Don’t Worry, It Will Be OK

Being as yesterday was President’s Day
I had high hopes and aspirations of getting gobs
of stuff done.
Can’t you relate?
The kids had finished school, 
we were done with our late lunch 
I was gonna’ be on a mission: 
Cleaning our closet – 
here I come!
Just as I was standing up to get started,
Elizabeth came to me 
with a necklace of hers that had broken.
Over the week-end I was cleaning 
my little jewelry box
and had given her and Jubilee each a
 little necklace I’d found.
She was thrilled and now the dumb chain
had already broke.
Good gracious.  How annoying.
Sizing it up, I said, 
“Bring me the Superglue and
it will be good as new in a minute.”
Dw was just about to head out the door with the
three little boys to Lowes and 
watching this unfold reminded me,
“Be careful!  
You don’t want to get your fingers glued together.”
“I’ve done this lots of times babe.  
I know what I’m doing.”

Which I had.
And I did.
Or at least I thought I did.
Because within 3 seconds of opening the bottle
my forefinger and thumb were 
completely stuck together.
I started to giggle.
In fact I could not stop.
I held up my hand to Dw
who just shook his head, 
ever so slightly rolled his eyes,
and left for Lowes with the boys
without saying a word.
I *knew* what he was thinkin’.
Over an hour later he and the boys were back.
I pulled my hand from the 
mug of laundry detergent and hot water that 
 I had been soaking my fingers in
and laughing quipped,
“Don’t worry, everything’s going to be OK.”

The only upside was that my fingers 
Two hours later I had tried 
every concoction known to man
that is spoken of on the internet
{Trust me, I tried them all.}
and they were still competely stuck.
One handedly I messaged Graham
at work and asked him to pray.
I told him,
“I’m still laughing, but it’s starting to hurt
cause I’ve been trying so hard 
to work them apart!”
Dw was in and out 
working in the yard 
and was sympathetic…
And although he never said it,
 I totally knew he was thinking…
“Told ya.”
A full 2 hours and 20 minutes
later they finally came apart.
The moral of the story?

I have no idea!

Well except maybe:
 Throw cheap necklaces out!
Let Dw do it next time!!??
That way I can clean the closet
and watch him try to pry his fingers apart!
And that would 
with me.
Dw was very sweet and said he loved my attitude 
during it all ’cause I just kept laughing
and holding up my fingers and saying
“don’t worry it’s going to be ok”
which definitely made it more fun overall.
But seriously, what a stinkin’ waste of time.
Should’ve listened to him
the closet would have been cleaned.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, It Will Be OK

  1. I think the moral of the story is "Never buy Superglue without also buying Superglue Remover." 🙂

    Seriously, dh won't let me have the glue in the house without the remover – next time yours goes to Lowes, make sure it's on his list!

  2. You are so funny. Made my day…so sorry about the glue. That happened years ago with a nurse friend of mine. We were all working together. She used superglue on her sores on her hands. She had the tube in her pocket and the cover must have come off so when she put her hand in her pocket, it got stuck. Oh my, six of us RNs stopped what we were doing and tried to help her. In the end, acetone got her fingers apart. I felt for her and the patients who had to wait while we helped our peer.
    On another note, I was talking to a physician today. She was the one who told me to stop consuming gluten. I feel so much better since I modified my diet. Anyhow, she knows a physician who had MS and within about one year went from walking to being in a wheelchair. She researched MS and how to treat it and altered her diet. She is gluten-free. Within 3 months of going gluten-free, she was walking, within 6 months she was biking and within 9 months she was biking long distance. I am a firm believer that even though one might not think they have problems with gluten in their diet, they probably do. So glad you found out and are doing well. Blessings, Wendy

  3. I did the same thing. My wonderful husband made me drive myself to the store to buy super glue remover. Yes, they do sell super glue remover for future reference. I believe it is acetone.

  4. You do make me laugh, Linny! Often I can nod my head in agreement with your posts…been there done that….but super glue saga? Have not been there! Love your attitude!

  5. LOL! Fingernail polish remover does the trick – it's acetone.

    Your children look so beautiful in the photos of them jumping into the freezing pool.

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