A Million, Billion, Trillion…

The picture that represents a million tears, a billion pounds of faith, a trillion tons of trust, a quadrillion whispers of thanksgiving and a zillion earnest prayers from around the world…..What a miracle-girl she is!

When Emma was home with two of her sons just before Christmas this past year we knew we had to have a redo just like the first one from June 2011. Josh put them side by side for us – such a thoughtful son(-in-love).

Actually Emma’s visit home was only her third time in the last seven plus years since she moved to Uganda….so we have to have a new picture every time.

You can tell Ruby loved having a redo. Emma is pretty much her favorite. This mama totally believes with all my heart that Ruby remembers clearly the day Emma found her and no one could ever convince me otherwise…she’s one smart cookie!

And as I was looking at this picture of Ruby and Emma this morning the thought came to mind…

Maybe today you are wondering if God is listening to your many prayers? Maybe it’s just hard to believe that God even cares at all. Or that He still moves mountains. Or that He can really heal. Or that He even wants to be your friend.

And maybe today you just need to see proof of what He does, the miracles He performs and the way He loves.

We can be so forgetful – it seems we often have amnesia! But yet the God who moved on Ruby’s behalf as she lay abused, neglected, dying and abandoned in the hot African sun – He sees. He loves. He cares. He moves. He ministers. He orchestrates. He hears. He does the miraculous.

And if our loving, powerful and attentive God will do that for a broken-bodied orphan left to die…He can do anything for you too. Just crawl up in His lap and whisper to Him. He’s waiting.

4 thoughts on “A Million, Billion, Trillion…

  1. Thank you for what you wrote today…it comes at a perfect time for me…
    It speaks to my heart… I need to remember
    that God is always there, listening, making miracles, and believe in it…

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words, but these two shots are worth all of those numbers in your first sentence put together. Tears are streaming here, no matter how many times I have seen their photos!

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