LuLa Who?

The most exciting thing is about to happen and I would hate for anyone to miss it!

Let me back up.

About six months ago I began to ask the Lord what I should do about my clothes.  By no means a fashionista and definitely not a ‘spender’ (as anyone can tell – haha!) I have had the clothes I wear for many, many years. Starting a ministry, lots of treasures, orphan care – all took top priority.

But now I was at a point where I knew what I’d been wearing for  years was no longer working.  At all.

And that’s when I actually asked the Lord what to do.  I really needed some clothes.  Somewhere in there a few people put me in a few Facebook groups for LuLaRoe.  But I had zero clue what it was??  Then I began to hear about how ‘buttery soft’ the leggings were…and my curiosity was peaked.

I am actually kinda’ over the discomfort of jeans.


I had talked when I was with Emma in Africa about this rage I was hearing people talk about.  I guess I brought it up a few times because she secretly went into a group and ordered me 2 pair of leggings for my birthday.

So are they as ‘buttery soft’ as people say?

Ohmygracious!  They are seriously the best!

And the rest is history.  I’m addicted to the way they feel while wearing them and I love the versatile look.  It might not be your thing, but no one who has wore the clothing can deny the comfort.  And at this stage in my mom-of-many game and at my age –  I am all about comfort!

Ummm, yoga waist band on a pencil skirt?  Well hello, hello my new best friend!!16472949_10154968871749859_1763540671585934927_n

Somewhere in there I found that my sweet friend Calley (who I have known for many years from the blogging world and is not only an adoptive mom but also a pastor’s wife) had become a LuLaRoe consultant!!  Before long I had placed an order with her.

A few days later I found a giant package on my porch.  I thought, “What in the world?”  Turns out my friend Calley felt like the Lord told her to bless me and she put together several LuLaRoe outfits and sent them to me.  I was literally jumping up and down.  Not kidding.  At my age jumping up and down ain’t quite what it used to be, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, Calley then said that she wanted to have a LIVE sale to bless The Gem Foundation with the proceeds!!  Calley even wrote to LuLaRoe headquarters and asked if they would be willing to match the money raised! Can you believe her generous, orphan loving heart?  LuLaRoe said, “YES!”


(A LIVE sale means you get to watch Calley hold up outfits and individual clothing items that she has for sale LIVE and see for yourself how adorable everything is!!  If you want to buy something, then you just write ‘sold’ in the comments!  I get tickled when Calley’s having a LIVE sale because they are so much fun.  My kids will actually watch Calley’s LIVE sales, too, because she’s a hoot!!) 

Sooooooo – tomorrow night Calley is having the LIVE sale to benefit The Gem Foundation and help buy some much needed wheelchair ramps!

Would you join in the fun? Maybe you’re already addicted to LLR…come shopping and help the Gems!  

Maybe you’ve thought about trying LuLaRoe (you won’t be disappointed!).  

Maybe you’ve never heard of it but are looking for something more comfortable….

To join her group, all you have to do is go on her Facebook site and ask to join.   Or message me and tell me you want to and I will add you into Calley’s group.   There is zero obligation but there is 100% chance of fun with Calley’s LIVE!! She’s seriously the sweetest, bubbly, always energetic and so tender hearted!!

Here is Calley’s FB group link:  LuLaRoe Calley Reed  

The LIVE starts at 7:30 CST!!

If you haven’t tried LLR clothing, now is the time! And your shopping will help buy wheelchair ramps! And that’s what we call a rolling Win/Win!

6 thoughts on “LuLa Who?

  1. That is amazing! I’ve been following your family for awhile since we lived in Durango when you first brought home sweet Ruby. I’ve just been so in awe and love reading all your blog posts. It truly touches my heart watching your family love on sweet orphans. I would love to partner with IVO or Gem in the future for a fundraiser. I am also a LuLaRoe retailer and would love to help. ❤

    1. You blessed woman to be a consultant for LLR…although I admit I would have a hard time passing anything along to sell – haha! And Virginia that would be amazing to have a future fundraiser!! The need for building a permanent Gem home would be The Gem’s top need…IOV’s would be for food and medical!! Yes!! Let’s talk when you are able!

      1. Yes! Let’s talk! I just recently finished up a fundraiser for the month of January for Human Trafficking Awareness Month that supported the SHE Rescue Home in Cambodia. I’d love to chat more.

  2. I <3 LLR…. I am not sold on the Irma shirt that everyone is so fond of, I find the sleeves to be a bit tight (probably because I am not a small size person). I only have a few pieces, but they are always some of the first things I pull out of the closet. I especially love my leggings, and my perfect T?! OMG, So comfy!

  3. Argh! I completely forgot about this live event!!! Are there any “non-live” events happening?
    I’m always super hesitant to buy any clothes without being able to try them on, but I’ve heard so much about LLR have wanted to try them anyway. I figured that if I was going to spend money on something that ended up not fitting, part of the cost may as well support the Gems. Then it wouldn’t feel like a waste even if the clothes had to be passed on. 😉 Anyway… I hope another fundraiser happens so that I can still try something from LLR AND support the Gems.

  4. Noooooooooo!!!! I just saw this and thought, “”YES! She posted on the 2nd, today is the 3rd…phew!” And the I log into FB and see it was actually yesterday! 😥 Is there a way to re-watch the live sale and still place an order to benefit those precious GEMs?? 🙏🏻

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