Texas We Owe You – Pinky Promise!

What a wonderful time we had meeting up with some of the sweetest folks who live in this beautiful land of ours!

Every church we spoke in was a wonderful blessing and there is no doubt that God is moving in hearts for the orphan!

We were able to speak in Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Texas – you all have such big hearts!!

It was pretty fun meeting some blog friends who were primarily lurkers, until they got brave enough to come out of the shadows. I’m pretty sure they are still safe, despite showing up – haha!  I will post random pictures in random order!

But you guys are amazing!  Thank you for the joys you each brought!

The girls did an excellent drive steering us home.  And don’t kid yourself, that little “driver” does happen to think she is in charge 100% of the time.  Her voice is raspy and loud and she sure loves to call out, “ISAIAH!” any chance she gets!


Ruby chilling out waiting her turn to take the wheel.


In Pennsylvania we spoke at a church that has orphan care at it’s heart!!  It has tons of kids in foster care, some adopted, incredibly Christ-honoring ministry!  Craig and Liz – you guys are amazing!



Crepe Myrtle – still just as gorgeous as ever!


FullSizeRender-7Visiting with one of our International Voice of the Orphan Board of Director’s, Kevin (and his wife Michelle) and their sweet family.


Meeting up with LuLaRoe Calley Reed and her hubby Danny, who pastor a church that ministers near the shores of the great Mississippi River!  Their ministry is raw and real and their hearts are so sincere!  They are a friend of the orphan and show it!FullSizeRender-3



Texas – we love you BIG!

Our dear friends, Gus and Beth hosted an evening in the Katy, Texas area and then we spent the night in their home and laughed and laughed and laughed.  Such sweet friends of the orphan over there in Texas!


And Texas, for the record, we owe you!  Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to head for home quickly and the end part of the trip was cut short.  I will attempt to make it up to you before too long!

Pinky Promise! 

Speaking of Texas, we are praying with fervor for the hurricane headed your way Texas!

Birdie’s like, “Mom? Really?  I want to get going, get in and buckle up!”  FullSizeRender-5


Happy Friday friends!

We can’t wait till tomorrow!  Johnny boy said he won’t be able to sleep till tomorrow – we have some exciting plans! What are your plans for the week-end?

4 thoughts on “Texas We Owe You – Pinky Promise!

  1. Birdie’s smile is literally the cutest thing ever!!
    We’re going to the zoo today, so all the littles are excited!! =)

  2. Great post, Mrs. Saunders! Sounds like you and your fam are having a fun trip! <3 It is pretty cool how you know all these other orphan-lovers…such a provision of God to unite people with a common purpose and passion!
    And I agree, Texas definitely does need our prayers. <333

  3. Wow! I just see pictures of Ruby and I can’t imagine that it’s the same little girl that I read about in your book. God amazes me. I’m speechless.

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