Bells Still Ringing! How We Can Help…

Thank you to all who have been praying. So many of you private messaged or texted me – thank you for your love, concern and care. And for those who missed it, this is an update on my last post which you can find here.

I am now at liberty to share with you who we have been praying for: Lovelyn and Matt Palm. Many of you know Love from her Instagram or blog as “Let Love Grow.” Love truly is the definition of Love – it oozes from her pores. She is a beautiful representation of God’s love day in and day out.

Love is a very precious friend of mine and has been for many, many years. Here’s the picture that we took when we were visiting two summers ago.

The attack was brutal as they fought for their lives to protect their children.

How can we help? A GoFundMe has just been started by my sweet friend Shauna Vaughn – to get Love and Matt’s family of 13 home to the States ASAP for medical and emotional care. Would you please consider helping to get them home? There is more details about the attack on the Go Fund Me page

Let’s get Love and Matt and their pile of treasures home as soon as possible.

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