It Took Forever, But Finally, We Found You!

Tears keep welling in my eyes as I look out our hotel window.


It’s 2:59 am in China and out in the night, several hours from our hotel a little boy will soon board a train for a long ride, where he will finally meet his mama and one of his big sisters.

Your mama is wondering what you are thinking little one.  

Nervous?  Undoubtedly.

Excited?  Hopefully.

Fearful?  Quite possibly.

Joyful?  I would love to think so.

Overwhelmed?  For sure!

Scared to pieces?  Likely.

Grieving all that you’ve left behind?  The friends and only life you’ve known?  Definitely.

Every single thing in your world is about to change. 


The sights, the sounds, the smells, your bed, your friends, your wheelchair, your bathroom, the language, the food, the routine.


(And to think, sometimes silly people have a cow if something of theirs is out of place!) 

Your mama couldn’t imagine having every single thing change in her world and not feeling terrified.

Your paperwork states that you’ve been asking to be adopted, for a long time.  You said you want to have a family of your own! 

Well today, brave little boy, your longing ends.  You will never be alone again!!

Don’t be terrified.  You’ve belonged with us since you were a baby.  

Finally we found you!! 

You are 13 years old, you will be number 13 to enter your family and soon you will have 13 siblings. 

In just 10 hours, at 2:30pm China time, Wednesday the 24th,  you little man, will never, ever, ever be alone again.  You will always have someone who fiercely loves you right beside you, cheering you on –  forever!

And this mama of yours is wide awake, praying for you – longing to see your face in person and waiting with open arms!


You’ve belonged with us for forever.

Today’s the day!

Finally!! We found you!!

15 thoughts on “It Took Forever, But Finally, We Found You!

  1. Oh my mama heart…oh the joy…oh the longing for our little boy (soon). I wait anxiously (and am praying) to see him in your arms. Joy can’t begin to describe this feeling…..GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!

  2. Linny! I am SO excited for you!! Surely, you have him by now as it is 5:30 Wednesday evening here. So that means you are already at Thursday and have your sweet boy! Please, please keep us updated. I can’t wait to hear all about Vernon’s first day. I pray it goes well and that Vernon opens his heart to you quickly.

  3. I have been a lurker for years… But I couldn’t let this one pass by. Feb 24 is the anniversary of the day I first met my first baby, in an orphanage in Vietnam, 14 years ago ( too bad it’s not 13…). So happy to share that day with you, and as we celebrate tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you meeting your little man! Best wishes and many blessings to you,
    Marie, mom to one beautiful girl from Vietnam, and one beautiful girl from China

  4. So excited to see that you are already in China and ready to meet your children!! I love following along on these journeys of creating families for these little ones. I know God has prepared their hearts and they are ready for their momma!

  5. Praise the Lord! It is almost 10:30am here in Taiwan, the same as in China. I bet four more hours feel like an eternity for you. So happy you are getting two more children!

  6. Oh wow, I didn’t know you were there already!! I’ve been sending you emails about fundraising. 🙂 I guess you are finished with that! Praying for all of you!

  7. You’re there already??? I had no idea!! Oh, how exciting! Praying that all goes smoothly and that the joy outweighs the fear for him!

  8. You’re already there?! Goodness Miss Linny, you sure do know how to keep a secret!! Can’t wait to hear more!! Sending big hugs and lots of prayers for your beautiful family!

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