Wedding Preps

So how does a missionary Bride-To-Be
spend the days leading up to the wedding?
One really fun way:
A beautiful bunch of about 20 
sweet ladies gathered to celebrate 
Emmy’s wedding.
I was so tickled to be here in time to attend!!

Macey                         Emma                  Liberty
Emma’s bridesmaid                     the glowing bride                  Emma’s maid-of-honor 

Making a wedding gown out of toilet paper – hysterical!!
Check out even their sandals…
Emma’s good buddy and one of the shower hostesses
Do you guys remember her??
Many of you helped dress her street boys for 
her wedding in April 2011.

The other shower hostess
{a precious Ugandan with a ministry to unwed mothers}

We are soaking up every minute as we 
prepare for the big day!
It’s  just TWO days away!!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Preps

  1. What fun!
    Two days! Somehow I thought it was April. Well everyone must be soo excited there. May God bless you with good weather and non-pixilated Skype connection!
    Sandy in the UK

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