Hope Kids

is a ministry that encourages and offers Hope
to families who have a child with a life-threatening 
After an application process we
were granted the beautiful privilege
of being part of it all
because of our sweet Ruby.
Hope Kids 
has basically weekly events
that are hosted
for FREE….
from Diamondback games
to the ballet
 making birdhouses,
Private movie Events,
Bumblebee Ranch…
Large families + FREE = Overjoyed!!
Hope Kids hosted an event
at Bumblebee Ranch in Bumblebee, Arizona
just north of Phoenix.
I have to post just a few pictures
to chronicle the event but also
to share what a blessing this ministry is to 
our family. 

What’s an Arizona ranch without a bucking bronco to ride?

did the kids ever squeal…

or a rock wall climbing wall….
or horses to pet…

or having most of our kids ride a horse for the first time
They love, love, loved the thrill…
Is Arizona gorgeous or what?

Ruby had a blast and met many new friends!

An amazing lunch was provided,
crafts opportunities galore,
Western family pictures
[so bummed we forgot to do our family picture – ugh]
nerf gun wars, 
Hummer rides,
pellet gun sharp-shooting…
all included!!

No doubt, 
one Special Forces big brother
 is one
younger brother’s hero.
Nehemiah asked to have this done all by himself.

And then there was my personal favorite –
The last time I remember shooting 
a beau {lol} bow was in high school…
it was my favorite semester of my 
years of gym class back then
so when I saw archery was going to 
be part of the day 
I was tickled to pieces.
Of course, 
being out of high school now for 
{clearing throat}
a few years
I wondered how I would do.
Imagine my giggle when my very first arrow 
hit the bullseye!!!
and then our three little boys hit the bullseye with the 
pellet guns no problem. 
We were rockin’ those targets!

Graham takes credit for that because he
takes them for target practice every now and then. 

The memories made were priceless.
We are so grateful for 
Hope Kids 
and the privilege of being part of it…
the Lord has been so good to us.
Have I mentioned lately
how much I love living in Arizona?

3 thoughts on “Hope Kids

  1. How much fun is that!!! It's amazing how you can live somewhere almost your whole life and will probably never experience all it has to offer. We may have to check this out sometime in the future. Do you have to make reservations to go or is it just a drop by kinda thing?

  2. I must check that place out! We were just in Phoenix a week ago for a quick mini-vacation and these pictures actually make me tear up- words cannot express how much I love that place and how much I long to be there. There is no place more beautiful to me!

    Anyway I've never heard of Bumblebee Ranch and will look it up for our next trip!

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