They Even “Woot-Wooted”….

We have enjoyed more times of Selah this Christmas then we have in a very, very, very long time.  I think it had to be the fact that we made a definite, concerted, intentional effort.  

It has felt so good and was so needed.  

We’ve walked together.

We’ve talked.

We’ve read books, together.

And we’ve played games, together.

Left-Right-Center, Spoons and UNO.  Even Ruby can roll around the middle of the action.    

It has felt so good to this mama’s soul.  All of us needed it desperately.  

Daddy headed to Africa about 5 days ago and will be gone for awhile.  We love when he is there with Emma and now the team has begun to arrive.  They have lots of work ahead of them…I can’t wait to hear the stories.  

Lastly, we start back to doing our school work.  I was laughing last night.   A few months back we changed all our curriculum entirely and our way of doing school.  I mean completely.  This mama needed a major change.  We’re in my 26th year of homeschooling and this mama needed an overhaul in the whole thing.  

So to my complete surprise, a few times over the break, the kids have actually asked when we get to start school again.  I kind of thought I must be dreaming – ha!   Well last night I mentioned that school starts in the morning and several of them responded with a “Woot-Woot!” They weren’t even kidding.

So I guess we could say that the New Year is off to a bang and they are actually excited for Christmas vacation to end.   And all I know is that that after 26 years of homeschooling,  that *definitely* hasn’t happened before.

19 thoughts on “They Even “Woot-Wooted”….

  1. Could you possibly explain how you now do school?? I'm only in my second year of homeschooling, but I am always looking for better ways to do it! And I do not expect any woot-woots in this house when its time to start again!! 🙂

  2. You MUST share about your overhaul. Pretty Please. I've only got about four years of homeschooling under my belt and I would love to glean some wisdom from your experiences!

  3. Keeping you all here and in Africa in prayer. Our middle daughter is homeschooling this year and the kids are doing well and liking it a lot. Don't know about the woot-woods though!

  4. Ok girl – spill it! Not that every solution works for every family, but as an average size family that is morphing into a rather larger than average family, we are really struggling to keep the homeschooling in proportion to the rest of the challenges and appointments, etc. Would love any tips and or lessons learned along the way! :o) (and yes, after 12 years of homeschooling we have molded and changed many times… looking to change again to adapt for all the special needs and young ones again in the house~)

  5. Wow! I wish I could find something that makes my homeschoolers do that! It's nice to know that even after 26 years, you still find better ways. I've been home and homeschooling for 2 years and don't feel like we've hit our groove yet.

  6. I believe that is the way homeschooling should be! Would love to hear what you guys are doing. By the way, the "zones" are working out wonderfully. The girls have always wanted to help with the house, but making specific zones have given then focus and for very task oriented kids it works wonders because there is no confusion of what is their job. Miss you. xoxo

  7. I guess I like everyone else would love to know what you guys are doing. I know we all have to pray and seek God on what works for our family and each unique child. However, I have always been curious of what you guys have used and tried and what is working now. Even some ideas on books you read etc. Your wisdom is so appreciated and I love how it opens up the conversation in the comments of others as well. Love you guys and praying for the ones far away as well. Oh and you need to make that call to me soon haha I just know we can connect in 2014.

  8. I don't have young children to homeschool but I do prepare a curriculum for Bible Class for preschoolers rather than purchasing it and have found many wonderful Christian based sites that offer lots of freebies that tie together the Bible and learning. I enjoy preparing lessons for "my kids" and I usually end up learning something myself. I have great admiration for those who homeschool. I know it is a lot of work to get all your materials together. Happy New Year!

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