Rockin’ New Wheels

After three months of waiting…
Ruby new wheels have arrived…
She’s loving it…..
It has purple on it – 
{cause our little Princess 
just has to have purple.}
It has been a wonderful thing to have this 
new chair…
She had completely outgrown the stroller
and was kind of tucked into it like a little cocoon –
However, the wheelchair is off the ground
enabling her to be right in the midst of the action…
We are so grateful for it…
And Ruby is thinkin’ it’s pretty amazing!
And on a miracle-working note, 
 Lord willing, I will share soon what Ruby did this week!!

“Your love, God, is my song, and I’ll sing it!
    I’m forever telling everyone 
how faithful you are.

I’ll never quit telling the story of your love.” 
Psalms 89:1  

19 thoughts on “Rockin’ New Wheels

    1. She seems so content in it…and she had completely outgrown the stroller….it was at the biggest fittings for the straps and very tight at that – so thankful she has her new chair!

  1. Not jsut the wheelchair but something about seeing her beautifully chubby thighs makes me cry – knowing her 1st picture it is almost unimaginable and ohhh so redeeming!

  2. Laura has a stroller very similar to that and it's so wonderful to have her up in the midst of the action, rather than down, looking at everyone's knees!

  3. Love it! Very pretty color. Ruby is looking very good in it too. Somehow I think she looks a little older in it. 🙂 So good to see her fingers in her mouth too after her surgery! She is going to love being so high up in all the action now. Blessings!

    1. She *does* look older, doesn't she? She giggled almost all day long yesterday…we're pretty certain her mouth feels splendid…having no point of reference and unable to tell us how much her mouth hurt {we can only imagine!} we are convinced she feels awesome because of the restorative surgery.

  4. So happy for Ruby Tubey to have her new wheels to make life a little easier for her Momma and enjoyable for her! Purple is her color, for sure!
    Loving Ruby's chunky legs and wanting to nibble them at bit! I'll leave that to her Momma and Daddy!


  5. Wow! Sorry ! I mean Ruby!(Not the chair;) She is really grown. God is so amazing!
    And you are such an inspiration to give HIM room in your lives to move and that he will be glorified.
    Yes the chair is really nice. I´m so sorry, but I can only see in her eyes no where else. Full of life and love. That´s a testimony!

    Barbara (Germany)

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