How Are You Doing?

I have been praying for you friends.

How are YOU doing?  How has CoVid19 affected your life?  Do you know anyone personally who has/has had CoVid19?

Dw’s so much better (thank you for praying) he’s still resting, laying low with long naps as he continues to heal from that nasty bacterial pneumonia.

My immune compromised body has taken longer than most to heal and then it seemed that I was getting better and just a couple of days ago I felt like I was getting sick all over again.  So while in the kitchen in the early morning hours I mentioned to Isaiah that I thought I was getting sick again….and he immediately told me to get back to bed and he would bring me whatever I needed.  I paused and he was emphatic, “GO!  Go now!”  He was bossier-than-bossy.  Love that young man of ours.

Of course it seems like a perfect time for another shout out to the incredible blessings of our sweet pile gathered from all over the world – our kids have been truly amazing.  In a day and age where people are terrified to adopt….let ours be an influence. These kids (brought home forever at 2, 3, almost 4, 8, 9, and almost 14-years old)  have faithfully and joyfully brought us all the natural remedies we normally use to heal our bodies (or keep them healthy).  They have brought us copious amounts of water….they have cared for their little sisters so we could rest and sleep.  They’ve helped John with whatever he’s needed while we’ve been unable.  They’ve wiped (repeatedly) all the surfaces with the good stuff to kill any germs.  They’ve served us meals that sweet and dear friends have brought or sent. They’ve cleaned. They truly are incredible human beings.  I might add that none of them came from ideal situations…but rather from abandonment, heartache, loss and trauma – yet, oh do they ever love so well.  Adoption is such a beautiful gift to all who are willing.

Anyway, I’m wondering how each of you are.  How are your families?

In this time of uncertainty and turmoil, I am reminded of a few things from scripture – because honestly, my “feelings” don’t really carry any weight except to cause me to worry and fret.  We must always measure everything in light of God’s holy word – the Bible.

Every year I ask the Lord for a word to meditate on so I can continue to know Him more.   Last year my word was “peace” and boy-oh-boy last year was a doozie – event after event, no doubt, custom designed to steal my peace.  And although the year for our family was anything but peace, God did the miraculous and provided peace when I chose to walk in peace (and I didn’t always)…but when I did, His peace reigned supreme – and He moved mountains, He healed, He provided and all of it brought glory to Him and His plan reigned.  But it was a hard year.

And in the midst of the year I began to realize that I, personally, can’t have peace if I don’t trust Him.  Hmmm.  That was definitely something that I needed to ponder, which I did.

So towards the end of last year I began to pray and ask Him what my word should be for 2020.  And you guessed it – my word this year is “Trust”.  Honestly, when I heard His tender whispers that my word for the year should be “trust” I smiled and sighed. Cause face it, you don’t learn trust sitting in a cozy cabin beside a roaring fireplace overlooking a mountainside paradise.  Nope you don’t.

I might add that when He said, “Trust” I put in an early request for 2021’s word to be “oceanfront”.   I am confident He lovingly smiled at my “early request” cause He loves us so and He knows my heart.

Here I am three months into “Trust” and there have been multiple occasions for fear.  Ruby’s seizures picked up at a ferocious pace at the end of last year and He had already been whispering, “Trust”.  Then in January while talking with her pediatrician about her seizures he gave me an idea…a big idea and very unnerving plan for this mama but again the Lord whispered “Trust”.  And all that unfolded while Dw was in Uganda and really it was a very tough time in so many ways. His peace prevailed because I chose to trust.

And then some personal things happened and again the whispers came, “Trust”.

In February my precious mom (who I talk to every day) fell and broke her femur!  The initial plan was that after Graham and Savannah’s new baby was born (Yippee Jesus she is beautiful and her name is Millie June)  I would hop on a flight to spend time with my mom, but CoVid19 came along and all nursing facilities are on lockdown in New York so I can’t even see her if I did hop on a flight.  And His soft whispers came agin, “Trust”.

On March 21st the first CoVid19 case was confirmed in Uganda and the borders were sealed immediately and the airport closed to all coming and going flights.  Emmy and Josh are there for life and of course they had zero intention of leaving Uganda because of CoVid19 but as a mama and daddy there is something a tad unsettling knowing that IF they needed us, we couldn’t even get to them if we wanted.  “Trust.”  At this point I might have reminded Him that I’m still asking for “oceanfront” for 2021.  Again, I’m sure He smiled.  He loves us so very much!  He longs for us to have authentic heart-to-heart sharing with Him as often as we need to.  And trust me in this, I have those heart-to-hearts daily.

And then Dw was very sick and the doctor felt he fit the protocol for CoVid19 protocol and after testing him sent him home to our relatively fragile family.  “Trust.”

Do you see what I’m getting at?  Trust isn’t just a word for me.  It’s a word for you, too.  This is my verse for the year….memorize it with me…

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”

Psalm 56:3


He’s got our back, He is entirely faithful and He is working behind the scenes to accomplish His best for us.  Trust.


3 thoughts on “How Are You Doing?

  1. Oh I can so relate….my hard has been happening for 4 decades….health issues with me have nearly overcome or killed me. So. Many. Times. Then 8 years ago we began adopting and hard now has changed and occured even more. We adopted 4 kids and was hoping to begin another adoption…..then China’s Adoption rules changed, international adoptions plummeted, Hague accredited agencies began shutting down, and then we hear our homestudy agency will not renew their accreditation and so in early 2022 was supposed to be the end for them. Now…..this virus!!!! It’s hard to sit here and watch my youngest 6 year old adopted son who was adoption number 2 cry because he wanted so much for us to adopt another little boy. ( we have 2 adult sons who live at home, then adopted 1 daughter, then him, then another girl and then another girl , making 3 girls and 3 boys) We also trust God will keep his promises as he asked us to adopt more kids, but still, its hard to see the future and if finances, health and now this virus…etc….will work out. Such uncertainty. Keep us in your prayers and we will keep your family covered in prayer too.

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