Less Than 100 Hours….

The wedding is now just days away…and the added joy of this beautiful time is that most of our treasures will be coming home for it!

Abi and her three little boys arrived Sunday night just in time for a late dinner!

Ruby was very excited for everyone to come.  She loves her biggest sister, Abi.  Although
after a bit we weren’t so sure what Ruby seemed to think of Indio.

However, much to our surprise, when we allowed her the opportunity to hug him, she actually leaned toward him and kissed him!!  Woot! Woot!

She had never given anyone a kiss before!!

So we are guessing she thinks he’s a-ok!

Stone is a hoot and keeps us all on our toes…

And Indio, well who can resist that sweet face?
Finn disappears with his three uncles and they are barely seen
except to come around to eat!!

On another note….that hero of ours has just returned {thank you for all the prayers} and he will be arriving with his beautiful bride and their two little ones – the littlest Mimi hasn’t even held yet!!

Such excitement is in the air!!

And then our newest grand-treasure will arrive with her mommy and daddy coming too!!.

Oh me.

We will finally get to snuggle Miss Everlly Rain Elizabeth!!

We admit it won’t be the same without our favorite missionary being able to come home.
She has just welcomed a pile of treasures into The Gem Foundation Home!!

Actually Emma’s been introducing each of the Gems individually because each Gem
deserves a proper one-of-a-kind introduction to honor each.  Such joy as each Gem is
highlighted and treasured for their uniqueness!  If you haven’t seen the introductions
she’s been doing, you’ll want to check it out here.

Our hearts ache {literally}.  It won’t be the same without Emma’s instigating wit and
sweet spirit!  That girl has spunk and we laugh at her comical sense of humor daily.
Such a stink-butt.  Trust me, we are gonna’ miss her dreadfully!!  But some of us have
been talking and we are going to do the best we can to have her “here” even though
she is across the world!   We have a few tricks up our sleeves…

Lord willing, she will Skype in for the ceremony!  She was telling me today that she is

going to dress up and curl her hair – Please pray with us that the Skype will work.
The church is in a remote area so it will only be God’s grace that allows it!

It’s down to less than 100 hours….

4 thoughts on “Less Than 100 Hours….

  1. THRILLED for you that the arrivals have begun!! Praying it is a precious time moment by moment of sweet family time:):). See you all soon!!! Our crew can't wait!!

  2. So exciting!!! I will be praying that Skype works so that Emma can watch the ceremony! I was able to Skype into two of my grandparents funeral services this past year. Usually Skype was grainy and would cut in and out BUT on those two days…. it worked perfectly. God is faithful and I pray that He will give Emma this blessing as well!

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