagant love for YOU! I pray that He grants you a desire of your heart today just because He can and He loves you so. Your love has knitted hearts together all over the world and today we honor you! May your day be filled with good surprises, much laughter and intimate moments with Abba. Love, Holly McDaneld

  17. Dear Linny-
    Happy Birthday! Your and family have brought me such joy and excitement and truth! And it is all for His glory. I love this place we can all come and know God is first and you speak truth into my life. I pray God gives me a bus load of orphans through my years too.

  18. Happy birthday Linny!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing your life through the blog so that many can be encouraged, challenged, comforted and most of all drawn closer to our Daddy God through your testimony. It is much appreciated from this side of the world! x

  19. Linny, you are such an inspiration to me and have done so much for so many children of the world. I hope you have the best, the sweetest, the fullest, the most magical and wonderful birthday ever! Happy Birthday!

  20. I thank God for you, Linny!! The Lord has used you and your family greatly to encourage us on our international adoption journey. We are so grateful for mommy's like you. I can only imagine how wonderfully full your days are of loving on your family, and yet you take the time to love on all the orphans that are still in need of a family by inspiring and encouraging us to take our steps of faith toward reaching them. Thank you!!!

    Wow, so many lives blessed and touched by yours!! May the Lord continue to strengthen and bless you!

    With love, your AZ/WA sister in Christ,

  21. Oh Linney, though I have met you, you have a special gift of making me feel as ifi know you personally. Happy birthday to you sweet, strong, mighty woman of God. Love Jennifer in Australia

  22. Happy Birthday Linny! You are such a wonderful women that has touched so many lives and continue to do so. I thank God for having your family be a part of our lives even though we are far away. Wish I could have a cup of coffee with you and some cake and run around your house with your kiddos…someday…someday…Praying you have an awesome day and know how much your loved and appreciated. You have touched so many lives!
    Love the Funkhousers

  23. Ooo this is fun, I love a party! I'm really glad to celebrate with you Linny, although I really only lurk here I really feel connected to you and your beautiful family. So sorry I'm too far away to share a nice cup of tea and a chat but it's nearly ten in the morning here in the west of Ireland so I'll be raising my tea cup to you and wishing you Happiness, health and many many more treasures xxxxx Susan

  24. Love the idea Emma <3

    Linny, God has used you in my life in SOOO many ways and one day i pray I'll get to take you for a coffee and share some 🙂 but hey we all get to be in eternity together so we'll have plenty time to catch up under a tree some place lol 😛

    We are sending you all the very best plus huge hugs from Ireland.

    Keep shinning that light bright lady! We love you xxx

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  25. This is the very sweetest gift of a daughter to love her mother so much to "hack" her blog for her mom's special day!

    Happy Birthday Linny! I pray that God would continue to bless you with His favor and grace!

    From mostly a lurker these days but an admirer of you, your family and the faith you daily share! God Bless!

  26. What a great idea Emma!! Linny, I appreciate your blog so much. I mention it to other people regularly because you are a wonderful example of how to live a prayerful life. You've challenged me, and I know that the Lord is using you in the lives of many. May you be blessed abundantly today…may you feel the love of God, the love of those closest to you, and the love of people around the world. Happy Birthday Linny!!

  27. Happy Birthday!! I am a bit of a lurker but have been reading your blog for years…your words of wisdom helped get me through 2 years of waiting for our sweet Korean princess to finally come home. You are an inspiration and world changer!! Have a great year. Blessings, Grace

  28. Dear Linny, wishing you a happy happy Birthday today!
    I'm sure it will be and as soon as you read what your kids say about you…well perfect!!!
    Tears of happyness for you,

    You are a true inspiration to me, i am not an adoptive mom yet, but really pray hard that i will be one day, for now the Lord blesses us with a new baby (our seventh) due in May,
    rules for adoption are different in Germany, but Lord willing that day will come, and untill then you, mom of many, inspire me to live my life for our King, Thank you and may He bless you abundantly today and in the many years to come!
    Virtual birthdayhug from Adriana {{ }}

  29. "Gratulerer med dagen Linny" as we say in Norwegian and a Happy happy Birthday too! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and cuddles from your family.

  30. What a special idea! Thank you, Linny, for reminding daily about God's love for us and His plans in our lives. May His blessings poor down on you this day and always. Happy birthday to you!

  31. Happy Birthday Sweet Friend. I am so blessed to have "stumbled" upon your blog a few years ago. Can't even remember how I got here, but know that God knew I needed to hear what you have to say. I am even more blessed to have you as a friend. Thank you for tirelessly advocating for children and being an amazing role model for the rest of us. Thank you for being a ferocious momma bear to your own children. They are blessed to have you. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with all the things you love the most.
    Love you!!
    Laura White

  32. Words cannot express the blessing that has come from reconnecting with you. Across the miles and the years, I wish you an absolutely wonderful day of celebration filled with every good and perfect gift that comes down from our Father! Many blessings and much love to you!

  33. Happy birthday to a beautiful lady inside and out. You are an inspiration to so many and I pray God blesses you in a mighty way today and in the years to come!

  34. Happy Birthday Linny!!!! Hope you have a fabulous day filled with all your favorites and lots of hugs and kisses from your little ones – You are a true blessing to so many. May God continue to bless you and your ministry and family.

  35. Happy birthday, Linny! I will be honest and say that checking your blog is one of the highlights of my day. Thanks for being such a ministry to others. Have a wonderful day!!!!! You have such a sweet family to spend it with.
    Jackie W.

  36. Happy Birthday, Linny. You are an inspiration and role model to me. I have learned so much from you and seek to follow your Godly example. I wish a year filled with surprises from our Father above!!

  37. Linny,
    Words can express how thankful I am that you are apart of my life… Even thou there is miles between us I am Thankul that GOD created you!! Your wisdom helps me when I am discouraged & your encouragement brings nothing but smiles to my face! Thank you for following the call GOD has on your life! I love you big & wish you a very very blessed birthday!

  38. Outstanding!! But as one of the guys and gals that works in Law Enforcement (I run a high tech crime unit)…awww shucks….forgot what I was gonna do….better head for a donut and coffee then instead!! 😉

    Happy Birthday MOM!!!

    hugs to all y'all – this was simply brilliant!

    aus and co.

  39. What a great idea Emma!!!

    You don't know me, Linny, I only know you through the blog — but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, May God richly bless you today, tomorrow and always.

  40. A lurker coming out of hiding…

    Happy Birthday Linny! I hope you have an incredibly blessed day! You are such a blessing to all and I hope you have the most amazing day.

  41. Happy Birthday Linny! Thank you for all that you do with this blog. I know that God has used it in my life along with many others. Blessings on this wonderful day!

  42. Happy Birthday Linny! Your sweet spirit and gentle but true words always point us to the TRUTH. And I personally learn sooooo much from you about parenting, prayer, and more. May the Lord bless your day with overflowing joy and your year with HIS dreams for you and in you coming true!!!!

  43. Happy Birthday Linny! I have brought a huge virtual chocolate cake to this surprise party to celebrate!!! I have my party hat on for you today!
    May God bless you!

  44. I pray you are feeling truly blessed today. Enjoy your special day – the day the Lord sent you to this earth. He is indeed good!! I love reading your blog – the good, bad and the ugly. Thank you for being honest and sharing Christ in all things!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  45. Happy Birthday, Linny

    Even though I haven't had the chance to meet you in person, I have been blessed to know some of your kids, and it is obvious they have a wise and loving mother.

    Enjoy your special day!

  46. Happy Birthday Linny! Although I "check in at" A Place Called Simplicity pretty frequently, this is the first time I've left a comment. I wanted to tell you that you and your family are such an insiration to ours. My husband and I had talked about adopting for 20 years, even before we were married. We have been blessed with 3 amazing bio. daughters ages 14, 12 & 9. Our girls love the Lord and have a heart for orphans. They have been wanting us, begging, and praying for us to adopt for a very long time. But… "We could never afford it." And… "How could we ever love an adopted child as much as our bio. children?" The Lord was listening, of course He was. 🙂 The Lord placed us in a church family that is in part made up of other adoptive families. One of these families in particular we really clicked with. They have a son adopted from China that my husband just fell in love with. One day this little guy's mommy sent us home with a copy of a sermon you and DW did together called "Heart to Heart". We were all inspired, I think maybe especially our girls. At their request we listened to it, a great many times, on our long drive (45 min.) back and forth to church. This was two years ago this month. In two days we will be celebrating 9 mos. home with our two 4 yr old sons from China. He has provided the finances and He has provided the love! We are so blessed! Thank you and God bless you!~Tina

  47. Dear Linny – we don't know each other but I have a little boy who I pray for each night that you put in my life. I thank you for your example of a mother to all. I hope you have the happiest birthday ever. Happy Happy Birthday!

  48. Happy Birthday Linny!
    God has used you in big and mighty ways. You and your family have touched my life forever and prayers and wishes for the best birthday ever for you today! You are so loved.

  49. Happy Birthday Linny! You bring joy, laughter, guidance, and spiritual insight to so many of us in the bloggy world. I hope your special day is just that….special! I'm sure your kiddos (& hubby) have fun things planned for today and this weekend.

  50. Happy Birthday to my mentor, friend, past-pastor, orphan-loving sister and second mother to me. I love you so much and the know the light of Jesus that shines through you has forever changed our family. I pray you have an amazing day with your beautiful family. Thank you for living a life dedicated to sharing the truth, along with your family, in the face of adversity and being in the minority in our culture, so that Gods deliverance through Jesus is known to the world. Love, Jessica and the Onions family in Durango, Co

  51. Good morning, Linny! Hope somebody carried on your family tradition and is making your request for breakfast. You are such a blessing to us your "bloggy friends". Thanks for taking the time to share the amazing, the painful, and even the mundane. It is all God working in your lives – and your testimony. Hugs and blessings to you and yours! Happy Birthday!!!

  52. Happy, happy birthday! Thank you for ministering to my heart EVERY single day! You are such an inspiration to me! May joy and happiness be yours on your special day!

  53. Happy Birthday,Linny. I hope it is the best one yet.You are a wonderful mother to so many blessings and you inspire so many of us in bloggy land.Thank you for helping encourage us all to be more faith filled,more generous, more tender hearted,and to have more fun in life!!! Enjoy your special day.You deserve it!

  54. Happy Birthday Linny,
    I have been reading your blog for several years now. You are like a "mother" figure to me. You are around my mom's age and sooooo wise. God has used you mightily to influence others and impact their lives. I hope and pray you have a wonderful birthday filled with all your favorite people and doing the things you enjoy the most….Much Love!

  55. Oh what fun to surprise someone so special not only in God's eyes, but in the eyes of your family, friends, and cyber family!!!! Joel and I are wishing you a very Happy Birthday, filled to overflowing with love and joy! You have blessed so many, and I for one am eternally grateful for your friendship. Blessings dear Linny.

  56. Happy Birthday Linny!!
    Hope you are blessed today as much as you bless others every other day of the year!
    I'm still praying that I get to hug your neck in person one day soon! If not, I know we'll be neighbors in heaven one day!! Sheri Watson

  57. Happy Birthday! I am thankful I found your blog, and I know there are countless others who have been blessed by you, simply because of your obedience to follow God as He leads! I pray you are able to enjoy your family on this very special day!

  58. Linny- Thank you so much for letting us share your life's journey with your amazingly precious family! I hope you have a sweet, sweet time with your treasures today as they celebrate what a treasure they have in you!You have blessed me so many times by helping me to refocus on loving Jesus, my husband and my family. Your words are such a gift!
    Happy Birthday from all the way in Lexington, NC
    Love- Emily B

  59. Happy Happy Birthday Linny! I have fresh chocolate chip cookies sitting here that no one makes better than my teenage daughter. I'm bringing those to the party:-). Many virtual hugs to you and a huge thanks for your online encouragement and mentorship. Blessings, Barb

  60. Happy birthday, Linny! What an amazing impact you have had on so many lives. God has give you a special gift of communicating through your blog, and you use it to totally glorify Him. Amazing! I have learned so much from you over the years….you have challenged me, you have inspired me. May you enjoy a rich celebration of love today, for their are hugs and well wishes coming from all corners of the world.
    Love from Missouri–Jocelyn

  61. Happy Birthday Linny! I read your blog EVERY morning…and it starts my day off RIGHT! I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy your birthday with that BEAUTIFUL family of yours.
    Atlanta, GA

  62. Happy Birthday sweet Linny! While we have never met, I feel that we are old friends. Thanks for being so transparent. You have helped encourage me numerous times. Thanks for always pointing me to Christ!
    LeeAnn J.
    Kings Mountain, NC

  63. Happy Birthday, Linny! I am so thankful for your friendship and Godly example. I remember getting so frustrated with the Christians I knew as a young adult because they didn't just do what Jesus said and live the way he said to. Thank you for modeling for all of us how to love unconditionally, how to walk in obedience, how to listen to God's voice. Thank you for being an overcomer and giving me hope that God can also transform my life and my family. Thank you for being an encourager. You are a blessing in my life and I thank God for you. :o). Enjoy your birthday and all your treasures!

  64. Happy Birthday, Linny! Thank you for being such a positive influence on lives both near and far. You are a MAJOR inspiration! You give so many challenges to each of us as we read your blog! Good challenges. Challenges that make us rethink how we live our lives so that we can impact others and make a difference in our little world! God Bless you, and your family!

  65. Happy Birthday, sweet friend! How fun to get to celebrate you today. What purpose the Lord has had in bringing you into this world at such a time as this. What a difference you make to so many all around the world. It is a privilege to call you friend and to give you a shout out today. ENJOY and soak in the Lord's love through your friends and family. HUGS

  66. Happy Birthday Linny!!! Thank you for being a blessing and an encouragement to my heart through your tender words, and God's truth via this blog.

    "This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

    May God's light shine upon you today and always!!!


  67. Happy Birthday to a wonderful, God-Loving, Mom-to-Many!!! Linny, you are a special lady and are loved by so many. You provide inspiration to so many and your love of God and your family shines through in everything you post! I have followed your blog for quite a while but I am one of those people you termed as a "lurker".

    Wishing you a very special Happy Birthday Linny!!! Praying you have a wonderfully blessed day that the Lord has made for you!

  68. Linny- happy birthday to a beautiful woman who has a beautiful impact on this world! You are loved and adored as much as you love and adore others. I am so appreciative of your heart, your courage, your transparency and your fierce faith! I am so appreciative because it has had an eternal impact on my own life- and I sincerely pray some day I can be that candle to light others, as you have done for so many!
    Have a beautiful birthday doing what you love most– being surrounded by your beautiful tribe of littles (and bigs)!
    Keeping the spirit! ~Kelli J.

  69. Happy Birthday from South Texas! From one of your long time (years) lurkers.

    I thank you for sharing your story – and for opening my eyes even more to what God calls TRUE RELIGION!

  70. Happy Birthday Linny. You are a special lady and your transparency helps me to trust more, persevere more, and do more for the least of these.

    Hope you have a blessed JOY-filled day

  71. Happy, happy birthday!! Linny, you truly have a gift for writing. Thank you for sharing with the world all the ways that God is moving in your life. Hope your birthday is full of fun!!

  72. Happy Birthday, dear Linny. Thank you for letting God use you in this little corner of the world wide web to encourage and challenge those of us who read your words. You have been (and continue to be) a blessing in my life. Jesus is so evident in you!

  73. Happy Birthday Linny! God has used you and your family to make a huge impact in our family's life. I hope you have a blessed day surrounded by your treasures!!

  74. Have a wonderful birthday with your children and family! May you continue to receive abundant blessings from this Lord in this next year! Kristi from Louisville, CO

  75. * ' * ' * Sending very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes your way Linny!!* ' * ' *
    You're a sincere and shining witness for God,
    loved and respected by many!

  76. What fun! Happy birthday, Sweet One! You are such a special lady! I never miss a day reading your blog and feel like you are a dear friend. Hope your day is filled with wonderful surprises!

  77. Happy birthday my dear cousin… have a wonderful day surrounded by such an incredible family (shy a few who I'm sure are wishing they were there as well). Have an extra Starbucks, indulge in some chocolaty treat, and just bask in the love that comes your way today.

  78. Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Sister in Christ! May you feel all of the love that we are all sending you today. You are one of the best virtual friends I have and I pray that you just love this virtual surprise party! (:

  79. Happy Birthday, Linny! I'm so happy to be able to attend your virtual surprise party! I pray you have the absolute most wonderful day ever, filled with joy and laughter and smiles and hugs and your favorite treat. 🙂 Thank you for your unending love and faithfulness not only to your God, but to your "virtual" family in bloggy land. You are a mentor and a godly example to thousands around the world, and we love you!!

  80. Linny,

    My Granny, who passed away last month at 96.9 years old, had a special birthday song:

    A happy birthday to you,
    A happy birthday to you,
    May you feel Jesus near
    every day of the year

    A happy birthday to you,
    A happy birthday to you,
    And the best year
    you ever have had!!!

    Wonderful birthday wishes for you from the DC area!

  81. Happy Birthday Mama Linny….Mama to Many!!!!

    May your day be filled with love and joy…and the year ahead be full to overflowing with Christ abundant blessing!

    I tend to be a mom of many that lurks more than comments, but today was a day to take a bit of time and give a shout….
    Have a fantastic birthday!!!!!
    Laura…for Tennessee 😉

  82. Happy Birthday Linny! I don't "ever" post on your blog, but know that your words and your life have a huge impact on me. I only wish I was half the woman you are. Seriously, have a wonderful day!

  83. Happy Birthday Linny! You are an amazing women and I love to read your stories of your family and life. May God bless you richly throughout the upcoming year!

  84. Happy Happy Birthday my dear friend. You have blessed me in countless ways over the year that I read your blog before we ever met. Then, the goodness of God blows me away that this past year, He would allow us to become "real life" friends. Your family is an inspiration and a joy. I have loved the time we have been able to spend together, and look forward to many more family dinners and chats in the future. Your love for Jesus pours out all over, not only your family but everyone you come in contact with. I hope your day is filled with wonderful surprises, laughter, and joy. Love you!!

  85. Happy birthday, Linny! Hoping that you had a truly special day and that the coming year is full of many blessings.

    I don't comment as much as I used to, but I'm always reading your posts. They are such a ministry to others and have encouraged me greatly to answer God's call no matter the circumstances. You were one of the first bloggers that I found as we completed our adoption of our son from Guatemala 3 years ago. Life is wonderfully crazy with the addition of a little biological surprise (number 5 at age 41) but we are so excited to be adopting again–a 4 year old girl with spina bifida from China.

    Thank you for living your life in such a way that inspires and encourages others to truly listen to God's voice and seek His direction in all things.

    I had a good cry just reading the notes from many of your children. What a joy to see them "rise up and call you blessed."

    Much love to you from Georgia!


  86. Happy Birthday to a very special lady! Even though I don't "know" you, you have touched my life deeply. Thank you for showing us how to love like the Savior! May God richly bless you this day and every day for the rest of your days, Mom of Many!

    Much Love,

    Teresa Hemmer

  87. Happy Birthday sweet, sweet friend! Where do I begin? To be short and sweet–my life would not be the same without you in it, and I don't say that lightly. You have impacted my life in such a way Linny, that it in turn impacts the lives I touch daily. That's BIG to me, and to many.

    May your special day be heavenly blessed, my dear friend. You are a celebrated daughter of The Most High King! We rejoice together on this day that He made you for such a time as this! Happy Birthday from San Antonio!

    Love, love, love you!


  88. Happy birthday, Linny! You are truly a masterpiece of HIS hands, and I'm so grateful that He created you. May your day and year be blessed and filled with joy!

  89. Dear Linny,

    I already told you on FB before I knew about this grand surprise but I will tell you again! Happy Happy Birthday You Dear Lady!
    You are such a pleasure to "know" and have been such a blessing to many lives. I am very grateful for the day I stumbled upon this blog by searching for adoption. 🙂

  90. Happy Birthday Linny! Eat a slice of cake for me! I am thankful for your sweet spirit and obedience to the Lord in sharing HIS heart through this blog. You've taught me a lot and encouraged me to just 'go for it' in complete faith where I (incorrectly) would have assumed I wasn't good enough or able. Thank you doesn't do it justice!

  91. Happy Birthday, Linny! So beautiful to see all the messages of love from your family and know that you are deserving of them all. Hope God blesses your day, your month and your coming year as he has blessed you with so many who love you and call you Mom! Many hugs to you on this special day!

  92. Linny, there are not words to tell you how much you mean to me. It doesn't matter than the miles separate us nor that we've never met face to face. I love you dearly and appreciate you more than you know. I pray that this day is most blessed and that you get to have lots of fun. Love to you sweet Linny and have a wonderful birthday.

  93. Happy Birthday Linny!
    Wish I could bring you treats, and hugs in person and I really mean that. Meeting you in person as well as your family would be incredible. I hope you feel so loved today because you are. I pray blessings upon you and that your day lets you rest, receive and enjoy that special family. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us and keeping it real and true. You are a Mommy I look up to and so appreciate you.
    Lori and her 3

  94. A very happy birthday to you, Linny. I do a lot of lurking, but I want you to know that your blog is a huge encouragement to me. The way to stay positive in all situations, praising God and loving people – well, I tell my friends that I want to be like you when I grow up (I'm 43, so not sure when that will be).

    Much love from your lurking fans on your birthday!

  95. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Linny!
    Thanking God for blessing us through you, and praying that HIs richest blessings continue to flow in, on and through you!
    Love you!

  96. A very Happy Birthday to you Linny! Wish that I could hug you in person, but I am sending you a cyber hug instead. Much love to the whole family from Lizzie in Canada. xoxoxoxo

  97. What an amazing woman you are. You have changed my life in ways that you will never know. I am NOT AT ALL the same person that started reading your blog the day of the fire.
    Thank you choosing to ALWAYS walk in the way He calls you to walk. Your choice to be vulnerable, truthful and to say and do the hard things has truly changed this woman's life. I love you more than words could say. Happy Happy Birthday!! May you be blessed abundantly more than the ways you bless all of us.

    Wishing you many many many Birthday blessings today and the whole year through.


  98. Happy Birthday Miss Linny! You are an amazing woman and you have changed my life in ways that words will never be able to express. I am not even close to the woman who started reading your blog the day of the fire. Your choice to be vulnerable, to say and do all the hard things He asks of you has changed this woman like no other. I love you to pieces and I pray that this day and this year bring you blessings abundantly more than how you bless all of us.

    You are amazing for sure!!!!! O Happy Happy Day!!!!!


  99. Happy birthday from Idaho, Linny. Praying this day is one filled with joy and love and laughter, hugs and giggles from the littles, and a deep and abiding sense of His presence and pleasure in YOU – one of His favorite creations.

  100. How sweet is this…Happy, Happy Birthday to a super lady. If I had a cape I would send you one. : ) I know you will have all you want today surrounded by your family and maybe some good friends. Enjoy it and allow yourself to be spoiled!

  101. Happy Birthday Linny,

    You are an inspiration to many and a blessing to all you meet whether it be face to face or through cyberspace.

    God be with you.



  102. I'm wishing you the happiest of birthdays Linny!! You give so much of yourself so joyfully all the time! I hope today you'll feel your friends and family giving some love back to you!! I am honored to call you my friend! May today be a very special day for you and may God bless and keep you this year and for many many more. Loge you!!! XO

  103. What a blessed mommy you are. All because you have obeyed your God in every situation related to caring for the orphaned. Happy, Happy Birthday and may you be blessed beyond measure today. Pam

  104. Happy Birthday!!! You have inspired me soooo much! I have only met you here, but I am pretty sure that you are going to meet my daughter and husband sooner than we think. Hee hee! (She is getting a "missions trip" for her birthday. Don't tell her because her birthday is tomorrow!) God had great plans when he made you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ask for God to make His face shine on you today and all year. I ask for the blessing of having your family and friends surround you. (Looks like He is answering that one already.)

  105. Happy Birthday, Linny!! I don't know if you remember me, but we started emailing when you were in Uganda picking up your little Ruby. I am a friend of Megan's and live in Northern Uganda. I have enjoyed following your family and am always so encouraged by your heart for Uganda and for the hurting here. Yesterday I was driving through Kampala and stopped at a red light. We had several street kids come up to our car and were able to talk to them a bit in Ngakarimojong (their heart language!). It was heartbreaking to have to leave them there, in the street and the dark of Kampala. Then I remembered the story of you and Emmy passing out sandwiches…I shared with my husband that we need to continually carry food for the street kids when we are driving around Kampala! Our family agreed to remind each other to keep something for them at all times. Thanks for that example 🙂 Hope your day is blessed and beautiful, Kristi (in Karamoja)

  106. Happy Birthday to you dear Linny! You have such a sweet love for orphans and so thankful that you care so much. Have a great birthday and may God bless you in many ways for the rest of the days of your life. Rejoice, it's your birthday! Eat cake! Hugs!

  107. Linny, You bring love into the lives of everyone you meet, both in "reality" and "virtually." Have a wonderful day surrounded by love, both "real" and "virtual."

  108. Happy birthday to you! I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your family and all the wonderful things God is doing.

    God bless you!

  109. wishing you a very special birthday. May this year be a year of much spiritual growth. May the lessons we need to learn be quick and may the joys be sweet. May Jesus's hands be upon you.

  110. LOVE this idea… and what a wonderful way to celebrate one incredibly inspiring woman 🙂
    Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Linny!! May this coming year be filled to overflowing with His blessings!!!

  111. happy birthday sweetest of linnys!! thank you so much for the encouragement you bring every day and for your love and care and passion for the orphan. you are an inspiration to those of us who come here and i hope this next year is a spectacular one for you! 🙂 i know your treasures and DW are loving on you and making your day special and i can't wait to hear what all that entailed! 🙂

    happy happy birthday!!! 🙂

  112. A happy birthday to you, a happy birthday to you. May you find Jesus near everyday of the year and the best one you've ever had. Dear precious friend, wishing you the best, always the best. You are a bright shining star in the blogging world and we all love you for it.
    Hugs and love

  113. Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday Precious Linny…
    Happy Birthday To You!
    Hope your day is as special as you are. Enjoy your amazing family <3
    Hugs, Jen in So. CA

  114. I am posting again, cause I'm not sure it went through, I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday Linny and so does my daughter Cheyenne. You are such a wonderful person and a blessing to so many..We enjoy your blog and are blessed by your friendship… ((HUGS)) Rebekka and Cheyenne

  115. Miss Linny,
    You are a gorgeous lady inside and out! You possess the qualities of a warrior and gentle encourager all in one. I pray that you have a very blessed birthday and that you eat LOTS of chocolate!!!!! May God grant you the desires of your heart as you continue to run after HIM!!

    Much love,

  116. Happy Birthday to you. I pray to God that He blesses you today and gives you strength to have positive thoughts and to give you success in your life. Happy Birthday!

  117. Happy Birthday to you. I pray to God that He blesses you today and gives you strength to have positive thoughts and to give you success in your life. Happy Birthday!

  118. Happy birthday, Linny! Celebrating with you from afar. May today be a blessing to you. You are appreciated by so many. Thank you for sharing your life with us. He is faithful! 🙂

  119. Happy Birthday from the Beck family!! We love knowing you from afar!! You're desire to lead others in the truth is a gift to this momma! Thank you!! Wishing many, uncontainable, uncommon birthday blessings for you!!

  120. Happy Birthday!
    I have enjoyed your writing for years, and I so enjoy seeing all of your treasures! I have 3 adopted children and they also are "too good to be true" – You share your birthday with our son who turns 18 today and will be leaving in the morning for his first SD National Guard drill. Love to you all, Mona

  121. Happy birthday blessings to you! How fun that your birthday is so close to Thanksgiving- so many people are so thankful for you! God bless you in the days and years to come and thank you for your service to the Lord. Do a happy birthday dance with your family today 🙂

  122. Happy Birthday Linny! I was praying for you and Dwight just this morning and pondering in my heart how God has made us all family, even from afar. Thanks for who you are to all of us! I love you beautiful friend.

  123. Awww…. What a beautiful family you have Linny! Such a special bond! And why not when they've had you to teach them so much and to make sure they always know they are loved, but most importantly that God is real and cares about them more than anything. I love to come here and hear about how God is working even in the little things. 🙂

    Happiest of birthdays and may you be blessed with many more!

  124. happy birthday linny! i'm a follower of your blog, it has challenged and inspired me in my walk with God. blessings to you and your family on your special day!

  125. Linny, I am a frequent lurker and just had to finally come out of hiding and tell you Happy Birthday! I also thought you would like to know that my husband and a friend are in flight as a type this on their way to Kenya. They will be meeting up with a young lady that is with the IMB ministering to the local street kids. While in country they will also be meeting with a local church planter. Hope you had a wonderful day with your beautiful family.

  126. Happy Birthday Linny!! I pray the Lord will continue to bless you and yours. How sweet of your daughter to do this for you. You have wonderful children. You are truly blessed!

  127. Happy Birthday Linny! You are an incredible blessing to so many people and I pray you will receive many blessings in return! Hope your day was special and full of joy!

  128. I am delurking with this one! Your blog has been such a blessing and encouragement. I also use it regularly to try and convince my mother to adopt a little brother or sister for me (I am 27 and my husband and I plan on adopting). Hopefully my plans succeed 🙂 I hope blessings abound for you and all your precious treasures this year.

  129. Oh you sneaky lady… you didn't mention that your birthday was coming up! If only I had known sooner, you might have had some surprise guests at your doorstep today (or maybe that's why you didn't mention it – lol). We hope you had a GREAT day full of love and excitement!
    – Love Eve & Mike

  130. linny-
    i rarely post (try to limit my time on the computer!)– but had to take this opportunity to just tell you what a blessing you have been to me. it seems strange to me that someone i've never met could be part of God's answer to my prayer of many years for a mentor in the faith. but He has funny ways, doesn't He 🙂 just know that someone in florida is grateful for you and my love and devotion to jesus have grown because of your example. may He continue to be glorified in your life. thank you for taking the risk and the time to share your life and faith and prayers thru your blog- what a gift it has been to me!
    for His glory,
    haley in florida

  131. Happy, happy Birthday! I have learned so much about really trusting God from you! And even tho I don't have a blog or Memorial Box, I have started a book with stories of God's faithfulness to our family. It really does help squelch fear and anxiety to look back at all the times God has been faithful. I love how you have taught me that sometimes God comes through at the last minute – just keep trusting! I pray this year will be abundantly blessed for you and your ministry!

  132. Happy birthday, dear bloggy friend 🙂 I'm one of those lurkers who is so touched when I see the amazing things God has done in your family. Thank you for your faithfulness…I know the Father is waiting for the day (not too soon, I hope, unless He sends His boy to come get us) to tell you "well done!"

  133. Happy birthday, Linny!

    Thank you for continuing to challenge me (and many others) to do something to advocate for the orphan. On your birthday I thought you'd smile to know that after many months of prayer following my testimony of adoption our church launched a "Hope Builds" project on Orphan Sunday. We are partnering with a native missionary couple in India to build an orphanage for the children that are continually brought to them. To think that God knew all along that He would use my own abandoment to spread his passion for the orphan is beyond my comprehension. Beauty out of ashes. Thank you for challenging and encouraging me without ever having met me. I wish you the very best birthday with your beautiful family!

    -Jennifer in PA

  134. Happy Birthday! You don't know me from Adam, but I am a young mother hoping to have a family that looks like yours someday. Your blog is a great encouragement to me, and bring on the particulars! I love the education of seeing an older family walk through life and how they deal with things by the grace of God. I hope you have/had a GREAT birthday 🙂

  135. Happy Birthday, Linny!!!! Thank you for inspiring me to be a better Mom to my not so many. 🙂 Your family is such a blessing and I know it's your Godly influence. I hope your day was filled with special wonder.

  136. From one "lurker" …


    I've been meaning to tell you for months this & your birthday made me actually sit down and do it! For Sunday School we are going through the book Knowing God. One of the first few chapters is called "The People who Know their God." During one part JI Packer makes a list of four "propositions."

    1. Those who know God have great energy for God.
    2. Those who know God have great thoughts of God.
    3. Those who know God show great boldness for God.
    4. Those who know God have great contentment in God.

    After I read all this, it was you who came to mind. Thank you for sharing your energy for God, your thoughts about God, your great boldness for God and your many times of contentment in God. Though I don't comment, I am encouraged by your faithfulness and testimony to an incredible God.

    Someday I do hope we can meet. My 12 yo daughter, who wants to missionary in Uganda, & I hope to go on one of these mission trips you talk of.

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your family. May God continue to bless you as you speak out for Him.

  137. Happy Birthday, Linny! You are an amazing woman – it is a day worth celebrating… the day God gave you as a gift to this world. You bless your family, but you also bless so many of us who only know you through the words you write.

    I value congruency – you are the epitome of that. Your passion is not only what you share with words, it is what you live. You manage to do all of this with honest transparency that makes you real.

    Thank you for sharing His light and for being His voice. May God bless you with MANY more years!

    In His love,
    Jean Fennema

  138. Happy Birthday Linny! My name is Tanja, I'm a mother of five kids ( two bio, one adopted, two foster) I love your blog and check it daily. I am Finnish, my husband is Swedish. I met my husband in Israel, we used to live there. Our adopted son is from Israel, and our fosterchildren are half Asian. Currently we live in Finland. I turned 40 yesterday.
    God bless

  139. I know this is a little late but I just wanted to be sure I wrote something…
    Happy Birthday Mrs. Saunders! I have loved reading your stories and have been very encouraged by you and your family.
    I am 17 years old (One of six, soon to be seven, girls and one boy) and the fatherless have been something that has been in my heart since I was a little girl. I always knew I wanted to help in some way and just recently the Lord has really directed my path.
    I want to live near the border of North Korea and China and help the N Korean orphans, the stateless children, who have snuck in to China "illegally". For the past two years the Lord has really opened up the doors for this, from people wanting to teach me Korean (I have actually been blessed with a whole Korean church coming along side of me) to people in China wanting to give me a place to stay and help me in my transitions there and just so much more! But as I have been going through all of this learning about the countries (I have since learned Korean and am working on Chinese) and the people and how I can help (how the Lord wants me to help) and how to share Jesus with these children I had kind of come to a stop, not really knowing what to do next, feeling a bit afraid and worried, not knowing if this is truly what God wants for me. But when I started reading your blog it gave me (and still gives me) such joy and encouragement! Reading how you and your family live has really opened my eyes, knowing that I can live by faith, to truly trust HIM and HE will lead and guild, and that this is definitely something the Lord has called me to do, that in His word He not only suggests but commands for us to take care of the widows and orphans. It is a command for everyone (although how will look different for each person).
    I have been so blessed in reading your blog through my journey that I just had to share!

    P.S. In these two years of me reading and learning about our world and the millions of orphans in it my family has also come along for the journey and we have since adopted a little girl from Congo (My mom and I actually just got back two days ago) and we are planning on going back in a few months for another older girl there. My family enjoys reading your blog as well (actually while I was in Congo my mom and I sat together some nights and read your posts), sometimes we all will gather and read posts together ^^
    Sorry for the long comment! Happy birthday again, and may the Lord bless you 🙂


  140. Happy Birthday, Dear Linny! I'm a little late but we had a birthday celebration at our house, too. And turning 14 years old with a handful of anxious, excited younger siblings only happens once! I know your day had to be a wonderful one.
    God bless you!

  141. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Linny you are so encouraging, full of wisdom, joyful people who point me to Jesus. I wish I could know you in person and escape to a little coffee shop and have you pour into my life oh and what i would give to let my kids run around playing outside with yours as we sip coffee on the porch, until those dreams come true, keep blogging so i can pretend we are real life friends!

  142. Happy Birthday, Linny! May blessings abound in the coming year for you and your family. You'll never really know what a tremendous impact you've had on the lives of others through this blog. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. Have a wonderful birthday!

  143. I'm late of course…but Linny I did give you some love on the book of Faces!

    May the Lord use you to bless many lives this year! I know your a daily blessing to me!

  144. Happy Birthday Linny!!! Thank you for sharing your precious family and passion for the fatherless and being an inspiration to so many. Hope you have a blessed day!

  145. I know this is late, but I just checked the blog and wanted to say Happy Birthday. Not only are you a mom to many but an inspiration and mentor to many. You have allowed God to use you beyond what you thought possible and that is showing the power of Christ and his grace and mercy to everyone that stops by. We give glory to Jesus for your life. We are so thankful you were born!


  146. Happy Birthday, Linny!!! I have tears in my eyes from reading the greetings you received from your children around the world. Thank you for letting God use you to bless so many, both those you know in person and those of us who know you through bloggy-land. One of the highlights of my day is sitting down to see what you have had to say. I pray that God will continue to bless you in the coming years!

    Emma, thank you for the invite to the party! You are a special young woman and I can't wait to see what God does through you in Uganda.

  147. Happy Birthday Linny!!! I hope you have a great day and a wonderful birthday! You (and your family) make this world a better place! So glad to have found your blog! Always look forward to reading it!

  148. Hope your birthday was truly special, Linny! You are such a blessing to so many. I want to share a story with you for your special day. I have to tell you that I loved your posts on Not a Deadbeat Dad. Our story is that we've adopted three (two from Guatemala, one domestic) and are in the process of our fourth. We also have four biological. Anyway, God has always blown our socks off with our adoptions, especially financially. Like He'll provide more $ than our entire yearly earnings, it's mind boggling. So, since He's done that in the past, one would think I was thrilled to be ready to join Him again…but sadly I was all, "Oh Honey, I'm tired I'm not sure I can hang on for another roller coaster ride." It was pathetic, and yes, I've repented ;). My husband was all, "Oh this is just going to be amazing!" So of course, I wised up and we are paperwork ready for our adoption and just a few weeks ago, my husband signed up to finish up his Air Force career as a chaplain. He transitioned from active duty Air Force to Air National Guard and it was taking forever, we were begging and pleading for the Lord to just help with the crazy paperwork. Here we are six months later, and as the recruiter tells him about his pay, he mentions that he's eligible for a bonus, a big bonus (in the thousands). The kicker? He would NOT have been eligible before October 1st. He swore in October 11th. Hello God! Yippe Jesus! Right? I thought of you right away. And though you don't know me, our family is close friends with the Hintz crew so when she met you, I was probably about as excited. Thanks for your love for the orphans, I know some days are tougher than others…but thanks for inspiring so many to rest in the Father's faithful hands.

  149. ¸.•*¨*•♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LINNYYYYYYY ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!
    Thank you for your selfless ministry here and to all the children that you bless personally and through each and every one of us who visit here. You are an amazing woman of God! May your days continue to be blessed!

  150. Happy birthday to a woman that inspires so many of us!!! You have worked on our hearts to open them
    for orphans and we have! My sisters, sisters in laws, nieces ( about 20 of us) are gathering at a bible camp this week from Wednesday night until Sunday and we will be sewing, sewing and more sewing….dresses and britches for the orphans. Praise to God for opening our eyes and to you for pushing us to use our talents. Also, I de-lurked just to send you birthday wishes!

  151. Had to finally come out of lurking to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (late) You are such an encouragement and I can truly say God has touched my life through you — even though we have never really met. Thank you for being such a Godly example of a wife and mother.

  152. Happy Birthday, Linny!! Thank you so much for all you share on here! I am a young mom who has been praying and praying for a Christian woman as sort of a mentor. So far, I'm receiving a couple through blogland while I wait for some "closer." I stumbled on your blog a few months ago and am so thankful I did. I just so appreciate your love for your husband, your children, and the Lord. I hope you had a very wonderful day!

  153. Hi Linny
    Oh so sad i missed this! Happy Happy Birthday to you!
    YOu are truly a blessing to so many but so much more to those
    precious ones that call you mommy! Blessings for another year
    of sweetness from our Lord!

  154. Happy Belated Birthday!! It's been a crazy week or two in our house, so I'm behind on blogging! But you were thought of and prayed for on your birthday here! I love reading about your family and your many blessings. This has been a rough year here and seeing God answer others prayers is a reminder He is listening, even if it doesn't feel like it to me in these moments. So thank you for sharing, and I hope you had a blessed birthday and many more to come!

  155. Happy Birthday from the Philippines Linny!!!! Sorry I'm a tad late, but I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating and another amazing blessed year ahead of you! Thank you for always being an encouragement and for being open and real about being obedient to God's call for you life. I may never meet you in person, but I'm so thankful to have 'met' you here at a place called simplicity. You have been such an encouragement to me, knowing I'm not alone in my heart for the orphan, a heart and passion that God has blessed me with. Happy Birthday again! Love and Blessing!!! ~ To God Be the Glory!

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