A Dream

No doubt, we all have dreams.

Even if you can’t remember dreaming, ‘experts’ will say that everyone dreams.

Did you ever have a dream and wonder if it would come true?

Or some may have wondered if their dream was prophetic?

And then there are those who know that the dream they had definitely was prophetic.

Well this is pretty exciting to me, personally….

A sweet bloggy friend, Heather H. wrote to me and said that she had been looking back at a post I’s written over 15 months ago and subsequently was reading the comments on that post…

And she came across a comment Peggi had left which said:

Had a dream that I was babysitting Ruby and I turned around and 
she was on her hands and knees getting ready to crawl. 
It was a very exciting moment.

{obviously not our Ruby, but adorable none the less and yes, 
believing that perhaps one day!}

To be honest, I hadn’t remembered the comment before Heather wrote, but when she mentioned it, I suddenly did.  The thing that had struck me at the time Peggi left the comment, was that it was on a post that was not at all about Ruby.  Her comment came out of nowhere.  And I remember thinking,

“I work all day long to even keep Ruby awake – 
how in the world will she ever crawl?”  

Yet, no doubt, Peggi’s dream was prophetic.  And back when I read it, it did give me hope.

It was the kind of dream though that appeared to be completely impossible.

Little did I know that less than 18 months later I would be posting a video of Ruby’s beginning attempts at wanting to crawl.

It just proves one thing:

We have a very big God and 
He makes what many would think
completely possible.  

With Him, everything that we think is impossible, is truly possible:

Just like Ruby starting to attempt to crawl.

Or like healing broken lives.

Or like people walking away from addictions and being set free.

Or like rescuing someone in a desperate situation.

Or like providing resources for an adoption.

Or like setting the lonely in a family.

Or like restoring a broken relationship that appeared to have no hope in ever restoring.

Or like selling a house in an economic slump.

You name it, the list goes on….

No matter what dreams you may have, whether they seem impossible or not….

He is able.

He is faithful.

He always has been faithful.

And He always will be.

He loves each of us that much.

33 thoughts on “A Dream

  1. Okay, so this comment (Or like selling a house in an economic slump) and the picture of my favorite the daisies… yup, pretty sure you wrote the whole entire post just for me! Thanks my friend. *wink* xoxo

  2. I still remember that dream. It was a bizarre dream but exciting because Ruby started crawling. I remember wondering why I had dreamed it. I don't usually dream about people that I don't know in real life. So happy Ruby is doing so well. God is amazing! Would love to meet you all one of these days. Crawl Ruby Crawl!

    1. Peggi, It is amazing. And that dream was truly prophetic. At that moment it gave me hope….yet, I couldn't imagine…I couldn't even keep her awake most days – BUT God. Look what He is doing! Thank you for speaking up! You rock. And yes, we would love to meet you too.

  3. This post comes at a very odd moment. Two days ago I spoke with a friend who works in an orphanage and she shared about the need for a wall of protection around the building. I said I would pray about this. The following night I dreamed I found a big stash of money that was hidden. I was so glad since that would let me give them the money for the wall. In the morning, it was so real I even started looking for the money and I realized it was "just" a dream. The whole day, (yesterday) I was wondering if the dream was in fact, prophetic…

  4. There are more than a few of us looking at what seems to be impossible dreams…..but with God all things are possible. Along with scriptures from God today and this post it is time to step out on the water……"Can you hear the voice of the Father, Inviting you to walk on the water…" You are often that voice for your readers Linny as God uses you to inspire us.

    1. Love you my friend. The dream-giver, is your dream-fullfiller {as you already know}…it's just a matter of timing, as you well know. But until then, we will believe together that He has our best in store!

  5. I'm dreaming big for my daughter, Megan, to get a job that she needs so badly right now. Thanks for the encouragement and I'd appreciate your prayers. Praying for your sweet Ruby and you too! Hugs!

  6. Thanks Linny. I needed a word from a friend right now. In a LOT of "impossible situations" and freeling lonely in them. I am. So than kful for you and your willingness to share your wisom.

    1. Well this word is from the Lord – "to the situation that could be deemed "impossible" is "possible" because of who I am and how much I love you – start praising me – and watch and see!"

  7. My mouth is hanging open. I just sent you a long email. And I have been asking G-d, "Please let Linny say something that I KNOW is speaking to me, even though she doesn't know it."


    1. Oh Penny, God loves you oh-so-much, that as I typed I thought, 'there are some who desperately need this word'…and it was straight from His heart for you!! xo

  8. WHOO HOO GO RUBY GIRL! I believe that little MIss Ruby will crawl and I also believe that Brock and I will one day be reunited, one day I'll be hugging my boy telling him how much I love him! When that time of healing comes, it will be like these years of separation never happened!

    GOD is so good…ALL THE TIME!


    1. Suzanne, one day you will have relationship with Brock and we, who have been praying for it for so long, will celebrate around the world with you! It's coming – and it will be all Him orchestrating it all.

  9. I LOVE dreaming! I dream every night and very often have dreams with prophetic meaning. My daughter was born with a throat that causes milk to go into her lungs when she swallows so she is on a feeding tube…. the same issue is in the flap between her kidney and bladder causing her urine to go back up inside her when she pee's so she gets UTI's and she is considered "low tone", meaning she has no muscle tone what so ever, which I believe is what your ruby has from the pictures I've seen of her. From very early on the Lord has shown me in dreams, my daughter up and running around, and standing up on her own. I love it when He shows me these things because there are days when I have to ask Jesus for a bit more emotional help and faith in dealing with her. Those are the days when He so graciously reminds me of the promises He has already gave my daughter, thru His blood and thru the dreams He has given me. What a beautiful friend our Savior is, isn't He!

  10. Love the pic of Emma with babe on her back. Here we call that to " baleta" the baby, not sure of spelling since I am not an Isizulu speaker. Works like a dream. So enjoy reading your posts here on the other side of the planet….

  11. John Fisher wrote a wonderful study on the passages where God tells Abraham and Sarah for the final time they will have a son. Sarah is 90 and she laughs. God hears and replies "is anything too hard for God?" and tells her by this time next year they will have that son.

    It was published just after we were told our little girl was inoperable for her heart condition and I hung on to those words. I began to read and pray. I was working through Matthew and it seemed I was in the section of the bible that should be titled "and then Jesus healed . .."

    Through a series of events Josie had a complete heart correction 5 months later. But she was left with severe lung issues and a very big medical management problem. The local cardiologist is not encouraging at all. So I am again praying and remembering what God has done. Is anything too hard for God?

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