PS on Woot-Wooting

Well I did not expect to receive the response I did
about our curriculum.
In case you messaged me on FB, 
I am unable to respond any FB messages 
about our curriculum.
Please email me, it makes my life a tad easier.
For those who sent an email, please
know that I have already read each email
and will be responding over the next few days….
I am grateful to those who shared your hearts.
I feel what you’re feeling.
Been there.
Doing that.
So please know that I will be sending an email soon.
Again, thank you for your kind 
I have to admit, it looks like it would be splendid 
to live down the road 
from this charming schoolhouse.  
Although my guess at the moment is that
this picturesque scene is likely covered in snow.
Whereas we on the other hand are enjoying a
sunny 61 degrees today. 
So on second thought, 
I would rather visit there some summer day 
and remain in
our gorgeous Phoenix.
Happy Sunday to all.

2 thoughts on “PS on Woot-Wooting

  1. Oh, so you are rubbing it in for the rest of us, huh? It is -10 right now with a wind chill of -32 but we are heading into wind chills of -50 tonight! Actual temperature -26. Still it is warmer here than where our daughter is in MN….wind chills forecast for -75. Seriously. I am longing for Arizona right now as I sit covered with a quilt wearing a sweatshirt and a vest in our very cozy home.
    Joel went to a one room school house from kindg. through 8th grade! He went in town to high school and has had 13 years of college………loved the one room schoolhouse education. Glad you received so many positive responses. Sounds like a good plan for the kiddos….Hugs and prayers Renee

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