Which Appliance?

It’s Monday and who couldn’t use a little lighthearted fun?  I mean, it’s two weeks till Christmas!  So here you go….

For the last (almost) four months we have done without one specific major appliance.  It was kinda’ accidental how it happened but I actually really like not having “it”.  The appliance we have done without for nearly four months is not even in our home so there is zero possibility of using it. 

Kitchen pictured above and laundry below are not ours.  They are very lovely though!!  

laundry room


Not having “it” makes me feel like we are living in simplicity and I’m actually kinda’ loving not having one.  Not having this appliance also does require more planning which makes me feel like life is simpler in an odd sort of way.

Dw wants one soon but I think it’s fun not having one.  (And yes, he thinks I’m looney to not want one.)

I want to keep doing life without it forever. It just seems in keeping with my goal of simplicity.

Not sure who will win out, but for now, four months later, we still don’t have one.

Any guesses which one we have done without for the last (almost) four months?

Anyone else living without the use of a major appliance?  Which one? Why? How long have you done without?

Or which appliance would you give up quickest if you had to?

14 thoughts on “Which Appliance?

  1. Not exactly living without, but we rarely use our dryer. It started in the spring when it accidentally got the settings bumped and was taking triple the time to dry. We started using the overhead tie out line for the dog as a clothes line. Then we strung a line in the basement and got a second rack for the small stuff. I love it! The kids sneak their clothes into the dryer once in a while but most of the time we do without.

  2. TV…we have one I just never choose to watch it. About 18 years ago I stopped watching the news which turned into one of the best things I ever did. (depressing and scary). I do watch an occasional movie with the grands.

  3. I am guessing the microwave because it is the only non-essential appliance that requires pre-planning. I could live without my dishwasher, but I consider it such a blessing that we have one!

  4. I’m guessing a dishwasher. I live in rural Ch*na, and nobody has a dishwasher here. I have also lived very happily without a TV for 15 years. Someone gave me a dryer, which I haven’t used in months. Someone else gave me their old microwave, which is now collecting dust. I love the simple life!

  5. Dishwasher? I couldn’t imagine living without the other appliances, even being in Arizona I think that it would still be hard to keep up on the laundry without a dryer. Just my thoughts😀

  6. A microwave! We never had one growing up and my dad always wanted one. They’re handy (we have one now) but I could live without. My second guess is a dishwasher 🙂

  7. Two guesses…microwave or dishwasher.
    We do not have EITHER! But we do plan to get a new dishwasher in the spring. our kids will be thrilled! Honestly, I might be, too! Its been at least 9 yrs without it!

  8. I’m guessing microwave. We lived without a microwave for our first year of marriage, mainly because our apartment really didn’t have room for one. It did take a little more planning, but I like to cook and we didn’t have kids at the time, so we made it work without too much difficulty. We also went about 8 years without a TV. We have one now, but only watch occasional DVDs or Netflix. I could definitely live without it as well.

  9. My guess is dishwasher. I have been living without a furnace for about 5 hours now. Won’t be fixed until tomorrow and I live in Minnesota. Ugg. Makes one thankful for small things.

  10. We don’t have a washer, dryer, dishwasher, or microwave. But there’s 2 of us not 11…and we live in Africa😊 y’all are heroes for whatever you don’t have!

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