I Think It’s Been 34 Years…

I’ve been wracking my brain and as far as I can remember basically every day over the last 34 years I have had someone at home with me.  Being a large family though, even as the bigs got bigger, there would always be a new little!   We did foster care for a while too, which of course added others that I haven’t really mentioned much.  Once Ruby came home, it just made it easier for her to be home with me if Dw took the others somewhere else.

But for the entire week, everyone of our nine at home are at church for Vacation Bible School!  Everyone single one of them!!  Three are volunteers and the rest are “campers”!   Can you believe that our church has classes for special needs the entire week? In fact Joni & Friends interns are interning at our church for the next eight weeks and the interns will be helping with the Special Needs ministry of VBS this week.   We met them yesterday – such precious kids!  Giving 8 weeks of their summer to serve special needs families!  Unbelievable!

This morning when the kids opened the door to head to the car, Ruby was in the kitchen where I was giving her her seizure meds.  She heard the door open, knew already she was going to see Missy (her BFF) and turned herself in her chair in one swift action and took off for the door! Our little chica was not going to be left behind!  I had to bring her back as I still had one more dropper full to go.

Can you tell Missy loves her just as much??



So here I am, the house is stinkin’-crazy-quiet and I’m about to work on another chapter in my next book.  Prayerfully, all the chapters will be done this week!!  We are praying that it will be ready for our road trip east in about 6 weeks!

But if I didn’t have my book to work on, what in the world would I do with myself?  I seriously, am at a loss.  I’m not being funny.  I am so used to the chaos and chatter and needs and questions and ‘stuff’ that comes with large families…




So I was thinking though, it seems that I should take one day this week, at home alone, to do something that I have not done in 34 years.  I can’t work on the book every day.  It sounds like that would just be wrong.  I have to take one day to ‘splurge’ at home alone.

What would you do if you were me and hadn’t really been home alone for 34 years?  Please friends, I am at a loss of ideas.  Help!  

PS I’ve been out of the hospital just over a month and my strength is returning!! I went to church yesterday for the first time and it felt so good to be back!  Thank you for your continued prayers.

10 thoughts on “I Think It’s Been 34 Years…

  1. OH MAN I can’t imagine how strange that would feel! Coming from a pretty large family myself, it feels quite…different when I’m at home with only a couple people. I can’t imagine how odd it would feel to be alone! (BUT IT JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT #bigfamiliesrock)
    Hmm…what would I do…OF COURSE WORK ON THE BOOK I SIMPLY MUSTMUSTMUST READ IT. ^_^ (when will it be released?) Maybe organize some? (my Mom loveloveloooooves organization) Being alone gives you some good quiet time to talk to your Friend with no interruptions, too. *winkwink* Perhaps plan some sort of surprise for the kiddos when they come back?
    So glad you are feeling stronger!!! Continuing to pray for you!! <333

  2. The first time I found myself in this situation, I literally forced myself to do absolutely NOTHING for 30 minutes. I sat and just absorbed the quietness. Surprisingly, I didn’t fall asleep, and that was the most heavenly 30 minutes of quiet! I love my kiddos, but I also cherish the times I am able to snatch some quiet time. Right now, I honestly think I would make a cup of tea and sit on my back porch watching the hummingbirds at the feeder. Enjoy your time and I hope you find something to do that brings you joy!

    1. I love the idea of just sitting and doing NOTHING. I know that there have been times when I wake in the night and just lay and think, because there is not a lot of time in our days to just ‘think’, right? But I will sit on our back veranda! Thank you for taking the time to suggest something Emily. I will pray that some hummingbirds come to join me. I love, love, love hummers! xo

    1. I was thinking about trying to have a favorite treat. I will have to think on that! I’m not much of a bubble bath girl, so I will do a favorite snack on our back veranda! Thank you for the great suggestion!! xo

  3. My husband took the 4 kids for the first time when our oldest was in 8th grade. It was a Fri thru-Sun thing. The first night was awesome! I got take out Chinese, watched Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time , and ate chocolate! Then I slept in, read a bit…..by 3pm on Sat I was DYING! I’m not used to being without my kiddos! So I called -a few times. They arrived home Sunday for dinner. It was the longest 24 hours! I guess I’m just meant to have a house full. I say read! Have your favorite drink and sweet treat that you don’t like to share. I just love being in my house alone for a few hours. Enjoy! Even if it’s hard!!

    1. You made me giggle Sue! The take out Chinese, P and P, chocolate – right up my alley! But then the part about by 3pm Saturday you were dying…I can only imagine me doing the same thing! This week is just mornings…but yesterday was amazing and I got 2 chapters done! Off to writing again…but thank you for the ideas! Coffee and a piece of dark chocolate will be my treat I think! xo

  4. Oh my this is hard. After 27 years of parenting nine children seven special needs adopted children, and two who are extremely medically fragile and require around the clock care I have wanted just such an opportunity. Until your post made me think about it, and I relized how blessed I am to be doing just what I love doing so I would probably do something special as a surprise for one of my treasures. Thank you for reminding me I’ve got it so good…

    1. I’m with you and I meant it sincerely…I wondered what other people would do because I hadn’t ever thought about having 5 mornings to myself! I love my life and I love my treasures! It’s been wonderful to have time to work on the book – I got 2 chapters done yesterday! Only about 8 more to go! I’m thrilled! xo

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