Selfless Ladies + Servant Hearts = Rockin’ GO Team

A young missionary called to serve the orphan and vulnerable of Uganda


three moms

each with

a teenage daughter


two close friends from British Columbia, Canada.

Nine women rockin’ Uganda, to the best of our ability….

ministering to the vulnerable, homeless, orphan, tribal families, special needs adults….

Yes, there were some scary moments.

Sprinkled generously with joyous praise.

Quite a few tears together.

All doused in powerful prayer times.

Some exuberant laughter tossed in for some flavor.

Deep friendships formed.

Hearts tender and open.

Life disclosed.

Memories made.

Tight bonds that will last a lifetime.

True confessions:  I prayed for two years for this team….and God brought together an amazing group of God-honoring ladies whose only desire was to please the Lord, serve Him, love the orphan and minister to the vulnerable.

They rocked it completely and I am so thankful to call them each friend:  Feona, Laura, Emma, Jody, Bee, Karoline, Emily, Liberty, Emma and myself.  {Lynne joined us for a bit as well.}

Uganda will never be the same because of this group of ladies….
all because a group of ordinary ladies said “Yes!”

The next GO Team is getting set for June 2013 with the possibility of two teams…

For more information click here:   International Voice of the Orphan.

Lord willing, there will be another GO Team trip added this fall as well.  

7 thoughts on “Selfless Ladies + Servant Hearts = Rockin’ GO Team

  1. I WISH I was there!! BTW, I just sent you some mail to the IVO address. Also, I gave Emma's blog address to a very sweet girl named Lindsey who wants to GO on a missions trip. I so hope she links up with you all. She was my server at Outback recently when we were celebrating Elina's 5th family day and I was able to share my heart about orphans with her and she expressed that she was really wanting to do a missions trip!

    1. Aus!! It was so good to hear from you….I was thinking about you and your work the other day…our Isaiah wants to be a forensic scientist {Chinese and *very* bright.} I have told him about you. Bless you and your work my friend.

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