Prayers for Elizabeth


I realize that many of you don’t do Facebook (or maybe we aren’t friends cause you’re still lurking – ha!) but I wanted to share  the following from my Facebook today:

Please friends: Elizabeth’s been at The Gem a short time and was thriving…but suddenly became sick with respiratory issues and is now in ICU on life support, having to be resuscitated today. I just can’t think of anything more important in this life to our gracious God then His broken little ones, like Elizabeth (and Joy).

Look at her picture. She’s 10!! Her life has been filled with heartache and pain (that would enrage you if you knew her story!) Would you please rise up with us and be her prayer shield? Contending for her healing? Fasting would be a beautiful thing too. (Even set reminders in your phone for her and baby Joy). Elizabeth has great worth to our faithful God as she is one of His most vulnerable treasures. 


After sharing about Elizabeth on Facebook, a blog friend, Anna, commented that she was adding Elizabeth’s name to the alarm she had set in her phone reminding her to pray for Joy (another Gem who just had brain surgery) and I commented this to her:

Honestly Anna, when an orphan is sick, who will storm heaven’s throne on their behalf? US!! It’s our privilege…we are “doing to others what we would want others to do for us” if we were in her situation. Thank you!! I just want to hug you!”

Because friends, it’s true, who will pray for the orphan, if we don’t?  Who cares if we don’t?  Who will minister to her through prayer if we don’t?  It is actually our very simple way of being His hands and feet from the other side of the ocean.  Adding an alarm in our phone is such a beautiful thing to do, Anna rocks!!!




So on behalf of Elizabeth and Joy, I ask that you intercede for both.  We need a miracle!  May we see them both healed and publicly declaring the astounding faithfulness of our great God, just like my Ruby daily does every day!   I desperately want to hold them both when I am there next!

4 thoughts on “Prayers for Elizabeth

  1. I’ve been thinking of and praying for Esther~ I will continue to pray for her along with sweet, tiny Elizabeth and precious Joy! They were each fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Christ. It makes me sad (especially being that they are children) how they have been through so much. I am praying for the girls! Each one a beautiful daughter of The King of Kings!

  2. Oh I am praying my heart out for these two, and the rest at the Gem Foundation!! They are so precious.
    I emailed you about the GO team. I’m also praying about that.
    Let’s take comfort in knowing that God KNOWS. Every second, every struggle. And He is literally holding all of it. 💗 He is so, so faithful!!!

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