The Little Polish Girl…

My dad’s visit was really wonderful.
The kids enjoyed getting to know their grandpa.
And Ruby loved that Grandpa would talk 
and play with her…
Check out that “reaching for the ball” stuff.
Pffft.  And some said she’d never do anything – 
can you imagine – how absurd!!?….
Clearly there was some serious interaction going on here….
sweet memories, for sure!

And on a crazy-fun note….
My dad is Polish and my grandparents actually
came from Poland
when they were teenagers.
My dad’s favorite meal is 
Polska Kielbasa with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes.
Since my dad was visiting I seized the opportunity 
to make Grandpa his favorite meal.  
I don’t make it very often.
In fact, this is the very meal that Emma requested 
for her “last meal” 
before she permanently moved to Africa.
{Crazy missionary girl.}
We were reminiscing the other
night about how the last time we ate this 
{Emma was leaving} 
we all were having trouble swallowing because 
of the lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes.
Anyway, as we were eating our Polish meal 
with Grandpa, Ruby 
didn’t seem very interested in the mashed
potatoes I had been giving her.
She began to fuss.
For a few minutes.
And then she got even louder.
She was not happy!!!
Then Savannah suggested I let her try 
some of the sauerkraut.
No doubt Ruby is very aware when we
are eating things that she is not.
I told Savannah that I thought that would be cruel
since the sauerkraut is so strong, tangy and sour.
But Ruby persisted with her belly-aching.
She was so persistent that finally I gave in…
I thought, 
“Okay, here goes.”

I gave her a small bite.
Her facial expression was one of pure shock.
What in the world was that strong stuff?
She held it in her mouth thinking.

And then a huge smile broke out on her face.
She beamed with each bite
and wiggled crazily as I fed it to her.
Well guess what??
I think we have created ourselves a 
little Polish-Ugandan girl. 

Go Ruby Go!! 

9 thoughts on “The Little Polish Girl…

  1. Our Meya loves strong flavored foods and I was told the doctors heard lots of parents with kids with neurological issues say that. Her faves are taco meat, chili, loves her some thousand island dressing and so on. I will have to try sauerkraut as that is not one I have tried and I even grew up eating it! Meya also gets quite vocal when we aren't understanding that she wants to try something that everyone else is eating. I love all your Ruby stories and love that she is right there in the mix of things getting her needs and wants known. Our girls are amazing!

  2. Actually, Linny, did you know that raw sauerkraut (instructions on youtube) is EXTREMELY HEALTHY?! It's full of live bacteria that are SUPER DUPER healthy – especially for people who have had antibiotics… If she likes it, maybe you can make it a part of her regular diet? I am 🙂

  3. Oh that's so cute! There are all sorts of health benefits from eating fermented foods {though I couldn't tell you any of them- ha- but I know they are just one google search away if you are interested}. I always say that if you are craving it, your body needs it. Of course that's usually me justifying eating ice cream…but I am pretty sure it applies here too.

    KK @ Preppy Pink Crocodile

  4. This Ruby gal is amazing, isn't she? Speaking of Em (even though we weren't), is there a reason her blog has been restricted to invited readers only? I haven't been able to get in. Thought at first it was just an error. Have decided it's permanent. I LOVE to read her missionary posts!

  5. O yes sweet little Ruby. We are polish family…. We adopted our baby from China few years ago…. Now she is 7…. She speaks polish, eats a lot of polish kielbasa and always say she is polish american chinese girl. Just too cute…. We follow you from years because your son Isaiah was on the same list as my Vicky….and we love you… God bless you. Your polish friend Katarzyna

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